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Looking for a universal, reliable starting controller

ThatGuySubarashiiThatGuySubarashii Joined: Posts: 1
I am just starting out in the fighting game scene (Haven't been to any sort of locals or anything due to lack there of where I am) and I want to find a reliable starting controller that's not too expensive ($60 Cap) but is able to last for an at least decent amount of time before breaking/ wearing down or what have you.
I do realize finding a long lasting controller within a $60 range isn't the easiest task, and It doesn't have to be any sort of high end controller, Just one that'll last me for my beginning days of fighting games.


  • ajyou003ajyou003 Joined: Posts: 147
    What kind of system do you have? With that price I am guessing you are looking to play on a gamepad and not on a stick.

    Hori Fighting Commander has a pretty good reputation and a good price point.
  • M1XM1X 04'er Joined: Posts: 152
    I'd also recommend that Hori FC pad.
    If you really want a stick, I think the Qanba Carbon would be the cheapest usable stick, though it's $70.
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  • Missing PersonMissing Person Quickly becoming the Sailor Moon S guy. Joined: Posts: 14,106
    If you're looking for something that will work on multiple systems, I'd get the Brook Mars, but it doesn't have six face buttons if that's a game breaker.

    If you JUST want PS3/PS4, going for the Hori Fight Commander is your best bet.
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