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    What attachments do you use on the new operators' guns? People said Dok/Vigil's shotgun is OP but I find the SMG more effective and easier to use in most cases.
    Also I got the Buck keychain. Man the Canadian weapons suck ass

    Vigils smg is really really good
    Almost no recoil or spread
    Shotgun you'll be shit out of luck if they're close and you miss once
    Shotgun can be fun
    His gadget is cool but there are better operatives gadget wise
    He's best used for his guns

    I run his smg with reflex but I think it would be good with holo

    Dokk I run the mk14 with acog of course
    She's alright to me
    The phone thing is pretty good and it's funny when they shoot out their own cams
    I think there are better and more useful ops though

    Zofia I run the rifle which is easily one of the best guns in the game
    That shit has like no fucking spread
    Her gadget is overly strong
    2 long range breaches and 4 concussion rounds that tell you if anyone is in the room or not while disorienting them at the same time
    She is extremely useful and works well on every map

    I noticed they indirectly buffed shields
    Pistols are buffed
    C4 throw range is greatly reduced
    It's like you're throwing bowling balls
    They said they buffed Mira and jackals 2ndary shotgun in damage but I didn't notice a difference

    New map feels like a cod map

    My new ops tier list

    1. Zofia
    2. Dokk
    3. Vigil
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    Zofia I think is op

    Bucks c8 is really good
    Just not easy to control but not hard either
    The spread is just straight vertical up instead of diagonal
    Buck is played a lot in pro league and he is a really useful op so it's a good idea to learn how to control his c8
    His semi rifle isn't bad either if you can't control the c8

    Frost gun isn't bad but it isn't up there either but there are a lot of places on the map where the traps are really effective
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    Idk, Frost's gun has so much vertical kick it feels like I have to aim at the nuts to shoot them in the head. Her gadget is pretty fun though. Maybe I don't feel comfortable because I'm using on her an optics (red dot) that I don't use on any other gun.
    I'm gonna try the Mk14 on Dokk.
    Which attachments did you put on Vigil's main weapon?
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    i take back that comment on the c4
    it seems like my game was glitching last night or something
    they throw normally now
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