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    I just picked up Transmetropolitan (Warren Ellis), 1602 HC tpb (Gaiman) and the first volume of Flight - free comic book day was good to me discount wise! I've also just read Nextwave and Desolation Jones (both Ellis - and both recommended).

    Ellis is a looney.

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    I recently got Daisy Kutter: The Last Train by Kazu Kibuishi. I highly recommend it. I enjoyed it very much. It was a steampunkish cowboy adventure. Short sweet and entertaining.

    I also got all three Volumes of Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley, and I love it. Love, love, love, love it. I've reread each volume like 4 times. Great comedy action goofy comic fun.

    Using the internets I stole/read all of Preacher like a month ago. God I was missing out, that was beautiful. Jesse Custer is the man.

    I read Flight Vol 3, and throughly enjoyed it, I have Vol 2 here, but I haven't read it yet.

    Bone One Volume edition is waiting to be read as well.

    Batman Year 100 by Paul Pope was quite cool. The art takes a little bit to get used to, but it's a very nice/different take on Batman. I got 100% on backorder from Amazon by Pope too, so I'm awaiting that.

    Same with Flight Vol 1. I gots me lots of reading to do. I don't even update this, who cares
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    I just picked up the first TMNT GN (From 1984), in all it's horribly drawn glory.

    for a buck yesterday.

    sixth printing, but I don't care, I just wanted to read it.
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    I read Bone. It was a fun read. A good change of pace from all the other "serious" graphic novels I've been reading lately. I kinda wish it was in color, but oh well.

    Scholastic is publishing all 9 individual volumes in color. I think at least 3 or 4 of them have already come out, and they are only 10 bucks a pop. The colorist is the guy who colors the covers. Hopefully, one day there will be an oversize, hardcover, color one-volume edition of Bone.
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    Finished Secret Six. Thought it was pretty good, but not quite as good as VU + IC Special.

    Currently reading Crisis on Multiple Earths The Team-Ups vol. 2 which is silver age goodness so far.

    I got that massive The Making of Star Wars book that just came out so I am reading that now as well...very good stuff, and I'm only a casual fan
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    when does punisher man of stone come out?
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    Man of Stone already came out.
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    Reading Batman Black and White Volume 3 now that came out last week. Lots of goodies from Don McGregor, Mahfood, Cooke, Schwartz and even Brubaker wrote a story plus a whole lot more people. I love how they get like the whole comic book industry past and present to contribute Batman stories. Good stuff as always and a great addition if you have the other 2 Volumes. :smile:
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    finished crisis on multiple earths the team ups vol. 2

    favorite story was the spectre issue where he teams up with wildcat, with gorgeous art by neal adams
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    Just starting to get into these Batman Graphic novels. Finished up DKR, Long Halloween, and the Killing Joke. Thinking about getting Hush since I love Jim Lee's artwork.
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    check out City of Crime, Batman and the Monster Men, and Batman and the Mad Monk
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    year one > all other bats gn's

    IMO hush, dkr, n long haloween are all tied for 2nd best. You should read the man who laughs if u liked the killing joke (who didn't) think of it as joker: year one n brubakers writing owns by showing how bats is completely unprepared for dealing with joker the first time they meet and u MUST read dark victory it's the sequel to halloween and just about as good.

    Read gothic and child of dreams if u want something different there both very underrated, gothic is kind of a supernatural tale where batman fights a man who sold his soul for limited immortality and child of dreams is a manga tale...thats right MANGA! LOL but it's actually very solid and bats goes to japan to kickass.

    Can someone post a link of all the civil war tie-ins there are too many to keep track off and have they made any CW gn's preferably hardcover? Will i get confused if i read ONLY the tie-ins of a series for example spiderman isssuex-issuey are CW tie ins but if i read only those and no other issues in the series will i know whats going on?

    I would appreciate gn recommendations for cap A, anything with onslaught, venom/carnage, transformers (i read g1 from IDW and it was decent), any big events/crossovers from the past cuz i'm sure something as epic as CW happens every year right?, How is the age of apocalypse saga?, what is house of M all i know it's part2 of some big 3part event where scarlet witch kills ppl, anything where i can see super heroes fight one another, anything on any not so well known but still very notable super hero, n finally i guess any "must haves" that every comic book fan should have.

    EDIT: just read ultimate ironman vol1 it was a very different take on the pro-reg bastard i liked it alot and he took his suit off so i'm assuming he doesn't fuse with his suit via techno organic virus till the later years? finished the preacher series and wow I <3 vertigo onto absolute sandman now!

    EDIT2: I really enjoy the ultimate line what a great idea to modernize and retell origins n whatnot so ppl new to the comic scene like myself can play catchup to everyone else while still having an enjoyable read that resonates with our world however my only gripe is that i have quite a bit of knowledge of the 616 and little changes to the ultimate line bother me simply cuz i know it wasn't like that in the oldschool comics for example venom's origin being an anti-cancer suit, or prof x being having a very different persona i guess it's the nerd in me but when i see things n the ultimate line that make me think hey thats not what happened in so n so storyline originally.

    I would also like some suggestions for more source material for example which would be better for a 19 yr old who has some knowledge of the x-men universe uncanny or astonishing? i remember years ago 2 friends told me an island named krakoa captured the og x-men while prof sent a team to rescue them n 1 of them was vulcan who died so prof erased clops's memory of it n sent a 3rd team to save them. Prof experimented on danger and admitted to loving jean grey i think? LOL prof x doesn't sound like the nice guy he is in ultimte xmen (though he does lie/manipulate occasionally but only minor things) anyways so what series's should i read to get not that info specifically but that type of info on x-men, or spiderman (neighborhood, amazing, sensational, spectacular waay too many to choose from), and whoever else u feel u should suggest should be appreciated.

    Theres so much shit out there i don't know how to find what i want or where to get it so any i would appreciate a link that could help me sort out what i'm looking for (ign SUCKS)

    i was thinking of checking out y the last man it has a very good premise so i guess it should be at least a half decent read and is there any gn's on the origin of the thunderbolts other then the CW gn?
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    Most of the Civil War books that I've read are pretty self-contained. Amazing-Spider-Man and Captain America in particular are very good reads. I really like Civil War. The TPB is pretty expensive, though. But it is very entertaining. (Keep in mind that I also think House of M is very entertaining and that I don't like any Crisis.)

    Captain America recommendations:

    Brubaker's run, of course. Start with Winter Soldier: Volume 1 and move on from there. On a related note, one of the awesome things about the Civil War Cap TPB is that it actually merges seamlessly into the ongoing Cap epic and the Civil War story.

    Other than that, you should check out Truth: Red, White, and Black by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker. Much respect, it's like the only recent Marvel comic that Alan Moore actually praised in public.

    I also think the Marvel Knights Captain America run was above average. The first TPB, The New Deal, has art by John Cassaday. Some of the other TPBs have some Jae Lee art, too. Just skip Captain America: Avengers Disassembled. That one was really weak.
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    Thanks zeph winter soldier looks hot n red, white, black looks like it explains alot so i guess patriot must be the son oif the original cap A.

    BUMP for everything else i asked.
    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
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    Orochi - just to let you know, there is a Captain America Omnibus coming out that includes Brubaker's Cap #1-25...I dont think it will be out until august or september though.

    For X-Men they are releasing Brubaker's first big arc as well as Mike Carey's first big arc in hardcovers

    But if you want the best Cap, check out the Captain America: Heroes Reborn tpb

    On the reading front, I finished Shadowpact vol. 1. I enjoyed it for the most part even though I dont like Enchantress' new costume or Chimp's super hero costume, and the art was a little cartoon-y for me. I also dont know if I like the whole Nightmaster becoming young thing. The ragman issue was cool though.
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    P. Giddy is the meanest and most cruel there is. That's just... wrong.


    Oh, baby. They're coming out with Essential Silver Surfer volume 2. It's gonna include the first 18 issues or so of the late '80s series, too! Hopefully they will continue to pump these out... The world could always use some more Ron Lim Powerblasts.
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    Im looking for:

    Earth X
    Universe X vol.1 (I have vol.2)
    Paradise X

    and anything else related to this great series. If anyone knows a good site to get such things or knows if they are being reprinted anytimes soon, please, DO TELL!
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    finished sandman mystery theatre vol. 5 - very good stuff, good character development. Dodds is like what batman would actually be like in the real world, as a human.
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    I think the Earth X series is still in print. I still see copies of all the TPBs at bookstores and comic shops.


    Sandman Mystery Theatre is one of the best, man. I always think of that when I think of the best Vertigo comics ever. Wagner and Seagle did a really great job developing the relationship between Wesley and Dian. I think their relationship really helped make the stories stand out as more than just pulp noir tales. Especially compared to other superheroic comics where the romance is pretty basic or just trite.

    And I love that Detective Burke. Gotta be one of the best supporting "cop" characters around. I love that snarky attitude of his.


    This is the stuff I've read lately:

    Eternals HC - This was amazing. I never read any of those old Kirby comics, but Gaiman and JRjr's work is fantastic. This needs to be an ongoing series. Except I have no idea who should write it if Gaiman's too busy. But the story here is just too good to not follow up on it.

    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane HC - sano pride, baby, sano pride.

    Walking Dead v.6 - How intense was this? Just ridiculous. This is Kirkman's best comic. Everything in Walking Dead is just on the mark. The character development is so believable, the art is on fire, and the plot is just crazy good--it's surprising and yet inevitable.

    The Boys - Finally got around to read the TPB of this, and yeah. I can see how it out-Preachers Preacher. Maybe I'm just desensitized or personally disturbed, but I really don't see why DC wanted to cancel this comic. I feel like I've read things that are more violent, sexual, and obscene. I guess DC musta crapped themselves after seeing Ennis piss all over a JLA analogue. This series is shaping up to be classic, though. It's like the best of Ennis. It's got all the debauchery, humor, and messed up stuff like his work on MK Punny, Kev, Fury (the original), and Thor: Vikings. It's got the intense, driven, contextual violence like Punny MAX. It's got the heart and soul like the characters in Preacher.

    The Homeless Channel - I know the guy who made this, so I guess I'm biased. It's a story about a woman who starts a 24/7 cable TV station about homeless people. AiT/PlanetLar always publish good stuff. The black and white art totally reminds me of Bendis' art. Matt's a really good writer, though. There's a free 32 page preview on his site.
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    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane HC - sano pride, baby, sano pride.

    Man I'm gonna miss McKeever on this book. I wish Marvel would of given him a main title...

    He did do a few 616 stories in the Spider-Man Family comics, though they were mostly fill in the gaps between ages old issues kind of stuff. Those are great and hopefully Marvel will decide to collect those in a trade one day. He did a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends story where Spidey hooked up Firestar and Ice Man for a while and they broke up very briefly after lol (during this time Spidey was married) and he even brought in Video Man from that cartoon into 616 all while making the story fit between old Spider-Man and X-Men issues! Man this guy knows his Spider-Man! :lovin:

    Oh well I'm looking forward to his Teen Titans comic.
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    due to excellent job news I was finally able to order the tpb's that have been piling up on my want list. I got:

    52 vol. 1
    Exterminators vol. 2
    Batman and the Mad Monk
    Green Lantern Corps vol. 1
    Runaways vol. 3 HC
    Punisher MAX vol. 3 HC (btw...go out and read Man of Stone now if you havent)
    Ultimate Galactus Trilogy HC
    Superman: Camelot Falls
    The Boys vol. 1
    Annihilation vol. 2 HC
    Jonah Hex vol. 2
    Walking Dead vol. 2 HC

    ...yeah so about $200 worth of stuff:wgrin:
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    did anyone else think The Killing Joke is a little overrated? i just can't buy how the story ends; considering what the Joker did in that arc, you'd expect old Bats to have pummelled him for like at least two pages or something. Since it's Moore, naturally it can't be garbage... but definitely like a high 7 out of 10 at most since the end RUINS it. Cute, but RUINOUS ending... hardly worthy for a Batman/Joker storyline finale.

    im mostly a vertigo/marvel/image head right now, but i'm interested in the green lantern and flash. can anyone recommend good arcs in those two series with excellent writing? i like epic, but there's only so much over the top everybody has god powers that I can take (/cough, marvel, /cough), and i don't like emo. i really liked versions of GL and Flash from Kingdom Come, so if there's any stories that explain how those powers developed or whatever I'd be game.

    btw, if anyone is interested in experimenting with some titles they've heard about but don't feel like shelling out the greenbacks to check out, hit me up for a good link.
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    The Killing Joke is kind of crummy, and Moore himself will be the first to admit that the payoff of the story doesn't work. That said, The Killing Joke does offer a very fascinating look at the Joker, in spite of the misfire at the end, and the artwork is well done.
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    Got my copy of Batman and the Mad Monk the other day. Read it after I reread Monster Men. I think Wagner's run was pretty good. It really felt like a big, comic version of an Animated Series episode. It has that awesome old-school mentality with new school verve.

    I loved that part in Mad Monk where Batman was in the castle, and then the stairs he's walking on just disappear and he just slides down into a deathtrap room where the walls have spikes and just close in on him. That was pretty entertaining... That cliffhanger- "The walls! They're *choke* closing in!" was awesome.


    I think The Killing Joke is one of the best Batman stories. It definitely not one of the best Alan Moore stories, but it's beyond what most Bat-writers even attempt. It's definitely a very British story. The resolution is very weird, but I think it works for the story. It's unusual, but I thought it was affecting for a Batman and Joker tale. And Bolland hardly ever does interiors- that's one of the best-looking Batman comics around.


    For Flash comics, I think you gotta check out Geoff Johns' run. According to wiki, he started on issue 164. His Flash run was amazing, just top tier superhero stuff. Until the last year or so, when he got caught up in making the comic tie-in with the Crises. It ended pretty ignominiously, but when it was on fire, it was FI-YA!
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    god damn...The Boys vol. 1 is probably the best start of a new series I have read in the past 12 months...this comic kicks ass
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    Now this is my kinda thread!

    I doubt anyone will know of this book when I throw out the title, but earlier this week, I picked up a graphic novel called Penguin Bros. I've never heard of the book before but the whole concept of penguins in an action comic appealed to me and the artwork is really good. Haven't read it yet, but it was cheap. Only $3.98.

    I didn't think Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane would go on for as long as it has. McKeever's MJ books are usually only 4 books long but this ig going on book 18. I gotta get the TPBs sometime.

    Marvel's Essential line. I know I may be in the minority, but I'm a big fan of these books. Sure, they are in black & white but for 20+ comics at $16.99 its a good way to catch up on Marvel titles from the '60s-'80s. I love Claremon'ts reprinted work in Essential X-Men 1. Would Essential Silver Surfer 1 be worth picking up? I only read one SS comic and it was a reprint of SS #14, where he met Spidey, but it was very good.
  • ZephyranthesZephyranthes Mad Mod Poet God Joined: Posts: 2,464 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Penguin Bros, eh? Sounds interesting. Tell us how it is after you read it.

    Yeah, that Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane stuff started out as two Mary Jane miniseries before it officially became an ongoing. McKeever's las issue is #20, but Marvel recently announced that Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise) will be the new writer. So it should still be good or possibly even better.

    I like the Essential line, too. I actually think that Essential Howard the Duck truly is ESSENTIAL. For a '70s comic, it's got some groundbreaking stuff. And the writing isn't too shoddy. It's got a sense of humor. Plus... Gene Colan artwork. There are some players whose art still looks just as good in black and white. Gene Colan is one such player.

    I just wish the Essential line would reprint more modern comics. I respect and cherish Stan Lee as much as the next guy, but it's tough to read some of his stuff. I mean a lot of the dialogue he wrote in the '60s was dated back in the '80s. So I can't really force myself to slog through every single Spider-Man and FF. But those Essentials are definitely worth the money, even if Kirby's art isn't in color. It's still good, y'know?

    I actually have Essential Silver Surfer v.1. I've only read it once, but I think it's good. Considering that it's all his '60s comics, it's great. It's possibly one of the only times that Stan Lee's over-the-top writing style really enhances the story. People say Spidey is emo. They don't realize that Surfer gave birth to emo.

    One of these days, I gotta get Essential Surfer v.2. They're starting to get to the '80s/'90s Surfer comics... That means RON LIM POWERBLASTS. For the win, of course.
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    Picked up Punisher HC volume 3 recently. I only cared for the first half, but it's very nice.

    Also picked up the Fell HC wich is awesome.

    Still waiting for my Planet Hulk HC though.
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    anyone have an opinion on the millar/land ultimate ff stuff? HC vol. 3 comes out tomorrow which collectes their two arcs
  • ZephyranthesZephyranthes Mad Mod Poet God Joined: Posts: 2,464 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    I think it's decent. I am not a fan of Land's art, so I didn't think too much of it myself. But the stories and writing are pretty good. You can see where the Marvel Zombies came from, I guess. And that President Thor story was fun.
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  • P. GorathP. Gorath @ButtonMashLA Joined: Posts: 6,790 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    what about agents of's pretty thick for a premiere so I may splurge
  • ZephyranthesZephyranthes Mad Mod Poet God Joined: Posts: 2,464 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    I don't know, I haven't read Agents of Atlas. That's definitely something that's also on my Amazon wish list, though. The art's really good. And you're right, it's thick for a premiere. All premieres should be priced like that. Some of the extras are old Golden Age comics, I think. I've heard good things about the series, and just flipping through it, I would bet that it doesn't suck.

    Never really read any of Jeff Parker's work, though. Maybe an issue of Marvel Adventures once in a while, and some short stories in Marvel Romance comics, which were funny and entertaining. I heard his X-Men: First Class was also pretty good. That also just came out in HC.
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    Try to nab Mark Waid's run on Captain America before Heroes Reborn. Part of it was "Man without a Country" and a run in with Red Skull with the Cosmic Cube, but I forget the title of that arc. I think it was Operation Rebirth or something like that.

    Fun stuff.
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    letting people know Annihilation vol. 3 HC drops today
  • ZephyranthesZephyranthes Mad Mod Poet God Joined: Posts: 2,464 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Ah, I remember some of the Waid Cap stories. I enjoyed them when I read them but I never felt any particular urge to go back and reread them. One of the weirdest ideas Waid used was using Cap to save Red Skull's life (or was it vice versa? I forget). What I remember most about that run was Ron Garney's art. For the longest time, I thought that was the last decent-looking series he drew because I didn't like any of the art he'd done since then. It was only recently when I saw his Amazing Spider-Man that I felt like Garney was good again.

    Here's some of the TPBs I've read lately.

    Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation - It was average, I think. I stopped reading Villains United after the third or fourth issue, but I managed to finish this one. The art's above average. Catman is still kind of a ridiculous villain/anti-hero, but at least he's got some personality. I still like Deadshot, too. The Deadshot miniseries by Christos Gage was superb (why isn't THAT a TPB?!), and it's nice to see some of the elements from that story touched upon in here.

    Catwoman: The Replacements - The art is very good, especially the coloring. The story, not so much. The were a couple gaps in internal logic in the plot. Not to mention that I think the plot was silly. Mild SPOILER but it's just a bad idea to give Selina a baby. There's just no way that this comic could ever live up to Brubaker's legacy.

    Hawkman: Rise of the Golden Eagle - This was below average. TPB collects 9 issues, with various artists. Some of the art is pretty garbage, with all these lameass cleavage and butt shots of Hawkgirl. I don't really need that stuff. The story was extremely lackluster. There were gaps in the story's logic and it still ended up being completely predictable. Not to mention there's at least one stupid deus ex machina. How many times can a guy fake his death and hold a fake funeral to trick his enemy? Sheesh. This might've been a decent story back in the '60s. Even back then, it might've been considered "quaint." It's hard to believe this was made a couple years ago and followed the Geoff Johns run.

    The Ray: In A Blaze Of Power - Written back in the early nineties by Jack C. Harris (I've never heard of him) with art by Quesada. The art is really nice! But the story's pretty boring. After the third issue, I just skimmed the rest of it. This was one of those comics that was definitely overwritten. Too much exposition, plenty of heavy-handed narration in thought balloons, and dated dialog ("Great heavens!") with no sense of irony.

    Green Lantern/Green Arrow volume 2 - This is some vintage stuff right here. Neal Adams art still looks great. The plots and ideas of the stories are interesting, with a lot of cool character moments interspersed. There's definitely plenty of dialog and narration that dates the work, but overall, I think I can say this has stood the test of time. It has aged well and is probably some of the finest superhero comics of the '70s. Hey- at least it's better than Spawn or Witchblade or Fathom.
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    Is Marvel's Infinity Ghauntlet worth picking up? I've seen a copy at Borders but that sucker is like $30.

    And I also need to get Watchmen because I've heard nothing but good things about it.

    I've thought about getting DC's Crissis On Infinite Earths but I heard it wasn't newbie friendly and may require some knowledge of DC's Earth-2 heroes and villians.
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    You need Watchmen. If the superhero genre were suddenly destroyed tomorrow, we could still recreate everything using Watchmen as the template. Not only is Watchmen essential for your comic book collection, but it's essential FOR YOUR LIFE.

    Infinity Gauntlet's a fun story. I wouldn't say pay 30 bones for it, though. Can't you find it cheaper online somewhere?

    And Crisis is just for (I hate to drop the f-bomb, but...) fanboys only. There's no real other purpose in reading it.
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    crisis is a good intro to the dc universe for those who like to work. it presents you with this huge tapestry of characters and eras that may seem daunting at first but soon proves to be a great guide in finding new comics to follow and characters to read about.
  • eddymastaeddymasta The Man Without Fear Joined: Posts: 702
    my friend enjoys ultimate spider man, and civil war stuff more then Watchmen.

    Should he be assassinated?
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    One of my friends tried to read Watchmen but gave up after the second issue. "Too many words," he said. "I don't want to think when I read comics," he said. "It's too much for me," he said.

    So I just punched him in the face, and it was all good and gravy. We can still be friends.
    This Ain't Kansas. Unabashed and unfiltered comic book commentary and reviews:
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