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I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Fujin V2 lever and could share with me how it compares to other K-levers. I decided I had to get my hands on one because I've heard so many good remarks about it but no in depth information on what makes it stand out.


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    So you made a second thread for the same question...After three people already told you to post in the existing popular threads (and provided you links).
    jopamo wrote: »
    You really should ask this stuff in the Korean arcade parts thread they've linked you already. People stay in that thread that know all the answers to the questions you have. Check it out.
    Even after you acknowledge it..
    My bad.
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    LOL. Jopamo knows I usually don't agree with him, but dude... really. He's absolutely right. What are you doing man? Why would you create another thread? Just ask in the Q an A or Korean parts thread. The effort you made to make this new thread you could have typed into one of those existing threads. Come on bro.
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    (Moderator Request)

    I just used the link provided, and posted in it. If you guys could do me a favor and remove my posts I'll find an alternative place to find information. Sorry for the issue.
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    You didn't use the link(s) provided, man. You created another damn thread. I know you're new here but cmon!

    Just think before you post. Read stickies. Listen to people who have been around the block.

    Basically, don't be a retard.
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    Yeah, I apologize. Thanks for encouraging me not to be retarded.

    Anyways is it possible to have both of the useless threads I started to be taken down?
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    That requires a mod. Most likely they'll just let these threads grow mold and die.

    Just listen to @VarmintBaby and post your question in the Korean arcade parts discussion thread. Please find the link to that thread posted (once again) below.

    Korean arcade parts discussion thread
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