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SFV Akuma drawing by me

VinceArtzVinceArtz Joined: Posts: 2


  • Intuitive2011Intuitive2011 Cr.Mk XX Hadoken Joined: Posts: 3,774
    VinceArtz wrote: »

    Yo, this is DOPE!
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  • KlivesKlives Joined: Posts: 117
    Nice! How long did it take to draw it?
  • jopamojopamo Stuck in Silly-con Valley Joined: Posts: 1,440
    edited September 2017
    With colored pencils?! Damn dude, your skills are epic!
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  • LosLos Joined: Posts: 943
    That's really cool! It would be amazing on a stick
  • DevilJin 01DevilJin 01 Get some shill in yo system Joined: Posts: 59,244 mod
    You'll make Sergeant for this.

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  • KingCrimsonKingCrimson CFN: OldManRage Joined: Posts: 1,883
    Shit man, that's sick! Good job.
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  • GrieversGunbladeGrieversGunblade Joined: Posts: 331
    Great work!
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  • DJBLKKZAND94DJBLKKZAND94 DJ/Fighter/Scratcher and Killer Joined: Posts: 444
    VinceArtz wrote: »

    That's dope
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  • waltyftmwaltyftm Joined: Posts: 5
    Very fucking nice.
  • VinceArtzVinceArtz Joined: Posts: 2
    Thank you so much my friend!!!!
  • rookrook amused observer Joined: Posts: 1,641 mod
    very nicely done!
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