How long is your shaft...

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Joystick shaft, that is!

I have been looking at many pictures of joysticks, and shaft lengths seem to vary. I always thought that a joystick mounting height of 23mm-24mm between the bottom of the ball top and the top of the control panel was the standard, but I think 20mm is also used. When building my sticks, I always go off slagcoin dimensions. Do you guys stick to those specs, or have you altered your shaft length to a personal preference? If so, what length is preferable to you?



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    I've never measured it but one thing to consider is that a joystick mounted on a custom/wood controller will be some milimeters taller than those mounted on a proper metal plate (madcatz, hori, candy cabs). Mine is a Madcatz SE with Sanwa parts and i think its height is well accepted.
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    23 to 24mm is an approximate measurement. Some controllers will be different than others. Various factors also change results, like having a plexy
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    I approve this thread.
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    That's too short, lol :)
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    I believe every mesure given here is greatly exaggerated.
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    The standard for Japanese sticks (Sanwa, Seimitsu) is 24mm from the top of the play surface to the bottom of the ball-top.
    Some Mad Catz sticks had the lever mounted slightly deeper, so it would turn out to be a few millimeters shorter. On top of that, if you added a plexi cover when it didn't originally have one, you're shortening the shaft length by yet another couple of millimeters.

    I personally have kept my custom sticks at the standard height, but admittedly, since I use a bat-top, a difference of 1-2mm in either direction isn't really noticeable (compared to if I had a ball-top in place).
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    Damn, I was ready to brag...shiiiit
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    Forget that.

    When I first saw XYZZY play, he had a ginormous crane game esque ball top on his shaft.

    He wasn't going for length, he was going for girth.
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    If I post how long my shaft is... I might get my account banned.
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    What I can't get over is that OP says he has been looking at many pictures of joysticks..
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