Matchvids at Youtube Round 2 + Master List

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Round 2 Fight!

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Master List0.5 of the old thread:

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[ARCAH] Arcana Hearts
[BREAKR] Breakers revenge
[CVS2] Capcom vs Snk 2

[DOA4] Dead or Alive 4

[FFS] Fatal Fury Special
[FHD] Fighters History Dynamite
[FL] Fighting Layer
[HNK] Hokuto no Ken
[MOTW] Garou: Mark of the Wolves
[GGXX#R]Guilty Gear XX #reload
[GGXXS] Guilty Gear XX Slash
[GGXXAC] Guilty Gear XX accent core
[JJBA] Jojo Bizarre Adventure
[KOF98] King of Fighters 98
[KOFXI] King of Fighters XI
[KOF02] King of fighters 02
[LB2] Last Blade 2
[MBAC] Melty Blood Act Cadenza
[MON] Monster
[MKT] Mortal Kombat Trilogy
[MVC2] Marvel vs Capcom 2
[GNT4] Naruto GNT4
[NGBC] Neo Geo Battle Colisseum
[RBFF2] Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
[RS] Rival schools
[SS4] Samurai Showdown 4
[SS6] Samurai Showdown 6
[SNR] Senko no ronde
[SC3] Soul Calibur III
[SSF2] Super Street Fighter 2
[SSF2T] Super Street Fighter 2 turbo
[SFAE] Hyper street fighter 2(AE)
[SFA2] Street Fighter alpha 2
[SFA3] Street fighter alpha 3
[SF2I] Street Fighter 3: Second Impact
[3S] Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
[SFEX2+] Street Fighter EX2+
[SFEX3] Street Fighter EX3
[SVC] Snk vs Capcom chaos
[SBM] Smash Bros Melee
[STF] Sonic the Fighters
[T5] Tekken 5
[T5DR] Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
[TMNT] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
[TRF2] The Rumble fish 2
[VAMH] Vampire Hunter
[VAMS] Vampire Savior
[VF4FT] Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned
[VF5] Virtua fighter 5
[XVSSF] X-men vs street fighter

update-rest of the vids are coming as soon as i figure out where to put them.

[ARCAH]Arcana Hearts

Arcana Heart Random NYC Week 1 Casuals
1st Arcana Heart Tourney in the USA Match vids @ Chinatown Fair:

Final Round X Arcana Heart Footage!!
3rd Arcana Heart tourney @ Chinatown Fair 3/24/07 Finals Tape
showdown championships 2007 Arcana Heart FULL
Marn/Sabin (Kamui/Heart) vs Ranma0005/Crow (Fiona/Kamui)
Vanessie/Buktooth (Maori/Kamui) vs Ruu and Mint (Heart/Kamui)
woof (Fiona) vs kenmastersX (Saki)
woof (Fiona) vs Sabin (Heart)
magnetox (Mei-Fang) vs woof (Fiona)
BucketHead (Konoha) vs woof (Fiona)
Marneto (Kamui) vs woof (Fiona)
Marneto (Kamui) vs fubarduck (Yoriko)
Marneto (Kamui) vs Sabin (Heart)
fubarduck (Yoriko) vs Sabin (Heart)
Sabin/Marn (Heart/Kamui) vs Ruu/Mint (Heart/Kamui) GRAND FINALS
casuals vs Ruu f/ Marneto, Sabin, fubarduck and woof
Ruu (Heart) vs Sabin (Kamui)
woof (Fiona) v Ruu (Heart)
BucketHead (Konoha) vs Ruu (Heart)
woof (Fiona) vs Ruu (Heart) LAST ROUND

[BREAKR]Breakers Revenge


[CVS2]Capcom vs SNK 2

[DOA4]Dead or Alive 4

Ayane vs Jann Lee
Hitomi vs Lei Fang


High Level Match play for DoA4 from Dead of Winter tournament

[FFS]Fatal Fury Special

Crayfish (Billy) vs middlekick (Terry)

[URL=" (Mai) vs middlekick (Geese)[/URL]

[GGXXS]Guilty Gear XX Slash


koiti(Ino) vs. tomo(Faust)

ten(Ino) vs. yukinose(Testament)

Ogawa(Eddie) vs. ???(Chipp)

Dio(ABA) vs. nanasi(Venom)

koiti(Ino) vs. kaqn(Order Sol) 2:

mk(Johnny) vs. mitutosi(Ky):

koiti(Ino) vs. mitutosi(Ky):

U-Zen, Yossan, Koichi(I-No) vs. Kabegiwa no DC, kid, Muri Shinjuu(Johnny) - especially good!:

AlterGenesis (Sol) vs The Badguy (Testament)

23 on 23 GGXX Slash tournaments on gamechariot
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:
Part 11:
Part 12:
Part 13:
Part 14:
Part 15:
Part 16:

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