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Hey all,

I'm still bouncing around in the bottom of SFV ranked right now, and there's one situation that has come up a lot that I really struggle to deal with. It's the jump in. Sometimes I can deal with it OK, but there's this particular sequence that people to do me, and it really gets me flustered:

1) Opponent does jumping heavy attack. I block
2a) Opponent does short walkup-throw ( unless they were close, then it's just throw ), OR:
2b) Opponent does low attack ( C. MK usually )

They do this to me a few times and mix it up, so I have to choose whether to block low or tech the throw. This seems like a lose-lose to me: If I guess right, at best I get a tiny bit of frame advantage. If I guess wrong, I eat a combo or a throw. Here's what I am wondering:

1) This feels like it happens so fast that I have to guess, but is it technically possible to react to this setup? Like, is it worth grinding this out in Training mode so that I could react to either follow-up?
2) I am guessing that the real solution here is to anti-air the Jump-In. Is true? I play Bison who has a good anti-air, but it's a slow startup and sometimes I know I didn't see the jump fast enough to use it. When that happens, it feels like I am a sitting duck.

Any other advice for this situation?

Thanks for your help!


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    You're on the correct track with your 2nd statement regarding anti-airing. If you let someone jump in on you and only block you will be disadvantaged and get mixed up.

    Another popular method is to dash under their jump and then hit a quick button like a jab/short or even try to throw. Not necessarily something you want to do all the time in case they start reading it and neutral jumping.

    So in summary just work on your anti-air timing and also practice dash unders as an additional option.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I haven't tried the dash route, although sometimes I do it accidentally, and it does usually take me out of harms way. Bison's dash is pretty long so I doubt I'd be able to jab their landing afterwards, but I know that he can also C. LP anti-air ( although I'm hesitant about relying on anti-air jabs... ).

    I'll focus on AA in my training. By the way; is it possible to get combos after knocking somebody out with an anti-air C. HP? Whenever I do it it seems like a reset, but maybe I'm missing an opportunity.
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    They have to be in a juggle state for you to be able to combo. Hell Attack will put airborne opponents in a juggle state and you can combo after that. If you watch Problem X's Bison (which you should if you want to learn more) you'll notice him making good reads and landing Hell Attack combos.
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