Survey about building my own brand of Arcade sticks (Note: For Future Plans)

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Hi guys!
I'm ELXDXP. I'm currently new in shoryuken but I would always see threads and discussions about fighting games here. I'm a Fighting Game enthusiast for over a year now and I'm also finishing my semester as a graduating college student.

But now straight to the point... I created a survey for the FGC about what they want to see in a Arcade/Fight stick, in terms of advantages and features and why it competes with other brands in the market as well because I wanted to create my own brand in the future. NOT NOW in 2018 but somewhere in between 2019-2022, probably (Not also sure, if the FGC is still alive in that year. Kinda sad if it does not.) I figured this would be a good time to align my dream with my Marketing subject in my class (Since I am a Business student.) and that they require a presentation or power point of finding the target market of my choice. I'm not sure if I found the right market to begin with. But I hope many would answer my survey and that would be a big help for me. here is the link to the survey:

Thanks in Advance :D


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