What's Menats easiest grounded and jumpin knockdown combos?

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Ryu has mp, mp, hp, hk, on the ground and same for jumping but starting with a heavy kick or crossover, so what is her equivalent?


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    cr. LK, cr. LP xx orb/reflect
    st. LK, cr. LP xx orb/reflect
    any button xx orb recall, (st. HK), cr. MP xx orb/reflect

    j. HP, st. HK, cr. MP xx orb/reflect

    She doesn't have any medium to medium confirm without CH and her most damaging combos involve VT or cancelling into orb recall.
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    I will try that last one, seems doable, thanks. I don't care about damage much, just easy use and knockdown. I'm confident in my fundamentals but can't combo well.
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