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what are the advantages of a hitbox controller ?

mobbdeepmobbdeep king of srkJoined: Posts: 425
im interested in getting one so what is the learning curve and what are the purks for the controller
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  • AirLancerAirLancer Just a touch of Honey Joined: Posts: 843
  • TKRTKR Inventor of Toe Socks Joined: Posts: 215
    Not that much of a learning curve. If you an type on a keyboard properly you can pick it up very quickly.

    Benefits are that its faster and a things like QCF or Z motion inputs are super easy. But unless you really spend time grinding it out and learning all the trickery of it, like the negative edge stuff and input buffering on movement, then there is no actually in game benefit really and it will all come down to personal preference.
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