360 on ps2 pad

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my friend can do 360s with gief in st and all sf2s on reaction command anytime he wants. walk ups, ticks into it ect. i could never do that, especially with a pad. i asked him how he does it. he says all he does is a hcb then uf 6 motions, and punch as he hits uf. iv tried it and tried it and no success. i don't get it? i know that in newer sf games all u need t do with gief and hawk t do a spd is a chicken wing motion from st. but he does this in all sf2 games. he sent me this vid t try and help me, but idk man iv asked a few others they claim hes lying that theres no way u can spd that way with gief n old school st.


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    When I played with pad, I did 360s by starting with forward and going clockwise to up/forward. You need to do it so fast that the game doesn't make the char jump. You should be hitting the attack button/s just as you get to up forward. Just keep practicing it and you'll get it.
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  • dspnumber1fandspnumber1fan Joined: Posts: 70
    i got it it does better doing it with up instead of uf t hawk is alot harder t do this with gief is simple
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