Rate my MVC tattoo

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    you must defeat my Shen Long to receive the reward

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    Should've waited till it scabbed over to post. Especially if you are not getting it fillled/shaded more
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    Did you even make top 8 at your local tourney?

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    BullDancer wrote: »
    Zangief looking like Rick Ross on that tattoo nigga. -1/10 nigga

    I went back to check and 'bout spit my fucking drink out.

    Trying to be positive, though; that MvC art was always one of my favorites.
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    Syke1 wrote: »
    Should've waited till it scabbed over to post. Especially if you are not getting it fillled/shaded more

    I have to agree with Syke1. Let that tat heal first.
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    Its a bit hard to make out. Hopefully it'll be more refined in the next sitting some bolder outlines and some color could make all the difference.
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    Not bad. It will definitely look better when u get it filled in tho.
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    First off how does somebody have such a scrawny and no tone at all arm? It looks like you can't lift a madkatz basic stick let alone a controller. It's like the least intimidating arm ever. Aziz Ansari is more brolic than you.
    Tattoo looks like anime garbage
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    Juggernaut looking like a morbidly obese Twelve

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    What's the going rate for a tattoo artist to work on a wet noodle these days?
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    In before we find out he got Roll done on his ass.
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    I think it looks pretty good actually. Getting it colored?
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    God i love the fighting game community *inhales the salt*
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    Just noticed Hulk's eyes. Did your tattooist run out of ink and decided to just leave a dot?
    This is offensive.
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    Raz0r wrote: »
    Just noticed Hulk's eyes. Did your tattooist run out of ink and decided to just leave a dot?

    amadeus cho, maybe?
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    I've got some terrible ones so I won't comment on it. But if that is really you, all I'll say is if you are still satisfied with it after a couple years then who cares what anyone thinks, its your skin.
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    Slab of spam is exactly what I thought I was thinking about regarding this.

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    i would say banned from tournament play..but i need this shit banned from my eye sight. why your arm got stretch marks with no muscle...nigga did you go from fat to just chubby?
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    Ouroborus wrote: »
    only three characters are top tier in that tattoo.

    Only one, going by the old tier list in the SRK wiki. I don't see Red Venom or Gold War Machine in that tattoo.
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