Why can't I execute combos?

DaikathDaikath Reborn Sega FanboyJoined: Posts: 67
I've been playing a lot of King Of Fighters 2002 on the Dreamcast with a buddy after we got some cheap Agetec arcade sticks. Really learning the mechanics and special moves. But combo chains elude me.

I go online to find some videos and other things, I try to follow the instructions but I can't get them to actually chain.

I thought it might be because of the Dreamcast port, so I got the ggpo emulator into single player mode, switched the dipswitch settings to the AES version and tried that training mode. But it still didn't come out.

For example with Kensou, I found a video of a combo which goes, hyper hop c into d, max mode, forward dash,d, shinryuu seioh rekkyako. But I have trouble even chaining the first four inputs.

I did find out after lots of trying, that the hyper hop c needs to land into the torso right before landing before it chains into d. But then max mode never works to dash forward d... (I do it in practice mode with full gauge)

Are examples of combos not that useful because of the timing issues you can't convey into a video or series of inputs? Or am I just doing somethingn else wrong? Should I just practise from double A's, max mode into dash standing d? I'd love to know if im doing something plainly wrong or if I just need to practice on the timing of it all.


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