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im new to mvci and need help

dr1ft3r87dr1ft3r87 Joined: Posts: 11
ive done a bunch of practicing in training mode, and im having a lot of trouble doing combos with dormammu. i got dante down fairly well. ive also found that the longer the combos go for they get more harder to do. like the last few hits of this dante combo im trying which i copied down from the forums, anyway i always seem to be missing the last couple of hits. i must of tried doing it like a thousand times probably more. i was having trouble linking lk darkhole cLP cLK cHP too and i noticed it was easier if i just used LP to Launcher. im really new to fighting games i got really burnt out on shooters and wanted something else with multiplayer to play online so bought an arcade stick and have been playing on and off for a couple of months. any advice would be appreciated.
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