Mega Man X's Voice is very fixable. His current Actor Sean Chipwell can do exactly like Mark Gartha.

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Now I ain't asking for Mark Gartha who retired.

The current MVCI iteration is being played by Sean Chipwell who has a lot of experience.

What's amazing about him is that he can do all sorts of voices.

in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, he voiced the Deku Tree, Revali and Teba.... whom all sound very very different.

The worst part... in Legend of Heroes II... his voice sounds waaaaay too suiting for X's voice. He sounds a hell lot like Mark Gartha the man himself. I wonder why he didn't voice X the same way.

Below is a clip of Rean from Legend of Heroes II (The very first guy doing the skills is Sean Chipwell's voice.

This like voice would have been perfect for X.


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