Is a wireless Dualshock 4/PS4 Stick + DS4Windows fast enough?

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I have read that they have less latency when used wireless than wired (kinda weird). However that is just the connection from the controller to the PC/dongle. I have read more than a few times people talking about the actual encoding of the inputs to xinput (What DS4Windows does) can add 40+ ms of extra latency.. :/

Example: Eurogamer did a test on input latency and they found that "Input Mapper's process of taking the Dual Shock 4 inputs and translating them into standard PC Xinput adds a considerable amount of latency". They noted that "initial results were deeply unimpressive, with the PC actually lagging behind PlayStation 4 by a remarkable 41ms (five frames on our 120fps captures)," but by switching to a wired Xbox controller they removed any additional latency and brought it in line with the PS4 version.";

ds4windows is basically the same program as inputmapper. no?

Anyone have any experience with this? Pretty expensive to buy one and a Bluetooth dongle just to find out :/

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    I tried a few different brands of bluetooth dongles on two different computers. I wasn't able to get a consistently good bluetooth connection for SFV with any dongle on either PC, so YMMV.

    I'm not the biggest fan of DS4windows though. I usually prefer to wire my DS4 and use x360ce.
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