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Whats the best way to get out of it in Blazblue? I cant ever seem to find an opening in peoples combo streams. It feels like they go on forever.
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    If you have meter, you can block escape.
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    Is this a MobbDeep alt account?
    In case it isn't: You want to be specific with your questions.

    "How do I defend?", "How to get out of pressure?", "How to rush down?" and shit like that are not good questions, as you can write fucking books about these topics.
    What game? What kind of pressure? What character(s)? What is the situation?
    If you're unclear about these points, nobody can help you and you'll get general answers that don't help anyone.

    A question like "How do I deal with Karin bullying me with in the corner as Ryu?" is kind of better.
    Now we can all imagine the situation and have a clear idea of what Karin is doing and what Ryu's options are and could even set that up in training mode.
    Which you should probably do:

    Go to training mode, set up the situation and see what you can do against it.
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