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Is G Q?
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    I dont know, but if i dont hear any House of the Dead memes mentioned every time this man is played then you're doing it wrong.
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    Yeah, I literally came here just to say, " what up g? " really?

    Suffer like G DID!!!!!
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    This character got my attention....
    Need to see more.
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    There are so many crazy theories going around about him
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    I like what I have seen of his design, I hope he is good and plays well for my preferences (zoning, anti air, pokes, etc).
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    I can't wait for future bara art work of G on tumblr. I also hope Capcom denounces the ape thing real soon enough
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    G is not Q because G is strong and powerful.

    Q is a coward and weak.
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    YorKeY wrote: »
    Yeah, I literally came here just to say, " what up g? " really?

    Suffer like G DID!!!!!

    You literally came?
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    I can't wait to hit my opponents in the G-spot. Been readin up on Cosmo to get a head start on my attack plan.
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    You mean:

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    I've got a feeling there's more to this guy than meets the eye but my initial impression is he's the dumbest design i've ever seen in SF history.
  • Will_DieselWill_Diesel Noble Savage of the inner city's darkest quarters. Joined: Posts: 1,194
    edited December 2017
    ^Blanka now with MOAR hair is hardly impressing me but I am slightly more interested in G than I am for the green turd making his triumphant return.

    Not exactly a ringing endorsement.
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    Hopefully he plays like Makoto.
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