PS4 Hitbox no longer working

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My ps4 hitbox just randomly stopped working at a tourney and has no response to any button inputs. I plugged the hitbox into my pc thinking maybe I should update the firmware again but my on my pc it pops up saying "usb device not recognized". I checked on device status in properties under device manager and the message it gives me is "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) A request for the USB device descriptor failed."


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    What pcb is in there a PS360+ or UFB? Can you force boot it into another console-mode?
    Was it last used on a PS4 Pro?
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    The pcb in it is the Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board PCBA and it was last used in the old first gen ps4 at the tourney. I have tried using it on my ps4 slim and ps3 slim but nothing works, no response.
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    That suggests a USB cable problem, try a new one and test again.
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    gahrling wrote: »
    That suggests a USB cable problem, try a new one and test again.

    That was indeed the issue thanks!
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    I've having the same issue. My PS4 hitbox has been working fine until today. I even did the same thing and tried updating the firmware again. At first my laptop didn't even pick up the hitbox until after I cleaned the USB on the hitbox.

    So what are my options? Do I have to completely replace the USB? And if so, how do I go about that? I don't have a solder or even know how to use one. Am I screwed?
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    I hope you get a solution to your problem.
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