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    Lol bald Kula as a mascot, that would surely go really well.
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    As I said before, only real info about game is what is contained HERE by ME.There 's nothing left to say until now.
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    Cronopio wrote: »
    Lol bald Kula as a mascot, that would surely go really well.

    They have to get scissor thrown to death by Shermie if they does happen.

    On second thought, no. That's too good of a death. Geese needs to rise from his chair, grab the SNK employee by their head, look at him in the eye and say;

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    DashWouk wrote: »
    What? Haha, I don't need to prove anything to anyone, if it wasn't me giving news about this game development this person wouldn't be trolling with fake info.Let's wait until PSX then,NGBC2 presentation there will be big surprise,even for me.I hope that person doesn't say that presentation got misteriously cancelled later :)

    I see no SNK, Leaker-kun.
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