rekka after qcb, hcf+p super...

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well, i know everyone knows this combo, it's just that i didn't see it posted no the threads....or maybe i missed it.

here's the most damaging combo for kyo if u have lvl 3....well, i think it is....

in corner:,, qcf+k, k,, qcb, hcf+p (super, let it go rigth after the first or second hit), rekka combo (the one where he ends hitting the ground).

- u could sub in fp for any of the fierce kicks.

- i'm not sure if u can do this outside of the corner......i don't think i've tried to do it outside of the corner.

- just remember, whenever u hit the qcb, hcf+p super near the corner, let it go on the first (or second hit, i'm not sure), so u'll have time to hit with the last hit of the rekka combo

- it seems kinda hard to hit with the super after the, but once u get used to it, it's relatively easy....
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