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Side Games @ Evo 2017?

sscsdjsscsdj Joined: Posts: 2
Anyone know the full list of side games that'll be available at Evo 2017?

My first time there and lookin' forward to meeting new friends.

I'm particularly interested in Soul Calibur 2 or Tekken Tag 2.

Also, sadly I missed the registration for the main tournaments so I won't be able to partake.
However, I'm interested in certain side game tournaments. Know where/how to register? Thanks in advance :)


  • Missing PersonMissing Person Quickly becoming the Sailor Moon S guy. Joined: Posts: 14,107
    There's never a full list. Just keep your ears open for events.

    If people are smart, they typically walk the floor advertising, like Miller and eltrouble do for ST.
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  • sscsdjsscsdj Joined: Posts: 2
    Got it, thanks for the heads up!

    I'll keep an eye out for them
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