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How is the lag on Wii?

{PFH}-Lake{PFH}-Lake Joined: Posts: 2,053
I know Brawl isnt out yet but does anyone know if the lag is going to be fine?
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  • ZoogstinZoogstin Joined: Posts: 1,021
    no. Its been confirmed that the farther away you are from your opponent the slower the game will be.
  • OverworldOverworld Low Tier Joined: Posts: 1,595
    I've played a good amount of Mario Strikers online, and before you have a match it allows you to accept or reject the connection strength. Four stars is like offline, three stars is close, and may have a hiccup here or there, but anything less than that is really not worth playing in my opinion. Especially when you're trying to block megastrikes and stuff with lag.
  • HuStLeMaN17HuStLeMaN17 #2O gArY pAyToN... tHa-GlOvE Joined: Posts: 1,315 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    no. Its been confirmed that the farther away you are from your opponent the slower the game will be.

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  • ZoogstinZoogstin Joined: Posts: 1,021

    Dude chill I was answering his question. I already know that online gameplay has been like that forever!!
  • Shadow Ace 50Shadow Ace 50 Chaos Control A hoe Joined: Posts: 2,377
    dont worry...as long as your opponet is in the US you'll be straight

    Ill be damned if I get my ass handed to me from someone from Japan
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    As for my European point of view,
    i can say i've played many times from Germany to Portugal with no lag.
    (more than 1200 miles/1900km in a straight line)

    As for Mario Strikers Charged, you only get players from your continent. Only way to play inter-continental is to have the direct contact (code) of each other and play a Friendly.
  • Las Vegas PimpLas Vegas Pimp XBL: Da Big Punisher Joined: Posts: 3,568
    Lag is bad and it sucks. Especially with Madden 08
    Still have that SRK OG mentality.
  • OktopuSOktopuS Joined: Posts: 52
    the lag in brawl is horrible, but in mariokart its fantasticly incredible
  • MykleMykle Joined: Posts: 9
    Do you realize you just bumped a 3 year old topic?
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