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so I know making V.S. is not a good idea so Ill form my question around what are you opinions and experiences with gaming chairs. currently I have a Computer chair that retailed for 200 and i was able to get it for $100. it does it job and it nice. but ive been hearing a lot of hype around gaming chairs and i was looking at some decent ones for roughly 100 as well. im almost considering buying it but wonder if ill notice a huge difference


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    You're better off getting a seat cushion that will lower pressure on your tailbone/spine. I bought this one from and I love it. It completely takes away the pain I was starting to feel in long sitting sessions. Check it out:
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    You can go to various stores and try out their floor models.
    Read up on some reviews, do some research. Not all chairs are built the same.

    I have a cheap ass, sub $100 Computer chair that been pieced together from other cheap-ass computer chairs. Works for me just fine.

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    Yeah, go try out chairs before you buy them. Your ass is different from other asses out there. It's still weird to me that gaming chairs are modeled after bucket seats...
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    LLeg3nd wrote: »
    It's still weird to me that gaming chairs are modeled after bucket seats...

    ...with huge flank and thigh bolsters. Who the hell needs that crap?! I’m stationary!

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    • Long sitting sessions: Anything that would give me butt, arm and lumbar support would work for long sitting sessions.

    • Short sitting sessions, adjustable stools.. Def try before you buy if you can.

    • I prefer hybrid standing options myself for fight man, shooter games and work.
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