[WTS] Madcatz TE/SE Audio Board for Brook PS4+, madcatz Front Panel for Brook UFB and PS4+

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Hi everyone:

As explain in the thread in Tech Talk, I've made two board for installing Brook products into Madcatz TE/SE stick.
Thread here:

There' videos about each products.

Madcatz audio board for Brook PS4+

Kit contains:
- a audio board
- a 20cm JST harness
- 2 screws

Quantity: 45/60pcs

Madcatz Front Panel for Brook UFB and PS4+

New: The kit is now using harness for presoldered pinhead for LS/DP/RS.

(Note: Can still choose the JST one if you ask)

This is the REV 2 of the board I've made last year.
Kit contains:
- a front panel with:
  • LS/DP/RS switch
  • Lock/Unlock Home/Turbo/Start/Select switch
  • Players LEDs where old top turbo led where or on Players LEDs for SFxT layout. Colors order are Blue, Red, Green and Purple (purple is slightly less bright)
  • Turbo Button + LED. LED colors is random from what I have in stock
- Harness for Players LEDS, LS/DP/RS and Turbo Key/Turbo LEDs

Options on order:
- LEDS Layout: either classic for TE/SE or layout for SFxT stick (above home button),
- Want something else than turbo? I can adapt the harness for what you want,
- Ask for different LEDs color.
- You can choose a JST connector for LS/DP/RS

Quantity: 33/50pcs


Audio Board = 5$ USD plus shipping
Front Panel = 10$ USD plus shipping.
Front Panel + Audio = 13$ plus shipping.


I'm based in Canada so all the order are sent from there. I'm assembling all the boards by hand so expect some delay.
Don't yell at me for the price, blame Canada Post.

Exemple of shipping to the US for 1 kit:
No tracking: 7$
Tracking: 15$

Exemple of shipping to Europe (i.e. England or France) for 1 kit
No tracking: 7€
Tracking: 28€

I'm not refunding you if an untracked package is lost. It's at your own risk. I had too much issue with paypal as a seller and some bullshit so now I'm clearly anouncing it.
I didn't have any problem for now with USA and Canada, but international shipping is an other thing.
I strongly suggest you to make a bulk order if you are in Europe and use a tracked package. I'll do my best to avoid customs but don't be surprise if you have some.


Paypal. I'll send you my address and the total amount in USD. Bulk orders will have of course a discount on shipping.
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