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New to stick - Advice on TE2+ or Qanba Dragon? Any advice would be seriously appreciated!

TekkenDanTekkenDan Joined: Posts: 3
Hey guys, I'll try to get right to the point here...
I'm looking to finally buy a PS4 fightstick after years away from the arcade.
I can buy a Madcatz TE 2+ new for $199 or a new Qanba Dragon for $239.
I like the size of the MC but I worry about being one of the unlucky few to get a bad board or button and now there's no MC to set that right...
and what if I ever needed a replacement cable?
I have already looked at the Obsidian but the Dragon for $40 extra is pretty tempting.
I'll mostly be playing at home but might take it to a friends house once in a while. No tournaments in my near future.
If anyone is willing to take a moment to give some advice/opinions, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.


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