I need help fixing a Madcatz TES+ (SOS!)

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I recently bought a Madcatz TES+ off of ebay (that I knew had minor problems with it) and I could use some advice on how to fix it. When I plug it in the stick registers 'down' and 'downback' normally and 'downforward' registers as 'up' with the rest of the directions not working. When I got the stick all of the buttons were not wired correctly so I put all the colors in the right place but even still when I started up Blazblue it registered as 'R1' being pushed all the time so I unplugged it and still it was doing it so maybe it wasn't R1? When I did Tekken 3 buttons were all being pushed simultaneously. I need some help so please if anyone can lend advice it'd be greatly appreciated.

Here is an imgur post of some of the internals.. I can take more pictures if needed.. I also don't know anything about soldering but I have a friend who does and can help me out later if that's what needs to be done. https://imgur.com/a/NDOfq

I know I sound like a big noob but I've put sticks together before but this is throwing me for a loop


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