KOF 14 Tier thread

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Since the other thread has gone mostly to general talk, I wanted a thread for exclusive tier talk.

Tiers, opinions, matchups and the like here for analysis and discussion.
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    I know nothing about it besides a few days of play so I am interest to see. Just remember Nakoruru being nerfed for a good reason and that is it.
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    Going by character usage and tournament results I'd say it's something like this

    S Benimaru, Iori, Kula
    S- Leona, Mature, Yuri, Mai, Nakoruru
    A+ Daimon, Billy, Kyo, Luong, Kim, Clark, K', Robert
    A Geese, Athena, Meitenkun, Gang-il, Andy, Angel, Love, Kensou, Verse, Choi
    A- MuiMui, Ryo, King, Kukri, Nelson, Mian, Hein, Chin, Vice

    S and S- are pretty much what you see on most winning teams, A+ are other common strong characters and A and A- are still strong but less frequent. Below that it's hazier and difficult to tier. People tend to agree DLCs are pretty weak though, particularly Whip and Vanessa.
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    S: Benimaru
    A+: Kula, Iori, Mai, Kyo, Leona, Nakoruru, Mature,
    A-: Robert, Yuri, K', Clark, Luong, Billy, Kim, Meitenkun, Vice, Daimon
    A: Gang-iL, Ryo, Geese, Kukri, Shun'ei, Mui Mui, Athena, there's more here but idk
    Trash: Whip, Vanessa, Maxima

    I consider Iori to be the weakest of the top 3, I bolded Vanessa because she is the absolute worst in the game, she deserves her own tier tbh. Kim has a pretty strong presence in Japan hence him being rated highly, I put Billy up there because he has good Matchups against some of the characters on his row and Kula and Iori who are above him making him a valuable character to learn.

    I hope this thread gains more activity, we got plenty of data to go off including personal experiences from playing the game.
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    I started fiddling with the game yesterday, seems pretty balanced at first glance so my question for the people that have been playing the game for a while, do you think that there is a big gap between top tier and mid-low tier characters? Like to take an example of 2 characters I have been playing: Mai and Angel, is there that much of a gap? Like I felt that Angel is more than viable. What can you tell me?
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    I think the characters I listed in my post above are all viable. Below that some struggle too much especially against the top tier. But as Evo proved the game is quite balanced and will only improve with future patches.
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    I really think Yamazaki is good. A tier imo. He has good beefy normals and has all the tools needed to secure a win. (One frame grab, anti air super, good anti airs, projectile reflect and snake hands to keep opponent at bay

    Poison can dictate the match and from what I saw, it seems underused. It's understandable because most of the time people use him either first or last (for tod). Using him first won't give him enough meter for poison tactics and using him 3 requires you to spend all your meter for tod.

    His problems are snake hands being unsafe on hit or block. There are many ways to get around this when used in combos

    1. Hit confirm into hk sand first. Sand is safe on block but won't combo if opponents gets pushed too far back. For example, Hp/hk,f+lp won't combo into sand but it will combo into hp slash or command grab.

    2. Cancel into poison super. Level 1 only combos when you are extremely close, level 2 cancels up to 3/4 of the length of snake hands without whiffing.

    Putting him first also makes him less susceptible to punishment since opponents usually have to spend a lot of bars to punish him.

    Also, b sand while good, is a very unsafe overhead so that brings him down a notch too.

    Other problems he has are spotty normals and defense (same problems he has in every game). Just be wary of your positioning. You should be the one dictating the match, not the opponent.
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