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Hi SRK i'm working on a Character's Guide and have worked a lot on it, but have failed in writing a exaustive section about Ryu's general gameplan, I know he is good at defense and punishing and generaly balance to adjust to many match-ups but i need more info on this area. Thanks


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    In general, Ryu suffers from a lack of tools that let you take the initiative which forces him to be very reactive to what your opponent is doing. Anything Ryu can do, almost anyone else can do better (or make up for a lack of tool with another tool)

    The only real way to play Ryu is focus on being as "solid" as possible. This means not rushing in a madman, nor does it mean being a turtle. Fundamentally, it means taking what your opponent gives you without over-extending yourself (or at the bare minimum taking risks that are in your favor)

    You may want to give further explanation on what you are looking for.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm looking for what the player must tend to do during the match with the character, for instance Zangief gameplan is to get as fast as possible inte the opponent to mix him up with headbuts and command grabs, Chun-Li can play from the mid-range with her normals, while M. Bison's Gameplan is to go for heavy pressure to force to opponent to make mistakes like attacking in disadvantage, or Guile that can aim to play the zoning and get off me game, in that sense i would like to known what, as a player, I must aim to do with Ryu, of course all is relative to match ups but there is always a general strategy.
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    Ryu has no "gameplan" as his tools are not strong enough to enforce one. Get used to playing the counter puncher role.
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    Thanks, I belive that Ryu's gameplan is that precisely, to wait and counter the opponent strategy.
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    Prayer which won't be answered, that's the gameplan.
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    Holy crap, Ryu is so bad. This game is just not good, but shit, Ryu is especially terrible. What the fuck is the srk even for outside of combos? Certainly not counters or anti air, the former doesn't work at all and the latter you're lucky if you even clash.

    The way the game emphasizes just mashing priority and meaty mindlessly is disgusting. Many characters just sit in front of you and wail away knowing anything you press outside of gambling an ex srk (if you even have it) will lose. The closest Run can get to that is s.lk to stuff some things but it is a far cry from what others do.

    Game plan is don't use Ryu or maybe play at all, I think I'm getting there.
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    Everyone else here hit it on the head...Ryu just has to wait and let his opponent take the initiative, and then counter whatever strategy his opponent moves forward with.

    Because characters in SFV lack the flexibility to pursue an extensive number of strategies, the above idea usually translates into an uphill battle in many matchups. Characters who can run their gameplan that is simply difficult to deal with is...what you have to deal with. Birdie or Zangief for example can use their fast, long range, difficult to punish pokes to walk you into a corner and maul you.

    To force something unsafe from his opponent, Ryu must generally try to play unsafe first. Throwing a fireball to bait a jump, for example, is very risky due to how punishing jump-in combos are, but throwing that fireball is one of your few reliable tools to influence the neutral game.

    Ryu is all about maximizing on every opportunity that presents itself, because opportunity is scarce. Using his parry to "force" an opportunity can be useful, but again, requires that Ryu sticks his neck out and do something very punishable, and it's even worse now because a whiffed parry baiting a jump won't recover in time to DP and instead you eat a jump-in (so dumb).

    He has no real safe feeling approach to the neutral, so it's up to you to find a safe path through the strategy your opponent puts forth, and you can really only do that once your opponent has revealed their hand.
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