Rate my MVC tattoo



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    Raij1n wrote: »
    That's probably about what stockyjam's herpes riddled stick looks like

    unlike my dick i keep my stick relatively sanitized.


    lol i'm lyin, no i dont. i need to clean it. its gunky.
    if we ever find ourselves at a tourney or arcade, i'll make sure to take my stick into the bathroom with me and rub my nuts all over the sanwa buttons before lending out my stick to yall. i have that poison FANG tech tho.
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    maxx wrote: »
    i would say banned from tournament play..but i need this shit banned from my eye sight. why your arm got stretch marks with no muscle...nigga did you go from fat to just chubby?

    thats EXACTLY what happened. dropped like 60 pounds

    lose more weight fatass
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    d3v wrote: »
    Ouroborus wrote: »
    only three characters are top tier in that tattoo.

    Only one, going by the old tier list in the SRK wiki. I don't see Red Venom or Gold War Machine in that tattoo.

    Regular War Machine (MvC1)

    Strider (MvC1 and 2)

    Morrigan (UMvC3)

    Was basing it on the fact that it's MvC1 art. And regular War Machine is sometimes ranked in a separate tier (with GWM and Red Venom) above Strider.
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    Gaddayum son.....
    atirador wrote: »
    The only positive thing I can say is that I
    truly hope you live long enough to regret doing this...
    Sonicabid wrote: »
    angelpalm wrote: »
    Tattooing actual functions on your arms..

    No wonder them arms look weak af.

    Dudes arm looks like that because the tattoo artist reused the needle and the OP is now afflicted with the Herpes X T-virus function from the Resident Evil 2 remake. :dog:
    maxx wrote: »
    i would say banned from tournament play..but i need this shit banned from my eye sight. why your arm got stretch marks with no muscle...nigga did you go from fat to just chubby?
    angelpalm wrote: »
    Tattooing actual functions on your arms..

    No wonder them arms look weak af.
    angelpalm wrote: »
    Spam got more protein in it then this dudes hot gristle arms.
    Slab of spam is exactly what I thought I was thinking about regarding this.
    Sonicabid wrote: »
    You aren't taking anybody for a ride with that tattoo, homie. :lol:
    angelpalm wrote: »
    Tattooing actual functions on your arms..

    No wonder them arms look weak af.

    Word...dudes arms look like a slab of spam
    As for the tattoo itself? 0/10. You don't have Roll in your tat...she's the most broken. Scrub nigga

    When you realize 50% of the replies you received are roasting you for you posting a tattoo of your arm as a thread.
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    stay classy FGC lol
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    Why Zangief got a tattoo in his chest

    of Calling Cap'n Commando

    look like a tumor
    side-show 2nd head

    Jared Raecist /10
    Martian Tier Green Drug Using Depressed Emo Sqwigga Spiderman who getz no bitches tier tat

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    It always makes me laugh when a bunch of gamer dorks are critical of someone else's lack of muscle mass. It's a well known fact that 98% of gamers are all ripped bodybuilders.
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    Not bad. Some look great but some could use some work like Hulk.
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    That actually works with some existing shortcuts
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    This thread just keeps on giving. Never stop SRK.

    Oh, your tattoo is ugly or some shit. Uhhhh...yeah.

    P.S. You'd think after 7 years of posting here or at least lurking around here you'd know not to make a thread like this that is focused on a picture of yourself, asking for something about it to be rated.
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    Worst Tattoo in history. You need to take your scrawny ass to the gym and lift some weights.

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    Captain Commando isn't finished. Fuck, from the looks of it his face is gief's chest.
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    i cant breathe
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    That's a tattoo of what Justin will look like in 30 years.
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    Doesn't look wet enough to be Justin.

    No super swoop hair either
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    The line work looks good, please post pics when its all done and filled it. It will look great!
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    With wifi speakers and inductive charging being available, have you considered putting a speaker/mp3 player in your arm that plays "take you for a ride?"

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