Madcatz Audio Board for Brook PS4+ and Madcatz Front Panel REV 2

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Hey everyone

I've made a small board who fits in Madcatz TE/SE stick and can be plugged in the Brook PS4+ (with audio) board

As long as this board, I've also made a new revision of the front panel I've made last year:
Link to the Brook thread where I talked about it
Here's a video of the REV 1

REV 2 has just the holes for physical switches removed, aligned properly connectors and have now the same orientation as the Brook UFB or PS4+.
Front panel have
  • LS/DP/RS switch
  • Lock/Unlock Home/Turbo/Start/Select switch
  • Players LEDs where old top turbo led where or on Players LEDs for SFxT layout.
  • Turbo Button + LED.

The harness for the Turbo Button can be change for an other button (TP, R3 or L3).

I'm selling kits on the trading outlet section here:

Kits are:
- Audio board + harness + screws

Front panel + harness

- Audio Board + Front Panel

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