GVS Weeklies | Tue, Thur & Sun | Manchester, CT | SFV/MVCI/IJ2/BBCF/GGXRD/KOF/UNIEL/Smash

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GREAT VALUE SMASH aims to provide the best possible local experience for players and spectators of all interest and skill levels. We aim to provide plenty of setups for our players, our exceptional stream goes all night, and all recorded sets are later uploaded to our YouTube!

Great Value Smash's local tournaments are held at The Grid Games (52 Purnell Place, Manchester CT 06042), a local gaming store that has become a staple in the Connecticut recreational community.
  • Downtown Manchester
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • TONS of restaurants of all cuisines in walking distance

Visit our Events page to see our full, detailed game schedule!

Click the game you're interested in to pre-register!

Tuesdays 7PM: SFV OR MvCI + IJ2 (Alternating weeks)
Sundays 7PM: GGXRD + BBCF + KOF + UNIEL (Every other week)

  • Spectator: FREE! Come chill!
  • Venue: $5 per person (If you're doing anything aside from spectating, you need to pay this.)
  • Event: $5 per player / $10 per team

If you're stuck in traffic but on your way, pre-register on smash.gg. If you can't, call The Grid Games (860-645-9006) and ask for the GVS Tournament Organizer, or comment on the Facebook event page and let the Tournament Organizer know that you are running late. Great Value Smash events start on time, so please be on time!

  • < 24 players: Round Robin Pools into a Top Bracket
  • > 23 players: Double Elimination Bracket w/ FREE Amateur Bracket
Either way, you'll be playing PLENTY of sets and get the most bang for your buck!
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