Check out the youtube comments on the latest MVCI Video

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Priceless, and its funny how Sony used the same joke of a Chun Li pic as the thumbnail even Sony can't help but mock this crap they must be like hey capcom if you need some tips on art we can send someone from our Sony Santa Monica Studio to give you a one day tutoring.

Its everything you ever wanted to say about this game from the horrible botched character models to the shitty art direction to "nobody remembers who wolverine is"

Aah yes that comment never gets old, just think that even though we just had a Logan movie easily the best movie of this year or this decade, "nobody remembers who is wolverine"

Maybe its true maybe we are confusing wolverine with Hugh Jackman, maybe thats our problem maybe we really do not remember wolverine maybe its only High Jackman we remember. Or hey maybe just maybe we suffer from the same problem wolverine does, we can't remember our past. Maybe thats what capcom is talking about eh.


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    The best part though is how Capcom said we need to first purchase the game and let it grow on us and we will finally realize how awesome it looks because its so awesome that neither words nor an actual video on the internet can truly describe how epic this graphics must be. Which is why it looks so bad because the video can't capture the sheer amazement of it.

    Just hand over that $100 USD and let it grow on us eh? Is capcom sure the producer who made that statement isn't a comedian?
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    That idea of thought might be only applicable to a child with an age of 7 or 6 and people that never played a Mahvel before.

    From the past decade, X men did a lot of cartoons and movies that highly and probably influenced the teen of today. Wolverine did a lot of guesting in cartoons. And the news of movie thing.

    Like Phoenix, Phoenix was easily memorable in FChamp team because of the ressurection ability if were talking about noobie mentality that never been in UMVC3.

    Even those that skip UMVC3 would see those Xmen characters in MVC2, since were using the FGC culture everyone knew how influential MAGNETO, SENTINEL and STORM is, Even the rockstar of their culture like Justin Wong, Yipes and FChamp have been using X Men Character in their teams.

    This PR are just downplaying stuff rather than saying that they can't put xmen because of marvel's moods.

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