SRK Forums *NOT* closing down at the end of January 2018

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RIP homies.

Where we hanging out next?

mod edit: We are saved!!! :D
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  • 71M3BR34K3RR4D17Z71M3BR34K3RR4D17Z That One Guy Joined: Posts: 131
    Wow.... I just just joined late last year.
    This is just sad.
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    One month is too short a notice. WTF guys? Seriously WTF?

    Is this a money issue? because I'm sure if you open donations they will come. DON'T DO THIS!!!
  • rumble1212rumble1212 Joined: Posts: 67
    Very sad
  • HotobuHotobu Simpsonized Joined: Posts: 3,622 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    January fools?
  • Mr. BastosMr. Bastos Joined: Posts: 2,152 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    had to sign in for the first time in a while because I saw this news.
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    Sonichuman wrote: »
    Bious wrote: »
    Thanks @affinity you fucking cancer you killed this site.

    The funny thing is my first thought was sad that srk was gonna shut down and then immediately the 2nd was where is Affinity going to infest?

    Not JTM.

    Just sayin'. :coffee:
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  • SevansSevans Hell bent Joined: Posts: 636
    They seriously haven't considered opening donations for this?
  • Raging_ZoroarkRaging_Zoroark Disgraceful! Joined: Posts: 1,486
    Is this serious?
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    Had to post twice cause I just can't get over how bad an idea this is. LOL.
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  • GrogGrog discombobulatingly Joined: Posts: 3,618
    Loooot of good memories here, I haven't posted in years (really since the Media bar at the bottom showed up) but still sad to hear.
    Wow, end of an era. GD has given us some pretty entertaining years.

    Give us back our net neutrality.
    no one cares syxx
  • AlphaCommandoAlphaCommando Goten More Years Joined: Posts: 3,244
    Well this came out of fucking nowhere.
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    This is the forum that I've been apart of the longest. Sucks to see it go, but I would hope that it gets archived because there really is a lot of great information for the older games here.
    Just like that.
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    RIP. Nice meeting yall throughout the years.
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    Wow...I...Don't know what to say...
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  • MIRACLEARROWMIRACLEARROW Kendoka Joined: Posts: 2,077
    Man, I'm going to miss you guys... So rattled.... Where can i find the discord?
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    A lot of memories here. Thanks for everything, SRK.
  • DarksakulDarksakul I find your lack of Faith Disturbing. Joined: Posts: 24,745
    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
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    I joined back in 2003, so to see a forum I've actively been a part of for 15 years shut down makes me sad. I've met some great people here on GD and matchmaking back in the day.

    I'll miss GD and posting here. I won't miss all of you though, just some. Fuck you.

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