Ryu beating anti air counter

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Losing matches because they anti air counter then combo me, not even good full combos, just a few punched but I can't jump in ever because they just counter then punish, do I have to guess and grab or attack on landing?


  • FrozteyFroztey Break the Cuffs Joined: Posts: 9,728 mod
    I'm confused at what your problem is, are you losing to Ryu's parry when you jump?
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  • yesyes Joined: Posts: 224
    yea i knock em down and go for an ambiguous cross up but they simply counter me and then combo me on wake up
  • MaximilianoMaximiliano Joined: Posts: 720
    Then your timing is off. Make sure your jump-in hits them meaty when they wake up.
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    Either you go for a meaty cross-up like the dude before me said, or you mix your cross-up up properly.

    Empty jump throw, empty jump low light or medium kick, deep light kick cross-up etc. are all answers for when you know that he's going for a parry.
    From the sound of it you're being very predictable with your cross-ups and jumps though.
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