10/01/2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting



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    I love punk's posting style. Those emotes are hilarious.
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    Seriously, why is the story changing just now?

    Look if Law Enforcement or a security guard drop the ball here, this is something we all need to know.
    Raz0r wrote: »
    You know these ass holes will try to hide that the truth is someone screwed up.
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    sounds like there is a 2nd suspect now. aka 2nd shooter. erm guess not. Or at least if there was it wasn't the security guard.
  • Jion_WansuJion_Wansu Joined: Posts: 6,380
    Story keeps changing...
  • FrostyAUFrostyAU Lynx in your sinks Joined: Posts: 8,886
    The New York Times did a video breakdown of the shooting.

    It's politically neutral and more informative than basically everything else out there.

    I can't link it because I'm on my phone.
    2 Kings 2:24
  • dab00gdab00g Joined: Posts: 21,469

    I don't get this aspect by infowars idiots

    Why threaten victims caught in the violence

    Why do infowars morons keep pushing this false flag bullshit and why does lead paint drinking alex jones push that agenda

    Why does the nra have so much power

    Why do idiots exists who question the validity of mass murder needing to be a secret government plot instead of just a plan by a psychopath to kill lots of people
  • FrostyAUFrostyAU Lynx in your sinks Joined: Posts: 8,886
    There are many Shin Akumas in the world.
    2 Kings 2:24
  • Jion_WansuJion_Wansu Joined: Posts: 6,380
    Shouldn't this thread be combined with the Current State of the World... thread???
  • The DamnedThe Damned Hope: You can't believe in it Joined: Posts: 10,983 mod
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    (It would just get lost in there, consumed by the partisan bitching that poisons that thread and American minds in general, especially since clearly no one cares about this anymore and there's been no new information or focus on this in about a month.)

    So, given that the majority of the last seventeen posts since I last posted or looked in here were lame conspiracy theories* and given that apparently the second autopsy on the shooter's brain is still not done and likely not going to find anything anyway, I am just going to un-sticky this thread now. I was going to give it a bit more time, but it's been almost two months overall and clearly no one cares at this point, so meh.

    At least my laziness means that I get to post the relevant videos remembering the victims at least a month ago right when it's arguably needed most given how predictably easily this (and any talk of gun control) completely fell out of the public mind:

    (John Phippen, Angie Gomez, Charleston Hartfield, Susan Smith, Christopher Roybal, Sonny Melton, Jennifer Irvine, Stacee Etcheber, Bill Wolfe Jr., Jordan McIldoon, Carrie Barnette, and Neysa Tonks)

    (Quinton Robbins, Michelle Vo, Kurt Von Tillow, Andrea Castilla, Jack Beaton, Christiana Duarte, Adrian Murfitt, Dana Gardener, Rhonda LeRocque, Steven Berger, Thomas Day Jr., Kelsey Meadows, and Austin Davis)

    (Brian Fraser, Erick Silva, Nicol Kimura, Cameron Robinson, Denise Cohen and Derrick Taylor, Keri Lynn Galvan, Lisa Patterson, Chris Hazencomb, Jordyn Rivera, Brennan Stewart, and Rocio Guillen)

    (Lisa Romero-Muniz, Brett Schwanbeck, Rachael Parker, Sandy Casey, Bailey Schweitzer, Austin Meyer, Melissa Ramirez, Jessica Klymchuk, Candice Bowers, and Laura Shipp)

    (Dorene Anderson, Denise Burditus, Heather Alvarado, Hannah Ahlers, Victor Link, Carly Kreibaum, Calla Medig, Tara Roe, Carrie Parsons, and Pati Mestas)

    This is also now in the first post.

    *Literally the only conspiracy theory I can see being a valid one is that the police killed the shooter after he surrounded since supposedly he planned to escape and commit other shooters unlike most mass shooters, meaning he of course planned to live. Given that he killed a police officer...yeah. Ironically, unlike the most other extrajudicial killings by police, I think the vast, vast majority of people would be fine with this if true, even if it was still illegal.
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