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    Got my Thursday, Friday and Sunday tickets for NYCC during the pre-sale and got my Saturday ticket today so I'm good!

    I might do AnimeNext next month since Capcom Live is performing. I will probably only go on the day they are playing, which I hear will be Sunday. Basically waiting for the official schedule so I can plan around it.

    Definitely heading to the Liberty City Anime con in August and Anime NYC in November since I got tickets for those a long time ago. Fun times ahead!
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    Went to AnimeNext to see Capcom Live perform. Had a great time!

    While lining up to get in someone on the line was blasting Capcom music. I heard Guile's theme, Snake Man's theme from Mega Man III, Doctor Wily's stage from Mega Man II and the Moon Theme from Duck Tales, both the original version and the remastered version. And I'm not even at the show yet! Go fans entertaining fans!

    The Capcom Live Band spun out of Video Games Orchestra. Video Games Live if you don't know what that is, well it's a show that plays music from lots of different video games from Video Game Orchestra. I've seen them perform twice in New York. If they ever come to your town check them out! I know they are performing in New Jersey later this year but just me I'm good with having seen Capcom Live in 2017 heh heh!

    The Capcom Live Band is a band that originates from Boston. They made the Chrono Trigger song that was performed at Video Games Live and is available on one of their CDs, I think it's the second one. Well they have broken off into their own thing just to perform Capcom music, but they will still get down with Video Games Live when the occasion arises.

    And on to the performance! First up was an arrangement featuring a lot of Capcom games while they displayed video footage of said games. The first one was Commando, the first Capcom game I ever played in an arcade a looooong time ago! Followed by Trojan, Sonson, 1942, NES Bionic Commando, arcade Strider and wrapping up with Ghouls 'N Ghosts! There was a problem with the feed so it stopped after Strider and we didn't see Ghouls 'N Ghosts footage while the music played unfortunately. No worries Arthur, I'll catch you in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. WE GOOOOOOOOOD!!!

    On to Street Fighter! They played the intro song from Street Fighter II. You may be more familiar with it as Ryu's theme in Marvel vs. Capcom 1 or the intro song to the American Street Fighter cartoon. "Ba Da Da Da Daaaa Da Daaaa!" You know that song! Next up was the same Street Fighter II arrangement featured in Video Games Live. Ryu, Guile and Ken's themes meshed together as a rock song. They even showed the same footage Video Game Live displays when they play that song. Street Fighter II gameplay and "Udon" Street Fighter II gameplay basically. Now something new! They played the music you hear in Street Fighter V when you are on the mode select screen or waiting for an online match. You know, I never really gave much thought to the Spanish guitar that comes on in the beginning of that theme, until I heard it live. The Latino in me woke up WORD! What was cool is that a performer who looked kind of like Reuben Langdon (AKA Dante of Devil May Cry) just with longer blonde hair and a smaller frame sang English lyrics to that Street Fighter V song! AWESOME! The artist's name is David Vives BTW.

    So yeah we got the Dante look alike IN THE HIZOOOOUSE so OF COURSE he's going to sing something from Devil May Cry yup yup! We heard "We Shall Never Surrender" from Devil May Cry 4, the full song that you hear once you finish the game. I sang along with him since I knew like every word! Yeah the reason why it takes me forever to finish a lot of video games is I'm playing waaaaaaay too much Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. Vergil in Bloody Palace mode FTW!

    On to Phoenix Wright! Once again we got the same arrangement from Video Games Live and they showed the same footage. Some of it shows Phoenix Wright in Smash Bros., from a mod somebody did. Because OF COURSE we get to see Phoenix Wright beat up Link and Kirby AKA what would actually happen if he was in the game ha ha! Those who know me are well aware that not only am I down with TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM CAPCOM but I am also down with TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM MARVEL so I was happy that they showed Phoenix Wright in some Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 footage. SPIDER-MAN AND HULK IN THE HIZOOOOOOOOOUSE! They also showed footage from the live action Japanese Ace Attorney movie that I still haven't checked out. Kind of on purpose because the director is hot and cold me. His Yatterman movie was extremely WTF. There's a mecha sex scene in it! WHOA...

    We got a new arrangement for the newest game, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice! With footage from the game accompanying the music, including some of the anime cut scenes from the game! Cool!

    I don't recall exactly when this happened in the show, but there was a moment where the band leader introduced the other members and gave them a chance to shred with the instruments they were playing! And in this way we got some non Capcom BONUS TRACKS! We got some Castlevania, some Final Fantasy and some Super Mario yup yup! It's all good. Castlevania's Simon Belmont chilled with Mega Man on Captain N The Game Master. There's Final Fantasy costumes and items in Monster Hunter Generations. And Super Mario..... Um.... Ugh.... Errrrrr.... In Japan Capcom made some Super Mario Bros. pachinko machines. I'm dead serious. SCREW KEVIN BACON IT'S SIX DIGREES OF CAPCOM YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE FOOL YA FOOLS!

    The band leader asked if there was any Monster Hunter fans in the audience and the crowd went nuts! Someone even had a plushy of the Meat Ration you eat in the game! He was surprised since Monster Hunter is way more popular in Japan. Anyway, we got a rock medley of Monster Hunter tracks!

    For Video Games Live there is a Mega Man arrangement that features the intro song from Mega Man II, the intro from Mega Man III and Doctor Wily's Mega Man II stage. We didn't hear that, but we got a brand new track based on Cut Man's stage from Mega Man I! Naturally they showed footage from Cut Man's stage on the screen and I had flashbacks of dying a bunch of times as a kid. Well hey at least it wasn't Guts Man's stage. "THOSE PLATFORMS!!!! UGH!!!!" - Sano as a little kid. I'M OOOOOOOOOOLD! :open_mouth:

    Resident Evil VII was up next and the Reuben Langdon clone AKA David Vives sang the "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" song! He was so good at imitating the female's voice who sings that song that later that day someone asked me if he was the original singer from the game! I was like "Nah man he's a cover. He was really good though!" - Sano as an adult. Last Sunday. YOU KNOW TOO MUCH!!!!!

    Okami was next while we saw footage to the game! David Vives sang English lyrics to the music! Okay I know that's not in the game since everyone in Okami speaks Gibberish. Cool!

    Since we were at an anime con, we got some more non Capcom BONUS TRACKS! They usually only play Capcom music, but did some anime covers for anime fans at the event. David sang an English cover to the first One Piece intro! I don't know the English cover's lyrics but the Japanese version already had "Engrish" words in it and those were the same. "... Do You Wanna Be My Friend? We Are! We Are! On The Cruuuuuuuuuise! WE ARE!" I at least got to sing along to those parts. And what's the Capcom connection? Um.... ugh.... Errrrrr.... Luffy is usually seen eating a piece of meat that looks exactly like the Meat Ration in Monster Hunter yup yup! SIX DEGREES YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE FOOLS YA FOOLS!

    David mentioned that he was feeling a bit cold. So he put on a light brown jacked. It was the jacket the soldiers wear in Attack on Titan! THEN HE SANG THE FIRST ATTACK ON TITAN INTRO SONG IN STRAIGHT UP JAPANESE OH SNAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha this Capcom connection is easy. Capcom made a Japan only arcade game for Attack on Titan. I'LL OUT CAPCOM FANBOY EVERYONE FOR FREE!!!!!!! Lol!

    Back to Capcom. The final track was Resident Evil 6 with English lyrics attached to the song that plays at the end of the game. Yeeeeeah not my favorite Capcom game but the song they sang was really good!

    They had a meet and greet afterwards but it was an actual meet and greet. I was hoping it was a panel of sorts. I didn't want to actually meet and greet them. Because I'm just weird like that. See this long post... So yeah grabbed my FREE poster and I was on my way.

    As for the rest of the con I thought it was really well organized. I didn't do much else because I only came to see Capcom Live perform. I swung by Anime NYC's both and grabbed a FREE poster from them. I'm going to their con later this year, I already purchased my ticket for it so that's a lock. There was very little cosplay but I mean it's Sunday and that's usually the case. I took a few pictures but I will probably just combine them with my New York Comic Con pics later this year.

    Capcom Live on Facebook said they want to come back to AnimeNext in 2018! I just hope they announce this much earlier than they did. This was announced almost as a last minute thing, so much so that I couldn't get any of my friends to go with me (other supposed hardcore Capcom fans. I HAVE OUT CAPCOM FANBOYED ALL OF THEM FOR FREE!!!!! Well.. Not for free... I did have to pay money... I outfanboyed them for a FREE POSTER? Yeah let's go with that...) so it was a solo trip. Still I always make the best of it and talk to whoever is there about Capcom games, anime and Gundam stuff. That's what I love about cons. You get to hang with people who are into the same stuff 24/7. For me it's almost like visiting another planet for a little while. And this time it was an 1,000% CAPCOM PLANET! Can't beat that! :)

    Next up for me is the Liberty City Anime Con in August. I hope it's bigger than last years. But the entire con cost like 20 bucks. Just show me some anime and we're cool.

    As always thanks for reading. Take care! And go play some Capcom games M'KAAAAAAAAAY! ~_^

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