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Are we not just getting too old?



  • WorstPlayerWorstPlayer They called me, Mr. Pig. Joined: Posts: 5,153
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    Oh they could make him broken as fuck, but switch personalities randonly to even him out with no discernible tell asides from his stance maybe. In all seriousness Magneto should be broken as fuck but they made him work too. You def don't see him kungfu kicking in the comics. As stupid as it sounds, he should have an install where the computer takes over for like 10 seconds acting like some old school kind of KOF boss LOL
  • quicksquicks Joined: Posts: 3,320
    The xmen have been getting push out, but I think it's half and half, when you hear people asking for gambt and jublie you know full well this is nostalgia, they haven't been important or popular characters since the 90's

    Alot of the xmen story's have made them look bad or forced, there isn't a current xmen cartoon or anything of the sort, they are way less popular than they once where, but most people my age don't follow the comics so won't ever even know

    Marvel is just playing a game

    They have managed to convince a entire generation of people that nick fury is black. They slowly but surely changed a major characters race to the public.

    They'll get their way with the xmen too
  • WorstPlayerWorstPlayer They called me, Mr. Pig. Joined: Posts: 5,153
    There's still plenty of X-Books though. Marvel knows damn well people know who the characters are, they're just keeping them just alive enough
    that hopefully soon people won't give a damn. Thing is, the general population has low bars of expectations for comic book storylines. It's really
    hard for them to bomb, bomb, especially something with that much nostalgia behind it.
  • YawDanYawDan Joined: Posts: 698
    I've been an X-Men fan since the early 90s. They are my favourite heros as a collective; Captain America is next.

    I have a multitude of problems with Infinite. And I had a multitude of issues with Disney taking over Marvel. The fact that Disney's business b.s is influencing the game is even more bs to me.

    I'm a Marvel player. I don't play other FGs. And I liked how what the game became (3 on 3 with assists, which it has been for 17 years). As well as the combos, the only other thing identifiable with the series were the characters, with the X-Men being a major staple of the series.

    The only reason they are not in the game is purely because of Disney getting Marvel to sabotage them as Fox won't sell them the movie rights. And they are using the game as a way to promote the MCU. Anything else such as people won't remember them, characters are just functions are bullsh1t excuses. And anyone that actually tries to give credence to these is the reason there is such a fuss about shilling.

    Not only have X-Men films continued to be produced, they still have comics and merchandise produced. As well as new releases to the X-Men film series, there are films like The New Mutants coming out which stars actors such as Maisie Williams, recognizable as Arya from GoT. So not only are they still remembered, they are expanding their appeal to younger audiences as well that are familiar with films such as First Class, Days of Furure Past and Logan.

    So please, don't say we are getting old. And don't try to paraphrase Marvel to make it seem as if they didn't flat out say people don't remember the X-Men.

    If you're a fan of infinite, fine. But I will have more respect for people's pro-stanceof the game if they didn't use a load of egregious bias to try to defend the game against it's equally egregious changes and decisions.
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