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    how big is philadelphia comic con in terms of walking around, is it the same size at NY comic con?
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    Wondercon tix go on sale next week. Who's going?
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    The wait is over! Badges for Comic-Con International 2013 will go on sale February 16, 2013 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT).
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    Good lord, NY ComicCon tix went on sale today and for the first time a blatant line outside Midtown comics, from 7am, and store didnt open to 11am. Surprise, no more 3day passes. I remember last year and year before, getting them weeks after they went on sale without difficulty.
    I blame Walking Dead and True Blood for this crap.
    And anime, video games, and everything else non-comic.
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    New York Comic Con's about 24 hours away! Check back here tomorroe for info on everything I see and do like every year. Going to two Hatsune Miku panels so I apologize in advance lol!
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    As usual my wrap up for NYCC. Here we go!

    DAY 1

    Very first thing I saw when I entered the con was the Capcom booth hooray! Got to play the new Strider. Plays like the old version but man Strider's weak in the demo. A few hits and he's dead. What is this, MvC2 Strider who suffered from full body testical syndrome? ROFL they either need to tweak that or I need to get better. The later is more likely. ^_^;

    Also got to play the demo for the new Phoenix Wright game. Same as the ones before but the graphics have definitely kicked up a notch. You can download the demo on the 3DS right now and try it out!

    From Funimation I picked up the Sakura Wars movie on Blu-Ray. Only 25, NO TAX! I have never seen the Sakura Wars anime before or played the game, just trying to get down because they are chilling with Capcom characters in Project x Zone. Pretty much the same reason I'm watching the Valkyria Chronicles anime. has it FOR FREE and with subs. ANNOYING CAPCOM FANBOY PRO TIP! Lol!

    Shifty Look was there and on an Ipad I got to play the IOS Bravoman game. It's based on the comic strip up at and retains the same breaking the fourth wall comedy. It was pretty cool. Didn't dig how they character moved forward on his own while you controlled jump and attack but hey it's an IOS game. So not bad considering.

    From Archie picked up the con exclusive World's Collide part one issue with Mega Man's helmet (like his Mega Man 2 ending) next to Sonic's shoes for 5. Nice!

    Bought an unofficial saphire Sonic Chaos Emerald for no reason at all, it was just pretty. Arg cons always eating my money ha ha!

    I saw Sgt. Slaughter on the main floor! Huge crowd around him. Never did get to ask him how he unscrewed that screw with his fingernail in the cartoon. Maybe next time... :P

    Up in the Mega Man and Sonic comic book panel!

    THEY ANNOUNCED A MEGA MAN X COMIC WOOT WOOT! There will be two back up stories in Mega Man's comic by Spaz before it becomes a series. We got to see an image of MMX Zero too!

    Ian Flynn talked about the Ra Moon storyline, how it's based on a Japanese only PS1 game that had a few anime cut scenes. The game was a bit darker than most Mega Man games so the comic follows suit.

    We saw a variant cover with classic Mega Man vs. Bad Box Art Mega Man ha ha! The WiiU Smash Bros. Mega Man vs. Street Fighter x Tekken Mega Man go at it kinda sorta not really, it's just a variant cover ROFL!

    When asked about a sequel to Worlds Collide Flynn said he already has the story worked out. He's just waiting for Sega and Capcom to ask him to do another.

    A fan asked if Mega Man X would continue the Mega Man series or if it will be an alternate reality. Flynn confirmed that it will be the future of the classic series just like the games and that will be abundantly clear. He was also asked about other Mega Man series like the Zero series, ZX, Legends and even Mighty No. 9! Flynn just said to support the MMX series if you wanted comics fir the other franchises. Most of which he mentioned by name except for Mighty No. 9 which was ignored obviously lol!

    When asked if there was potential for Mega Man and Mega Man X meeting he said it was possible and he's thought about the scenario way down the line.

    And just like every year Archie gave us a FREE large bag of comics just for attending their panel! ^_^

    That wraps up my first day at the con. Check back tomorrow for day 2!

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    DAY 2

    Swung by Artist Alley today to meet some of the artists of course! Fist bumped Zub of Skullkickers and Udon fame. Also said what's up to the artist of and SRK member Tokoyama2000! Nice seeing them again!

    Mark Brooks was there and picked up his art book because his UMvC3 drawing of the six new Marvel characters was in it. Cool!

    I also met the artist of the Darkwing Duck comic, from Boom and told him how much I missed that comic. He said they have more stories and are waiting to see if the comic gets picked up again. Hope so! Got to thank him for all the Disney cameos he used to sneak in the backgrounds. My favorite was when he showed Uncle Scrooge's office in the Money Bin and we got to see Huey, Dewey and Louie as stock brokers ROFL! Sorry if I'm blanking on his name.

    Saw Alvin Lee! Long line to get a sketch from him so I was cool just buying a sketch book (lots of Capcom characters in there heh) from him for now. Reminded him of the Ryu sketch I had him do for me years back where I forced him to make Ryu smile, he's always angry in Alvin's sketches lol! Got to show him Mark Brooks' art book too. Alvin said Mark Brooks has improved a lot, come a long way. He was always good to me shrug... Nice to see Alvin Lee back in NYC!

    Arrived to late for the Hatsune Miku panel, huge crowd waiting to get in! So hit up a DC Collectibles panel to see their upcoming DC figures and stuff. At one point a kid dressed up like the Grim Reaper / Death, skull mask and all asked about them making more Lantern figures. They said they are working on it and asked the kid not to kill them just yet. The kid said "Okay I'll give you more time!" LMAO! They gave him a Superman cape for his question.

    At the Sunrise panel I got to see several anime trailers, including one for the Tiger & Bunny anime movie that dropped October 1st in the US, Tiger & Bunny The Beginning. Ha thought it was a recap movie of the first few eps of the anime. Didn't realize there was a new villain in the story. An alternate reality movie looks like. Will remember to check it out whenever I finish watching season 2. So much anime so little time...

    There's going to be a new Tiger & Bunny movie called 'The Rising' in Japan that takes place after the TV series! In Japan it's coming out in February 2014. A bit later for us. Yay more time for me to catch up! Anyway in the trailer we saw all of the Super-Heroes beat up by a new villain, the city was destroyed and Tiger & Bunny looked like they were about to fight each other. Tiger & Bunny Civil War? DUN DUN DUUUUN!

    Of course the whole reason to attend a Sunrise panel is, GUNDAM! They ran through the history of Gundam with a short vid showing clips of all of the various Gundam anime. Surprised that Mobile Fighter G got the applause it did! Lots of love for Wing as expected but no one was cheering for Char except me! Ah hell naw everyone else attending this panel sucks! CHAR >>> EVERYBODY IN GUNDAM! M'KAY?

    So moving along... They mentioned Gundam Unicorn episode 7 is coming next year, but they only had a trailer for episode 6 that's already out because Japan is still working on episode 7. They teased that episode 7 will feature a bunch of new Gundams, some that will be surprising!

    Gundam Seed Destiny is getting an HD upgrade re-release. Not a Gundam Seed fan personally. No Char boooo! At least Gundam Unicorn has Full Frontal. Screw the books that IS Char not a clone! Amuro's dead though. SCREW AMURO! :P

    They mentioned the new Gundam series that started airing in Japan this week and you can catch it on the Gundam website too with subs since it's a simulcast, Gundam Build Maker. It's a show about people making Gundam toy models and making them fight each other like Pokemon. Um, okay... I'll be catching up on Tiger & Bunny no thanks!

    Finally they mentioned that Gundam's creator Tomino is working on a new Gundam project next year for the 35th anniversary of the franchise! They didn't mention what the project is though.

    Got into the Zelda panel with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma!

    Eiji Aonuma said that since he's been constantly working on Zelda games this is the first time he's gotten to interact with fans! Hey New York got a first hooray!

    We saw a video featuring fan art submissions for the HD Wind Waker's release. We only saw a little bit of the video since it's pretty long. The entire video is up on Nintendo's website. Some of the drawings are really nice!

    We saw a lot of gameplay footage for Zelda A Link Between Worlds. Since it's a direct sequel to A Link To The Past for the Super Nintendo, Aonuma asked if anyone played that game. Of course everyone raised their hands, myself included!

    We saw gameplay footage and a trailer. Basically Link becomes a drawing on the wall and travels to another world opposite of Hyrule called Lorule. You can also travel along walls with this ability. A funny part of the gameplay vid was Link went from Lorule to Hyrule and emerged out of an overweight woman's dressing closet! The woman, dubbed 'Stylish Woman' was surprised to see him since she didn't let him in her house! Still she said he could visit her anytime, blew him a kiss which turned into an extra heart retainer increasing his life force. Being a pervert pays off apparently lol!

    A fan who's favorite game is Majora's Mask asked if there are any plans to create a follow up to that game. Aonuma said to play A Link Between Worlds to find out. Whoa does this game have any connection to Majora? But... Majora's Mask happens in the Zelda Child Timeline and Link Between Worlds happens in the Hero of Decline Timeline. How can they be connected? UGH just when they reveal the three Zelda Timelines we get another curve ball DOUBLE UGH... Ah well part of the fun figuring out how it all works out!

    At the Avengers panel! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

    So that online Mindbubble teaser image was for an upcoming Captain America story. Doctor Mindbubble is a villain and a product of the Weapon Minus Program. Um...uh... hmm... x_X

    Spider-Woman is joining Secret Avengers.

    There's going to be another Avengers book by Hickman called Avengers World.

    Black Widow's getting her own series.

    Hickman confirmed that Doctor Doom will show up in New Avengers. YES! Hickman's Doom is awesome!

    A fan asked if the current government shutdown in America would have any effect on SHIELD and the Avengers ROFL! Hickman said before he left the Ultimates line he wanted to do a story where President Captain America locked the two opposing members of Congress in a room, beat the crap out of them and guess what? A deal was struck! OMG wish that happened in real life ha ha!

    A Capcom fan asked if they could incorporate Capcom characters in their book would they, particularly mentioning Ryu with Spider-Man. No the fan was not me HA HA! Brevoort said he never really thought about it but it could be fun. One of the artists on the panel said he drew a Street Fighter / Batman mash up when he was a kid and he'll scan it one day. Lol oh well, at least Shuma-Gorath is running around in Mighty Avengers currently heh heh!

    Was at the Ranma 1/2 panel and both the manga and the anime are getting re-released! The manga will be presented unflopped and the quality will match the original manga more, you'll see more variations of gray lost in the original translation. In Japan they recently released the anime on Blu-Ray touched up and upgraded to HD. Looks great and it's coming here with the original dub or subs option! Both should reach us in the Spring!

    I told the panel about how when I was a kid I collected Ranma 1/2 as a comic book but since I couldn't wait to see what would happen I would go to a Japanese bookstore and buy the original manga even though I couldn't read it. The crowd got a good laugh lol! Anyway, the Japanese volumes all had Ranma's head on the spines and each one had a different hair color. It looked really cute when you lined the books up! I asked if the re-release would have those Ranma heads too and they said no, they are going for a more stylized look. Aw man! Oh well still good to read Ranma again! ^_^

    About to be among the first to see the third Evangelion movie, 3.33 dubbed woot woot! Doubt I'll have much to say except for how awesome it is so I'll stop now. Be back tomorrow for Day 3!
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    DAY 3

    At the IDW panel word!

    The legendary Darwyn Cooke talked about his upcoming Parker work. Besides another graphic novel they will also release the first 6 Parker prose books accompanied with Cooke's illustrations as well!

    IDW will also start releasing the Peanuts comic strip but not in chronological order since they have their pick of all 7,000 plus strips.

    Through a deal with DC they will release Jack Kirby's New Gods, Artist Edition series! You can see reproductions of the original pencils and inks of the series in black and white!

    Dave Gibbons appeared in a video to announce an IDW Artist Edition series of Watchmen too! Alan Moore also appeared on the video and said get it! Ha I KEED I KEED!

    Jim Steranko showed up too WHOA! IDW's also publishing an Artist Edition of his Nick Fury Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. book! Along with his Nick Fury and Captain America stories! IDW'S DOING IT BIG!

    Steranko told a long and funny story about how he's been pitching stories to Marvel and DC for the last few years that break the six panel format. They've been rejecting his ideas for years but IDW's going to do it and that's why he attended the panel! IDW'S BREAKING NEW GROUND YUP YUP! ^_^

    At the Marvel video game panel they announced a Doctor Strange upgrade for Marvel Pinball. SHUMA-GORATH IS IN THE BACKGROUND! Marvel video games' Chris Baker asked if there were any Marvel vs. Capcom fans in the audience. After the loud applause he confirmed that Shuma-Gorath is in the game solely due to his popularity in the Capcom games! Comes out later this year. SUPPORT SHUMA! ~_^

    A fan asked about a Marvel vs. DC fighting game. Marvel's TQ Jefferson said create online petitions, make your voices heard but no plans at this time. Come on people, the battle of the century has to happen! Shuma-Gorath vs. Starro OH SNAP! Who's with me? *cricket noise* *cricket noise* *cricket noise*

    At the Once Upon a Time / Once Upon a Time in Wonderland panel we got a surprise guest. Jennifer Morrison, The woman who plays Emma Swan! Really cool!

    The moderator asked about a deer that was on the show last week, if it was Bambi. The writers said that it was a deer that just walked on the set and they left it in the shot. There's no way they can afford to set up having a real trained deer show up, so sure that's Bambi! Jennifer said that once they received a warning that a bear was sited in the area so they should be careful. So we almost had Baloo too lol!

    We found out that Ariel is coming to Once Upon a Time soon. Oh and a fan asked if the hammer spotted in Rumpelstilskin's closet in a clip we saw of the next episode was Thor's hammer. One of the writers said sure why not, but don't tell Marvel! The moderator of the panel said that if you zoom in on the hammer it says "Watch Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. on Tuesdays!" ROFL!

    Went to the Star Wars Rebels panel. They are still working on the show so we didn't see a lot aside from design work. We were the first to see the main villain hired by Darth Vader to chase down the rebels, The Inquisitor! He looks like Darth Maul only his flesh is white like a ghost with red markings. He weilds a double red llight saber. Man whatever Hayato from Star Gladiator can kick his ass! Lol seriously I'm a big Greg Weisman fan so looking forward to the show!

    Got locked out of the second Hatsune Miku, still way too crowded! They gave us FREE Hatsune Miku stickers for trying though!

    Wrapping the day up with watching the premiere of the English dub of the third Berserk anime movie! Back tomorrow for the last day!
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    DAY 4

    Hit the main floor one more time to play the new Strider. Got a lot further than I did the last time. Once I got the slide upgrade I started doing a lot better. Very Metroidvania-y so didn't know where I was supposed to go before I died but at least I'm improving heh! Can't wait for the game to come out next year!

    At the Anthony Daniels panel. C-3PO! He did a really funny bit where he got two female cosplayers dressed as sexy R2D2 and C-3PO to play out the scene from Star Wars where the two droids are walking through the desert. He got other people to create sound effects and my friend Jose played the dragon skeleton in the background ROFL! The video should be up on Twitch TV after a while.

    Anthony Daniels was asked about being the only actor to be in all 6 Star Wars movies. He said yes he's been in all 7. OOPS! Lol possibly a slip up but I don't think anyone believes that he won't be in the next Star Wars film anyway.

    Attended the 30th anniversary Voltron panel and they announced that they are working with Dreamworks for a reboot of the franchise, possibly a CGI film. They talked a little bit about the upcoming crossover comic with Robotech. Roy Fokker is in it! Wait isn't he dead? Man I dunno but it's taking place during the Macross era it seems. First issue drops on 12/25/13. Christmas day so there might be a skip day or a skip week for comics so keep an eye out.

    Closing things out by hitting up the Spider-Man panel!

    Online teaser for 'The End' turned out to be for the upcoming Spider-Man storyline 'Goblin Nation.' Slott said anyone can die, doesn't matter if Ditko, John Romita Sr. or whoever created them no one is safe ALL BETS ARE OFF!

    ...Um, Slott how about killing Aunt May, PLEASE?

    Captain Marvel is not getting cancelled, just getting relaunched. Same writer, but Carol will be in space after Infinity in the New arc.

    Elektra is getting her own series by Zeb Wells! Coming March 2014.

    More Punisher is getting a new series. He'll be in LA. Coming February 2014.

    New Warriors will also return! Scarlet Spider will be on the team so that's what he's up to after his cancelled book. Speedball and Sam Alexander Nova are members too.Yost is writing. February 2014.

    Dan Slott is going to write Silver Surfer with Mike Allred!

    A fan asked about bringing Ben Reilly back to life and the response was no.

    A Gwen Stacy cosplayer asked the panel about who their favorite Spider-Man girlfriend was. Slott trolled and mentioned Ock's current love interest. One person said Gwen and everyone else said MJ. HOORAY US MJ FANS WIN NEW YORK COMIC CON!

    And that's all I wrote. Had an amazing time! Pictures coming soon!

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    I seriously need to go to NYCC lol.

    I did get the East of West HC from my buddy and my Esad Ribic commission too.
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    My sketches from Long Beach Comic Con


    got this done by Jimmy Palmiotti. Amanda Conner was there but she doesn't do sketches at conventions.


    Jimmy did this as well. On my Garth Ennish Punisher omnibus both sketches were unexpected. Great guy.


    Got this Cyber Akuma done by Jeffrey "CHAMBA" Cruz. Love his work on Street Fighter II Turbo. I would have wanted to get a full body but didn't have enough funds. Hopefully I get to see him at San Diego next year.


    Dr. Doom by Scott Koblish. If you give him enough time he does some great work his quick sketches are just awful lol


    X-23 by Peter Nguyen. Hooked me up with color looking to get another one from him in the future.


    I got this Batman pony done by Tony Fleecs for 4 bucks.


    Finally, got Ghost Rider from Marc Silvestri. I had to wait 3-4 hours for him because I was suppose to get one from him a couple of weeks ago but since there wasn't time at the previous con my commission was moved to this con instead. I was the last one to get a sketch from him today since he was only there today. The con ended at 7pm PST and he was doing 2-3 after the con ended. He somewhat rushed it because one of the ushers were trying to get people out of the convention. I'm glad I got the sketch would have been upset if they cut me off. If he ever does an appearance in your area I highly suggest you get one from him. Classiest guy ever.

    edit: Sorry for the large images lol
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    got my badges for San Diego (all 4 days plus preview night) and Wondercon (all 3 days) can't wait!
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    Looks like we are getting a mini comic book convention in NY at Javitz, Special Edition NYC on June 14 and 15. I'll definitely be there and take pictures!
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    I want to go to that con since it has a nice artist alley!
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    This is a much smaller show which is really great because you get to meet a lot of people in the field and get any book you want signed. Still lots of people but not the huge crowd you get at NYCC. You can also get into any panel you want, no one is getting locked out since the crowd isn't as insane.

    A big plus for attending is if you go you get to buy New York Comic Con tickets at the show early and at a discount. Got my 4 day tickets for October so definitely ready!

    Talked to Peter David my favorite writer like I do every year! I asked him about his health since he had a stroke last year. He's doing okay. He was selling prose books so I wanted to buy one to support. He noticed my Devil May Cry 'Devil Hunter' T-shirt and suggested I buy a vampire one. The title escapes me but I read the first chapter and enjoyed it. Got it signed too!

    Oh snap PAD noticed my Devil May Cry shirt and now he's gonna research it and BAM bust out a Devil May Cry comic book yup yup! Awww shut up I CAN DREAM CAN'T I?

    Lol well looking forward to him writing Spider-Man 2099 again!

    Speaking of Capcom (when am I not speaking of Capcom ROFL) I picked up the exclusive Mega Man / Mega Man X con variant for the last issue and got it signed by the artist!

    I asked someone there about Phoenix Wright's 'maybe' appearance two issues ago. The Archie rep said he didn't know what I was talking about they are not allowed to use Phoenix Wright HA HA! He told me they sent those pages to Capcom-unity early on and they got a good laugh at it.

    For those that don't read the comic, a guy that looked an awful lot like Phoenix Wright cleared Doctor Wily of all crimes in front of a judge that look a lot like the judge from the Phoenix Wright games. I still have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, I don't want Phoenix to ever lose a case but DAMN it's freaking Doctor Wily! Lol it was cool though since I always have crossover stuff on my brains before I turned the page I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be awesome if Phoenix Wright was at the trial?" And then BAM instant wish gratification. Noice!

    Only attended two panels. One that shone a spotlight on Mike Allred, Doop's daddy! Aside from comic book stuff his wife Laura Allred was there and they told the story of how they met. Really sweet. A few grandkids later and like that old couple on In Living Color THEY STIIIIILL TOGETHER!

    Finished up with a Marvel panel discussing their upcoming stuff. As you may know, Angela who hails from Spawn's comic and is in the Marvel universe now is going to be revealed to be Thor and Loki's long lost sister. So a female Angela fan asked if they were erasing her Spawn history. Brevoort said that they can't really talk about stuff that starts with an 'S', but all of that stuff still happened.

    Um, I'm not sure how? Last I heard of Angela in Spawn, she went crazy after Violator (playable in a Capcom game BTW yup yup) removed her wings and is having a delusion about living in a world with made up heroes. Wow... Love Todd McFarlane for everything he's done for Spider-Man but he is quite a jerk sometimes.

    Well, it is kind of funny to imagine 616 existing in Angela's head. I guess that makes Brevoort right. WHOA MIND BLOWN AT A SPECIAL EDITION COMIC CON WHOAS!!!

    ROFL! Day 2 wrap up either later today or tomorrow.
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    Attended a panel that discussed forgotten characters from the golden age of comics. My favorite was a guy named Micro-Face! No, he couldn't shrink his face. He just had a microphone in his mask! MARVEL PLEASE BUY THIS CHARACTER HE HAS TO IN MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 4!!! Lol!

    Attended Batman's 75th Birthday panel. Happy Birthday Batman!

    Went to Marvel's 75th Anniversary panel where the special guests were Chris Claremont and Peter David, ARCHITECTS OF MY CHILDHOOD YOS! My favorite moment was when Peter David said he went to see X-Men Days of Future Past in theaters with his wife. As you may know, Chris Claremont and Len Wein are in the movie as members of the senate grilling Trask. So when PAD and his wife saw Chris and Len they laughed, but at that moment the camera went to Peter Dinklage and people thought they were laughing at a dwarf playing Trask! AWKWARD HA HA!

    Finally, attended the Mega Man / Sonic panel. For the current Mega Man / Mega Man X crossover there is an upcoming cover of Xander Payne falling through what looks like a time warp of sorts. They revealed that this event will change Mega Man's world FOREVER! What can that possibly mean? Obviously when Mega Man chases Xander this is how Mega Man goes to Smash Bros. Land and beats the crap out of Mario, Pac-Man and Sonic what else? :P

    That's about it. Had a great time and ran into a lot of old friends. No crowds which was great. I only took a handful of pictures but I'll toss up what I have soon!
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    nice write up.

    Saw the artist alley on there jealous of that lineup lol
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    Still having that con withdrawl... lol

    I went all days including preview night. I only went to one panel and that was the Marvel Unlimited panel on Sunday at the Hilton. I spent way too much walking around. I should have went to more panels to get some rest but didn't. I had a lot of stuff to get signed but I ended up getting like 25% of it signed because I was lazy to go up and down to unbag/bag them. Carrying the Wolverine Adamantium collection to get it signed sucks its a good workout too. I ended up buying the Kotobukiya statues of the SDCC Psylocke, Spider-Woman and Cammy (doesn't come out til October?). I purchased Ragnarok #1 variant and the Metal Gear Solid deluxe hardcover at IDW. I missed out on getting stuff at the Marvel booth. I wanted to get the Winter Soldier hoodie but thought it came out on Saturday but came out on Friday. Marvel booth on Saturday was the worst place to be because of the Avengers cast. Traffic was at a halt so it was impossible to move because everyone was trying to take photos of the cast. Sunday was crowded too because there was no big panels at Hall H.

    Here are all the commissions and sketches I got at SDCC.
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    Usual wrap up of NYCC! Here we go!

    DAY 1

    Picked up the New York Comic Con exclusive cover for Mega Man 41! Ryu's on the cover WORD! Or someone cosplaying as him because the cover is about Mega Man attending New York Comic Con? Eh close enough!

    And unless I get paid on Saturday whelp that's the end of my comic con purchases this year. Just moved to Staten Island recently. Love my new place and I'm riding the ferry to work every day which is FREE! But money's tight after the move. So onto the panels!

    Hit up the Mega Man / Sonic comics panel from Archie. There's going to be a sequel to Worlds Collide, called Worlds Unite! Another Mega Man / Sonic crossover! All we know is that their worlds will merge together, and possibly other worlds as well.

    Wait what other worlds? NINTENDO GET ON BOARD PLEASE SUPER SMASH BROS. 4 COMIC YOS! Just remember that Mega Man kicks everyone's ass and you good! ...Well okay, he doesn't fight Kid Icarus and Link, they fight together. What? Haven't you ever watched Captain N The Game Master? They tight! HOMIES OVER MARIOS! HOMIES OVER MARIOS!

    ROFL that's all highly unlikely of course but I'm curious about exactly what the other worlds are. Can't wait!

    Oh and at the very least there will be "Smash" variants for Mega Man, Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Universe! The Sonic Universe cover will have Shadow because he's an assist character in Smash ha ha! All 3 covers link up to create one image!

    During the panel they did confirm that it was an 'Ace Attorney' who cleared Dr. Wily of all charges in the Mega Man comic. The artist snuck Phoenix Wright in there heh heh!

    Caught a few eps of some anime looking web series I've never heard of called RWBY. Young anime looking girls beating people and monsters basically. It looked really cool! If I wasn't already watching 15 other anime shows I might get into it. Heck I still haven't finished watching Sengoku Basara Judge End FOR FREE on! So much anime so little time...

    Caught a panel on the history of conventions. A funny tid bit was one of the guys there who collected comics in the 60s (he also bought the movie rights to Batman and is the executive producer of every Batman film from the Burton one to Superman vs. Batman, I suck at remembering names so my apologies) noticed another guy who constantly wrote to comic books. He found out that he too lived in the Tri state area. So he looked him up, wrote to him and they became fast friends. That guy was George R.R. Martin as a kid, the Game of Thrones dude! Man I KNEW the Starks were based on Iron Man! So the Starks might not get the throne but their distant descendant Tony Stark gets the symbolic industrial technology type throne 5,000 years later. THEY GOOD!

    Off to the Capcom panel! Latest announcements regarding their upcoming games. Most of the stuff I knew about already but the biggest surprise for me was the Samus Aran and Zero Suit Samus costumes in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Thanks again Mega Man for kicking her ass in Super Smash Bros and dumping her in Monster Hunter Land. Much obliged!

    We got a release date for the Phoenix Wright Trilogy. December 9th!

    No new info on the Omega update for Street Fighter IV. They did bring up the pro tourney and the blu-ray for the Street Fighter Assassin's First web series. Street Fighter will get its own panel later so hopefully they reveal a few more things there.

    Ditto for Resident Evil, they brought up the remake and Revelations 2 (we are the first people to get the playable demo on the show floor, hella long line to pay it so I passed for now) but RE will have its own panel later too.

    Saw a digital concert of a Japanese vocaloid named IA. She's a hologram, if you're familiar with Hatsune Miku well it was that. Ha I only even know about Hatsune Miku because there's a costume of her in a Japanese Monster Hunter game. Her PS3 game is fun though! So back to IA, well it was a FREE concert so can't complain, even if it was a recording. She's gotta get down with either Marvel or Capcom to get on my radar though. :P

    Went to a Godzilla panel next. GOJIRA! GOJIRA! Mostly just fan talk by hardcore Godzilla fans. Hey I played with Hauzer a few times in Capcom Fighting Evolution so I can hang! Anyway they took a fan poll of the audience on how they felt about the 2014 movie. So about 75% loved it, 20% hated it and 5 thought it was arlight. If you must know I thought it was alright. Should've added Hauzer. Just sayin'...

    I was shocked to learn at the panel that there were a few people who hated Godzilla Final Wars! BLASPHEMY! Oh and everybody hated Matthew Broderick Godzilla so no argument there!

    One thing I learned at the panel was that in the 2014 movie there was a scene where an original producer of the Japanese movies would be in the film. The director didn't have the final edit rights so his scene wound up getting cut. So in the sequel the director said he will give him an even bigger part so they can't cut him out of the film.

    ...That's all well and good but how does Hauzer fit into the Godzilla sequel? GET ON THAT STAT!

    ROFL that's it for the first day. Will post again tomorrow probably around this time!
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    DAY 2

    Went to the Capcom booth and after about a half hour wait I got my hands on Resident Evil Revelations 2! It plays just like the first game. Ran around until zombies killed me. Also known as what my obituary will read if the zombie apocalypse ever occurs. I have like zero survival skills, but I can run!

    Also at the Capcom booth I got my con exclusive Mega Man 41 variant signed by the artist, Ryan Jampole! I asked him if that was really Ryu on the cover and he said no it's a cosplayer, he purposely made him a little stubby. So I was like um yeah I'm gonna pretend it's Ryu, it's the Mega Man universe anyway, everyone's stubby. He said okay. CAPCOM BOOTH SIGNS OFF ON INSANE FAN DILLUSIONS! FILM AT 11!

    Caught the tail end of the panel so missed all of their announcements. Was there for the Q&A and someone asked them about acquiring the original Saint Seiya series since they have two of the sequel series' for it. They said they really want to have it and are working on it but can't announce anything yet. Stay tuned. For the time being Hulu has the original anime series. But of course Hulu has annoying ads unless you cough up dough. No ads on anywhere if you want to check out an anime streaming site.

    Someone asked why Attack on Titan was off They said it's only because the DVDs are on sale now, but when they start the simulcast of season two next year the entire series will be back on the site.

    Went to Andrea Romano panel! Greg Snipes paid us a visit too, the voice of Beast Boy on Teen Titans! Ha didn't know he was also Michelangelo in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! "Cowabunga!" Wait does he still say that? "THAT'S HOW I DO!" Yeah that sounds more current and stuff. Man I dunno lol!

    Back to Andrea Romano. She's mostly known for being the voice director of several DC cartoons, most famously Batman The Animated series! She also worked on Smurfs, Muppet Babies, Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, Tiny Toons... maaaang she voice casted mah childhood yos!

    There was a sweet moment where she told a personal story. When she was a little girl she loved Huckleberry Hound. The reason was he broke the fourth wall and would talk to the audience. Andrea used to think when he did that he was talking to her personally! After years of working in the industry she got to meet his voice actor. When she met him she went all fan girl like and was trembling. She told him what his work meant to her and she shook his hand. He responded in Huckleberry Hound's voice and she started crying! Awww! Nice!

    I attended a Bandai Namco panel for the Tales series. Here's what you need to know about that franchise. Capcom characters beat up on Tales of Symphonia characters during Namco x Capcom and a few years later Capcom characters beat up on Tales of Vespera characters in Project x Zone. Yep that's all you need to know! :P

    We saw some footage from the new Tales of Zesteria game coming out for the PS3 in January. For an RPG the transition is really seamless when it goes from walking around to combat. It doesn't do that whole second screen thing, just goes right into it. And we were also the first people to see the TGS trailer with English subtitles! Cool!

    They talked about Tales of Hearts R too. That's coming out for the Vita. It will also drop on Playstation Television when that comes out for people who want to play it on the big screen at home. If you pre-order the game you will receive 6 costumes for 6 of the characters. The costumes range from different games of the Tales franchise.

    Oh and I won something at this panel! A plushie of some Tales character named... Topi or something? All I know it's this thing can get its ass kicked good by one of the Felynes from Monster Hunter yup yup!

    Attended a panel regarding the rise of female fans of comics in recent years. The panelists were the editor of the new Ms. Marvel comic, Gail Simone (writer of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Red Sonja, various) and Kelly Sue Deconick, or KSD (Captain Marvel). There was a touching moment when a female fan asked how she should react when she goes to see a comic book movie and some asshole male comic book fan tries to quiz her because he feels she doesn't belong there. He'll ask her a question like, "What's Captain America's birthday?" First KSD joked and said turn it back on him and ask him when Captain Marvel's birthday is. It's May 26. And if the guy doesn't know that laugh in his face! Lol!

    But then KSD got serious and said to call him on his bullshit. No one has the right to belittle you or anyone for the things they enjoy. No one! The fan said thank you and broke down and started crying. KSD gave her a hug.

    Takeshi Obata panel, the artist of the manga Death Note! He did let out that L is his favorite character that he's ever drawn. I loved his designs for the video game Castlevania Judgement personally. Especially since at that point I was sick and tired of Ayami Kojima's character designs and redesigns. I still can't believe she gave Simon Belmont a fur coat! And that became his official look! That's also why he's not in Smash 4. They didn't need Mega Man to beat him up, Tim Gunn already did when Simon showed up dressed like that! A fur coat DAMN...

    Oh and I got a FREE Death Note poster for attending the con! First poster for my new apartment WOOT WOOT! I'll hang it on the back side of one of my closet doors (I have four closets now, FOUR! Living the dream!) So the apartment can continue not looking like an anime / video game / comic book fanboy's crib for a bit longer. ^_^;

    Dark Horse panel regarding their Aliens comics! They told the story of how Aliens vs. Predator came about, a concept that originated with Dark Horse. They called Fox and asked about doing Aliens vs. Predator. The rest of the conversation went like -

    FOX: You mean like King Kong vs. Godzilla?
    DARK HORSE: Well, yeah.
    FOX: Rock on!

    - And that was it HA HA! Anyway mad props go out to Dark Horse for creating the brand. Especially since we got the Capcom arcade game Aliens vs. Predator and Lynn Kurosawa! Boy I sure wish Lynn would show up again in something though.

    Finally attended the Resident Evil panel! Learned a lot more about the new Resident Evil remake and Revelationns 2!

    In the remake, Jill and Chris' BSAA outfits from RE5, Revelations 1 and even Project x Zone will be in the game if you want to switch up your RE1 experience a bit.

    We saw some footage that showed the making of the first RE Revalations 2 trailer, the one with people chilling at a party. It was shot in LA and one one of the make-up artists from The Walking Dead worked on the make-up of the new zombie variants! And THAT is probably as close as I'm going to get to The Walking Dead panel tomorrow night. They started lining people up for that panel this morning DAMN! Mofos camping out and missing all of the Marvel and Capcom stuff. CRACK IS WACK!

    When they ran the credits for that 'making of' trailer, the company 'Just Cause' showed up. Oh snap, that's Reuben Langdon's company! He does mo-cap for Chris Redfield, the English voice of Ken Masters, along with mo-cap and voice work for Dante in Devil May Cry 3, 4 and UMvC3! JACKPOT!

    The rest of the panel was more info on Resident Evil Revalations 2. It stars Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, Barry's daughter. Oh snap Barry got laid? Congratulations! Jill sandwiches for everybody!

    That's it for Day 2. See you tomorrow for Day 3!
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    DAY 3

    I got paid today, I have actual con money to spend WOOT WOOT! My job is weird. I get paid twice a month by direct deposit. It's supposed to be the 15th and the last day of the month, but we always get it a bit early. I guess we got it today because Columbus day is Monday? Whatevs. To the Capcom store! Oh and lol I found out that Capcom store employees get paid the same way, but they probably won't get theirs until Monday or Tuesday. Wow first time I've been glad that I don't work for Capcom! I mean the reason is so I can buy Capcom junk today which they probably get either for free or at a discount but eh. Moving on!

    First thing I did in the morning was pick up the recent Art of Capcom book that Udon dropped a few weeks back. The Capcom store at the con had it for only 80, no tax! And what's more I picked up the very last one! YES! THANK YOU CAPCOM GODS, AKA SPARDA, AMATERASU, INGRID, ASURA AND WHOEVER ELSE IS A GOD IN CAPCOM GAMES! WORD!

    Also got two lanyards they were selling there. The Capcom logo one I already own since I got it years ago FOR FREE at some Capcom event or another. I always use that to hold up my badge at every con I attend. So I got two more. One with Mega Man's 8 bit sprite and another with 8 bit Street Fighter sprites! At only 5 bucks a piece!

    I told the lady working at the store to tell the powers that be to please bring some Devil May Cry stuff if they come back next year. I love Devil May Cry! Hell bring some DmC stuff man I'm not the biggest fan of that game but I don't care! LET'S ROCK BABY!

    Also picked up a case for my Samsung S4 smart phone at the con. Pretty strong case! It has Spider-Man on the front and Eddie Brock Venom in the back! Spidey has little eyes and I'm much more of a fan of him with big eyes. Eh I'll pretend he's squinting. I've long convinced myself that his mask is made up of unstable molecules where he could do stuff like that. He just does it in way too many video games and cartoons nowadays. Well he built web-shooters when he was 15, I'm sure he'd figure it out how to make a special mask like that ROFL!

    Man I've dropped my phone twice and cracked the screen twice! The first time I paid 90 to fix it and the second time I was like "Eeeh all my stuff is backed up on a cloud anyway. Let me rock it and hope the crack doesn't extend to the LCD screen since that will cost 200 to fix." Well hey if my favorite fictional character of all time Spider-Man can't protect my screen from breaking until May when my two year contract is up and I decide to upgrade no one can! GO SPIDEY PHONE CASE GO!

    All up in the Monster Hunter panel! Squeenix's Tetsuya Nomura of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy got down with TEAM CAPCOM! He designed a Monster Hunter armor and a sword. Nomura who plays Monster Hunter himself always felt that the human armors never look like they can hang with the monsters. So he made an armor and sword that looks more monster like, based on a Final Fantasy summon. Don't ask me which one, I only played FF 1, 7 and 13. Apparently I always wait 6 games until I play another one for some reason heh! There's an outfit for a Felyne that looks like a Final Fantasy character too designed by Nomura! Again don't ask me which one, looks more like a Dragon Quest character to me? Shrug... Get at me when there's some Breath of Fire references ANYWHERE and I'm your guy!

    They also revealed a new Felyne costume, one for MEGA MAN! He can shoot with his Mega Buster and Rush transforms into a hammer too that he can use! A Mega Man cat! IT'S SO CUTE!

    So the game is going to have Zelda's Link, Metroid's Samus Aran, Felyne outfits of Mario, Luigi, Sonic The Hedgehog (rocking the Caliburn sword no less, SO RANDOM) AND Mega Man! Also armor and weapons designed by Tetsuya Nomura and the manga artist of Fairy Tale (who wrote and drew the Monster Hunter Orage manga too) MAAAANG I really can't wait until the game drops next year!

    All up in the Sunrise panel! They showed trailers for Cross Ange, Tribe Cool Crew, Valvgrave and all of them you can watch now on!

    They told us the latest about the Tiger & Bunny The Rising DVD movie. And as a total surprise they are going to show the movie tomorrow morning! The panel description for Tiger & Bunny in the NYCC app and the booklet read as if they were just going to give the first episode. Awesome! Will try to make that.

    We also saw a trailer for the upcoming Cowboy Bebop Bluray DVD set. It looks amazing in HD!

    Lots of Gundam trailers! Gundam Build Fighters Try (booooo) and Gundam Unicorn (YAAAAAY) DVDs coming soon!

    They also announced that we are going to get the two new Gundam anime shows coming to Japan next year! Gundam Recongista G directed by Gundam series creator Tomino and Gundam The Origin, the prequel story with my homeboy CHAR! No info on when and where they will be simulcast, but they are coming.

    At the Aniplex panel! Got a big reminder there that the new Fate / Stay Night anime is streaming on and I'm here missing it. Drat!

    Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Edition panel! They said that alternate costumes are coming. After the panel I specifically asked for Donald Duck's 'Duck Tales' outfit. The guy I asked looked like he felt bad because he wanted it too. He did say Donald will have another outfit on the disk. Oh well, hopefully soon for his navy sailor suit!

    The question on everybody's mind was of course when are they going to get X-Men and Fantastic Four. They just said they want to use them but there's contractual stuff going on right now. Hopefully down the road.

    And for attending the panel they were giving out FREE Disney Infinity figures! Captain America, Venom, Groot and Hawkeye. Venom went the fastest of course! At the end all that was left with Hawkeye which is who I wound up with. I got to trade someone for their Captain America figure though. FREE STUFF PREVAILED!

    So far I have Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Spider-Man and Nova. No Guardians of the Galaxy figures yet since I don't have that play set. All I need is the rest of the Marvel figures and Donald Duck and I'm good! I'm a huge Donald Duck fan. Mainly because of the comics of Carl Barks and Don Rosa. Really amazing stuff you may want to give a shot if you haven't. Especially the Uncle Scrooge comics that inspired Duck Tales!

    Attended a DC comics panel. The wildest thing I heard there was that Harley Quinn is going to have a 'Rub and Sniff' annual. There will actually be parts of the comic you can rub and sniff! There's a joke on the cover that eludes to the comic smelling like marijuana. Good stuff DC! This is EXACTLY what Cypress Hill was rapping about for years!

    Went to a panel by Titmouse, the company behind shows like Venture Bros., Metalocalypse and Super Jail. They showed us a bunch of Adult Swim bumpers, you know those little animated ads that run for a few seconds to advertise Adult Swim. We saw a lot of these insane little cartoons and... These people are on crack! :O

    We saw trailer for a cartoon that's coming to Comedy Central called Moonbeam. Rob Lowe, Elizabeth Banks (Betty Brant) and Kate Mara (Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four reboot... not looking forward to that though)! Quite a lot of stars there!

    Went to the Kill la Kill panel WORD! We watched episode 7 dubbed and we got the US PREMIERE of the OVA episode which was subbed! I watched the entire series on but never seen the OVA, so it was an entirely new experience for me. Yeah it was just as PSYCHOTIC as the rest of the series. A really nice send off!

    I also got a FREE Kill la Kill poster! THANK goodness I have more than one closet!

    Mako's American voice actress, Christine N. Cabanos was there too. Wow she's really short and her speaking voice is close to Mako's! For fun she did her take on Satsuki, a character that's totally opposite from Mako. A cosplayer lent her Satsuki's sword so she can say the line, and the sword was almost bigger than she was ROFL! Still, Christine stood up on a chair with the sword pointed down and delivered one of Satsuki's speeches perfectly, screaming and calling everyone human pigs in clothing!

    And for the shippers out there they asked her which was her favorite Mako pairing. Christine went with Mako and Gamagoori awww! He's a giant and she's really tiny, it's so cute! See, there's hope for Poison and Hugo yet! I hope Poison and Hugo have a lot of kids! ? :P

    ONE MORE DAY! Not to be confused with that horrible One More Day Spider-Man storyline of course! ^_^;
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    DAY 4

    Got into the Tiger & Bunny panel to watch the movie! Unfortunately, there was an incident and they didn't have the DVD at the show when it started! The Japanese producer was there and he was kind enough to answer questions and sign things to kill time while waited for the movie.

    He said the city in the anime, Stern Build was really Manhattan in the future. He wanted to create a work that has lots of different races, and New York is a big melting pot after all. So he was happy to show the movie in New York!

    Once the movie arrived we stayed in the room as long as we could. We saw almost all of it except for the fight against the final bad guy! Ah well. CON PROBLEMS! I guess I'll wait until the dub drops to finish watching it. I usually prefer subs, but I watched Tiger & Bunny on Playstation Network dubbed. Kind of used to their English voices by now. And yeah it takes place in New York man no one's really speaking Japanese I figure. If anything us New Yorkers in the future will all be speaking Chinese the way the economy is going!

    Attended the Street Fighter panel! They just repeated everything we know about Ultra Street Fighter IV and the Omega update, nothing new on that end. Some of the game specific questions from the crowd were if there were any plans to get USF4 on the PS4. There we got no comment. One girl asked whatever happened to Joe from Street Fighter 1. Also no comment! But the actor who plays Ryu in the Street Fighter Assassin's Fist web series was there and he said regarding Joe, "I beat him up so bad He never came back!" LMAO!

    And as you can guess the rest of the panel was dedicated to the web series. The actors who played the young Gouki, the older Gouki, Gouken and Ryu were present!

    The blu-ray for Street Fighter Assassin's Fist is coming on October 28 and it will have a lot of extras and bonus footage not shown in the web series! For the sequel they want to jump right into Street Fighter II; The World Warrior! The DVD has to sell really well for them to get there so please support if you can!

    When the panel ended some guy from the crowd yelled out, "IS GOUKI RYU'S FATHER?" The director, who also plays the older Gouki motioned as if he was about to answer and then he got up and left! Ha ha!

    Ending the con with a visit to the Spider-Man comics panel. I attend this panel every year! Got to see that the next issue of The Amazing Spider-Man will feature my homegirl MC2 Spider-Girl! The pages they showed were of her carrying her baby brother out of a burning building oooh...I'm not going to ruin the last issue of ASM, but Slott showed that he will KILL different versions of Spider-Man! Even ones I grew up with as a kid ooh...

    This is all leading up to Spider-Verse which will feature close to every single Spider-Man except for about 7 that they can't get the rights to. Like Tobey McGuire Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. Wait no dancing with pelvic thrusts? No big hair while he mumbles under his breath? No taking off his mask every five seconds while he cries? RATS! Lol well love the Raimi movies personally, and ASM 1 at least.

    So yeah we are definitely going to get bombarded with Spider-Men! Bakshi 60s cartoon Spider-Man! Cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man! Ben Reily Spider-Man! Spider-Woman, Silk and Spider-Gwen will get their own comic books! TOO MUCH SPIDEY! Ha never thought I'd say that!

    PAD revealed that during the crossover Spider-Man 2099 will go back to 2099, at least for two issues. He will also encounter the other Spidey 2099s. Hmm the one from Exiles and that Timestorm 2099 garbage one they tried to pull a few years ago are the ones I know about. I wonder if PAD will toss the 2099 Spidey that became the Thor god into another reality, since PAD didn't write that. The one from the Shattered Dimensions / Edge of Time video games is also another possibility. Um, I hope they all DIE DIE DIE except for the one from the video games! We'll see!

    Tons of Spider-Man cosplayers at the panel! Maybe because of Spider-Verse? Well there was A BABY as the Superior Spider-Man, a Cosmic Universe Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider AKA Ben Reily Spider-Man, Black and Green Spider-Man from the Big Time arc and hell, A SHORT GUY WAS A PICTURE PERFECT SPIDER-HAM!!! DAMN!!!

    ....Okay Ryu you can be my favorite fictional character for a while. TOO MUCH SPIDEY I'M ALL SPIDEY-ED OUT!

    ROFL! Had a great time! I didn't hit up any of the straight up 'all Marvel comics' panels, either they were way too crowded or I was doing something else. So hit up the net for the Secret Wars news and everything else if you want.

    Pictures coming soon!
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    New York is getting an anime convention too! In White Plains so it's kind of far for me. Will try to make it. I'm definitely going to SENY and NYCC this year just like last year though!
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    Went to C2E2 this past weekend. Took the fam as well. Had a great time.

    Oh I picked these up for $50. So I am good on some reading for a while.

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    Nice! Yeah that's the best thing about cons, picking up a lot of books for cheap.

    Tickets for NYCC are going on sale online May 13th, before SENY. I guess SENY is a good back up plan if you miss your chance.
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    First con of the year for me, Special Edition New York! It's smaller con, dedicated only to comics. But they sell tickets to New York Comic Con at this show so in that way it's easier than messing with the internets lol!

    SENY DAY 1

    Waited outside in the rain but I got my ticket for NYCC woot woot! All That matters!

    Caught the very end of a Marvel panel. Bendis was asked if they are ever going to reveal what Peter Parker saw at the end of Spider-Men, The Peter Parker / Morales crossover. He said that would be revealed after Secret Wars.

    Went to an Image panel. Some girl asked about the Street Fighter comic since they used to have the license and published Udon's comic before. OH SNAP FOUND SOMETHING CAPCOM RELATED!!! Then she asked if they were going to do more licensed work but the panel said no because they were happy creating original content. Randomly the panel host mentioned that for Street Fighter video games he uses Chun-Li and Vega (claw). I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!

    Another panel was entitled #BlackComicsMonth. Basically, an African American woman created that hash tag, the movement caught fire and they let her host this panel!

    We got like a bunch of FREE COMICS at this panel just for showing up! I got a preview of Jim Mahfood's Miami Vice Remix comic! Big fan of Mahfood and Miami Vice. I was hesitant on purchasing the comic though because Crocket has short hair! So I read the preview, I enjoyed it but... CROCKET HAS SHORT HAIR! Lol man I don't know this 80s baby can't deal. I'M OOOOOOOLD!!!!

    DMC was there! No not Devil May Cry and yes that's the first thing that comes to my mind too haw haw! The rapper DMC, half of the team Run DMC! He's doing a comic now called DMC, him as a Super-Hero!

    DMC said that as a kid all he did was read Marvel comics and draw. He took that creative energy and turned it into writing rhymes as he got older. At first he thought that all he had to do was write rhymes and sing and that was it. But later he found out he had to perform! So how was a comic book reading shy kid going to perform in front of a live audience? DMC said in his mind he invented a Super-Hero persona on stage and that's how he got through it! So this whole comic book ordeal is kind of like DMC coming back home. Really cool!

    Greg Pak was also at this diversity panel since he writes Storm, created Amadeus Cho and is half Korean and all! When asked about Storm's comic ending he said he can't say much but Storm will be around after Secret Wars.

    Also at this diversity panel was Bendis. Wait BENDIS WHAT THE??? Lol it was all about him creating Miles Morales and how that came out.

    Basically, there were a lot of things happening in his world and the pop culture world at the time. There was of course Glover's online campaign to play the first Black Spider-Man. There was also a story of an African American relayed to him that when he was a kid, his Caucasian friends never let him play as Superman and Batman because he wasn't White. But he could be Spider-Man because he wore a mask. Anyone could be Spider-Man.

    There were also things in play in Bendis' real life. He is a father to an African American baby and adopted an African baby. After rationalizing that a kid growing up in Queens NY today could easily be the story of a person of color, well all these things came together and Miles Morales was born!

    Before bringing out Miles he knew he had to kill Peter in the Ultimate-verse, it wouldn't work if Miles wasn't the only Spidey. So it took him time to figure that one out. Eventually the came up with the idea that because Peter Parker couldn't save Uncle Ben, he could go out saving Aunt May. And this also made Peter Parker Miles' Uncle Ben in a way.

    Attended a Batman panel! Someone asked how the writers were all dealing with the editorial mandate of Jim Gordon being the new Batman. They said it wasn't a mandate. The writer of Batman, Scott Snyder had the idea for it and approached all of the Bat writers. If none of them were on board with it, he wouldn't do it. But everyone was down. That's how a lot of DC books work now. The creative people have more control than the editors. They stress if you like that approach then continue buying their books so control doesn't go back to the editors.

    After that I had fun running around talking to creators. At like every con I stalk my favorite writer, Peter David AKA PAD and bother him lol! Last time I spoke to him at SENY last year, I bought the prose book from him called Pulling Out Stakes. It's a book about vampires. Told him how much I enjoyed it and if he had any word on a second book in that series. He said eventually. Hooray! Well hooray eventually!

    Saw Marjorie Liu and thanked her for her X-23 series, how I never even liked the character before that book. I also complimented her for making good use of Vampire Jubilee! She said "Yeah GOTTA use Vampire Jubilee!" ROFL!

    Adam Warren was busy but quickly gave him a thank you for all of his work, particularly Titans Paper Scissor Stone for DC which I've reread like a bajillion times. Awesome future Titans story and you get some Batman in there too if you pay attention heh heh!

    Saw Udon's Zub a few times, always busy chatting with someone. He hosted a panel at the very end about getting in the industry too. I was trying to meet up with a friend so didn't hang out for most of it.

    That's it for day 1! Day 2 coming soon!
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    DAY 2

    I did get to talk to Jim Zub of Studio Udon finally! Mostly asked if Studio Udon themselves are coming to NYCC. Over the last few years, a few members come out here and there but they never come out in full force like they do in SDCC. Basically he said he doesn't know, but they will be at SDCC to make some big Street Fighter comic book announcements so stay tuned!

    Saw Ryan Jampole, cover artist for the Mega Man comic! As promised on Twitter, he was selling a big drawing of the entire Mega Man crew for 20 bucks! I'm broke so wasn't happening right now, but I'll get another chance at NYCC heh heh! I asked him if he's doing any more covers for the Sonic / Mega Man Worlds Unite event. He said so far it's just the alternate cover for Sonic Boom that came out last week.

    Neglected to mention this but an earlier panel yesterday Alex de Campi was pushing her comic No Mercy. She was really funny and mentioned Attack on Titan and Death Note while she was pushing her book OH SNAP! She be reading manga and watching anime YOS! The reason I bring this up is because the very next day she was doing a commission drawing of a My Little Pony character in a Spider-Gwen outfit. Wait WTF.... ROFL!

    Was wearing a Mega Man shirt that day with a Mega Man lanyrard to hold up my badge that I bought right from Capcom at NYCC last year! So a fan was selling buttons they made of a lot of characters. Saw a Mega Man one and had to buy it. Only 2 bucks! Yep that was my only purchase. Those NYCC tickets are pricey dang... x_X

    I saw Larry who I haven't seen in a while. If you've ever been to Jim Hanley's comic book store you know who he is. He's the African American dude who has been reading comics forever and has hysterical opinions on everything! When big things happen in comics local News crews even come to the store to get his opinion! Wow I had no idea they retired him from the store. He was there selling old comics at the con. It was fun seeing him again. We've had loooong comic book conversations for several years, way before the internet was a thing. He said he hangs out at the Starbucks near Jim Hanley's now and then so if I'm ever in the area again I'll definitely stop by and say what's up.

    Off to the panels!

    Attended another panel about diversity in comics. Greg Pak was there so I got to tell him that Magneto Testament was awesome! I asked the panel about how me myself being Latino, I love seeing Latinos in movies, television and other media, but not in Marvel and DC comics. Because not all of the time, but most of the time we are not depicted accurately and it seems really alien to me me. So I was wondering if anyone else at the panel had the same experience and how it influenced their work.

    Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez who is the producer of DMC's comic and is a former community organizer said that when he was younger he remembers Marvel's original Black Tiger. He was happy at first because he was Puerto Rican, just like Edgardo is. But after a while he was disillusioned because the character had an afro and like almost no Puerto Rican in real life at that time had an afro! He also didn't act like any Puerto Rican he ever met. This is basically the same problem I have when I see a lot of Latinos in the big 2.

    Edgardo did speak about the Santarians that Joe Quesada created for Darredevil's comic. He worked with Quesada to make those characters as faithful to being Latino characters, just like Joe Quesada is as much as possible and it worked really well. Unfortunately the characters never appeared again sadly.

    Her name escapes me but I think she works on the comic Eventide. She said that she absolutely hated Vixen on the Justice League cartoon. As an African American herself, she didn't feel like anyone she knew really acted like that - "OH hell no Hawkgirl! Green Lantern is my man stay away from him!" LOL! She did say she loves the character the way she's depicted in DC comics right now and would love to work on her.

    After that was a panel for Comic Book Club. This is a weekly podcast on the Nerdist and they were recording it live! So if you listen to the podcast you can hear me.... Um, whelp, laughing and clappng along with 200 other people! I'm famous! :P

    The thing about the "panels" at this con, lol it was basically two areas of chairs seperated by a huge blanket. Kinda bootleg! Often times it was hard to hear anything and both sides were literally screaming over the other. There were mikes and speakers, so sitting close to the speakers was your best bet.

    The reason I bring all of this up is because during the Comic Book Club panel, they were looking at a recent DC comic. I don't know if you've seen any comics that have come out the past Wednesday, but they have this really annoying Twix ad. Basically, take your average 4 panel one page issue of a comic book. Cut that page in half and put the halves of that page on two pages of the comic. On the bottom of both pages there's this big ad of Nick Lachey (Jessica Simpson's ex) holding Twix on both pages. One for the right side and another for the left side.

    Still with me? Okay! So at the Comic Book Club panel they found this ad in a DC comic they were reviewing. The DC panel was right next to us. So they had all of us scream out on the count of 3, "DC! WHAT'S UP WITH THE TWIX?" And the people at DC yelled out "WE DON'T KNOW BUT IT GIVES US MONEY TO PUBLISH COMICS!" ROFL!

    Finally, I attended an Archie Comics panel! I was hoping they would talk about the Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog comic books but it never came up. A fan asked them about that and Archie said they were only allowed one panel at the con, so they focused on Archie because of his anniversary and all. They confirmed that they will have a Mega Man / Sonic panel at New York Comic Con at least! The President of Archie talked a bit about the current Worlds Unite crossover, how Street Fighter characters are showing up and many others. Nothing we didn't know already, but it was cool.

    There was very little cosplay so I only took a few pictures. I'm going to an Anime Festival in August so I'll just upload all the pictures at the same time.

    Overall had a really good time! The panel situation was kinda bootleg like I mentioned and it would be nice if there was more than ONE bathroom! But I still had a fun and interesting time. The NYCC ticket situation was kinda messy, but as long as you showed up reeeeeeeally early you were good. INSOMNIACS LIKE ME FTW!

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    I would love to go to SENY one day. I'm kinda tired of the SoCal cons here seeing the same local talent and people lol.

    Marjorie Liu is awesome!

    One more month til SDCC!
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    Finished describing my second day! Now it's time to pass out lol!

    THE_KZA - Definitely let us know how SDCC turns out this year. I would like to go one of these years! I miiiight go to Gamescom next year in Las Vegas. Right now it looks like the Anime Festival, NYCC and maybe Winter Con in December.
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    going to E3 next week thanks to SRK!

    I might go to Anime Expo the week before SDCC if they let people in for free after 4pm.

    I don't like the artist alley this year for SDCC looks kinda weak and most of the artists are locals -_-
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    Missed the Liberty City anime con about a month or so back. Was sick like a dog at the time. All better now.

    The panels and the guests were really bare bones anyway. It's probably hard to get anyone really famous or from Japan to travel that deep into Upstate New York. Hopefully they raised enough money to have the next one in New York City since that was the original plan.

    Definitely going to New York Comic Con though!

    90 dollars for an EXCLUSIVE NYCC evil Mega Man X figure! Whelp looks like this will be my only NYCC purchase. Oh well at least it's Capcom related. In character purchase for me. :)
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    Looks like you have to get a ticket at the show at booth #1813 to get the evil Mega Man X figure. So they probably have a limited supply. Yeeeeeah I think I'm out. That's a lot of hoops for a 90 dollar fan fic figure.
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    Same ol' same ol' NYCC coverage just like every year. AAAAAAND HERE WE GO!

    DAY 1

    First thing I did was I got to play the current build of Street Fighter V WOOT WOOT! Got pretty crowded quick, but the line for sticks was barren. I'm mainly a stick player so I was good!

    Had a Chun-Li vs. Ken match against another player. I WON BOTH ROUNDS! So far I am UNDEFEATED IN STREET FIGHTER V! You betta recognize SRK!

    Chun-Li's moves came easy to me. I read that her Lightning Kick could be executed with a Hadouken motion and a kick button. I was able to do that, but I could also perform the move by mashing a Kick button just like always so I was fine. Then the crowd got naturally INSANE so I was out. I think I'll leave undefeated because it's only Thursday and the crowd is just gonna get more and more intense!

    Did try to buy the Devil May Cry DMC1 statue at the Capcom they had for 30, but it sold out right away! No worries, it was Dante with the Alastor sword and I still prefer him with Rebellion, even if he didn't have it in DMC1. Like he has it in the anime and the Project x Zone games. Ah well, the DMC3 and DMC4 Dante figures I already own will suffice heh heh!

    Still haven't picked up the Capcom Fighting Tribute book and would've brought it from Capcom right there, but they only had the hardcover for 100! No thanks. Will get the regular version from Amazon for like 40. Ah well, no direct support for Capcom from me today, but I buy enough of their games and merchandise. WE LIFETIME GOOD!

    Went to the Bandai Namco booth and I got to play and finish the entire Project x Zone 2 demo! Most people there were playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and there was a long line for that so I got to play PxZ2 as long as I wanted! DANTE AND VERGIL TEAM YOS! Best fan service moment was when Vergil asked Maya from Phoenix Wright if she could summon Sparda's spirit OH SNAP! I have no "OBJECTION!" to that ha ha!

    Got to play, Chun-Li, Strider, Phoenix Wright and Maya, Captain Commando HELL YEAH! Too bad Ryu, Ken, Mega Man X and Zero aren't in the demo boooo! Can you believe they had the nerve to put Namco and Sega characters in the demo instead of just featuring Capcom characters? GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT! Nah just playing lol lots of fun. Looking forward to Bamco's JRPG panel on Sunday to learn more about the game!

    Swung by Funimation's booth. They STIIIIIIIILL don't have the third season of the Sengoku Basara anime! It was supposed to come out months ago. MONTHS! I asked them about it and they said it's still coming. When, they have no idea. BLARG I hope it's not an Evangelion 3.0 situation that hasn't dropped for TWO YEARS! Yikes!

    So apparently no one at the con wants my money. Good for my wallet. Off to the panels!

    Got into a Marvel panel, YES! This panel is about digital comics and video games. Uuuum yay? Hopefully there's a console game, cuz yeash how many more cell phone Marvel games can I play? Oh well Fabian Nicieza, the famous Deadpool writer is here! Tell some jokes yos!

    All of Marvel's Star Wars comics, the old one from the 80s and the current ones are going to be added to Marvel's digital comics service, Marvel Unlimited Plus! Dani from the 80s comic is back! Well digitally from the old comics, anyway. Put her in the new movies! GET ON THAT ABRAMS GAAAAAWD!

    All of the All New All Different Spider-Man outfits are coming to that enndless runner cell phone game Spider-Man Unlimited. The new millionaire Spidey suit, the new white 2099 suit, the new Flash Venom suit. Also, Spider-Ham? Eh why not lol!

    Puzzle Quest will have Old Man Logan, X-23, Amadeus Cho and it's coming to PS3/4 360/One. There's your console game! Zzzzzz....

    Agents of SHIELD TV show characters are coming to Future Fight.

    Spider-Gwen, Female Thor and Eddie Brock Venom are coming to Contest of Champions cell phone fighting game. There's also going to be Contest of Champions comic based on the video game! Wait the game is based on an old comic book story... What goes around comes around I guess...

    Disney Infinity 3.0 is getting a 4 player Marvel Battleground playset. All previous Marvel figures will work in the playset. Hulkbuster and Ultron are coming and there's going to be a new Captain America figure that looks more like live action movie Cap.

    Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown are making a Deadpool and Cable online comic! Unlike their older series, Deadpool's name goes first this time because he's way more popular now lol! It's digital because it will use crazy digital time travel stuff effects you can't do in comics. Trippy! There will be a print version too. AWESOME!

    At the Capcom panel WORD!

    The HD Remaster of Resident Evil 0 is going to have a playable Wesker once you finish the game! And he's RE5 Wesker! Uroboros super speed and everything, just like he is in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3! He's even got Rebecca brainwashed with that weirdo red crystal he put on Jill in RE5, that she also has in UMvC 3! Capcom stresses that this scenario is NOT CANON naturally ROFL!

    RE 0 will be available digitally, but if you want a disc copy it will come with an RE Collection which will include the remaster of RE 1 too. If you go for this version you will get bonus costumes! Rebecca will get a nurse outfit and Billy gets Cody's jail suit outfit. Apparently Billy likes Street Fighter ha ha!

    We saw some of Resident Evil Umbrella Corps, the tactical shooting game. Soldiers will have Zombie Jammers, this red thing that connects to their back that sends messed up soundwaves to Zombies throwing them off your trail. You can shoot another player's Zombie Jammer so they won't be able to use it. This thing just reminds me of Michael Jackson. "It Ain't Too Much For Me To ZOMBIE JAM!" Uh oh here comes Zombie Belger from Final Fight Revenge doing the Thriller dance! Aaaand MY RESIDENT EVIL COVERAGE IS DONE SON!

    The Mega Man Legacy disc version was discussed. They talked about how Chamba from Studio Udon redrew the six bad box art drawings the first 6 games had in the US, but made them look good.

    Udon's comic is coming in November titled Street Fighter Unlimited as some of you knew already. It will be available digitally through comixology as well. It's said to cover all of the SF games and not just focus on a single one.

    Lots of Capcom merchandise was brought up. Street Fighter skateboards, WHOA!

    They went into SFV but just a tad because it's getting its own panel on Saturday. There were vague hints that they would reveal the final SFV character at the panel. But it was vague so don't quote me or anything.

    They mentioned that the new character Laura was playable at the show for the first time ever! Yeeeeeeeah I don't know I like being UNDEFEATED IN SFV still so I don't think I'll try her out. Awwwww lemme alone! :P

    At the RWBY season 3 panel! Kind of freaky since the creator Monty Oum was here at NYCC with us last year, and since then he's passed away. RIP. Wild that after he's gone this CGI American made anime has become a hit in Japan too. Hopefully he's smiling down from Heaven.

    They said that there's going to be an online Deathmatch battle between RWBY's Yang and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII! It will be the first time the original voice actors of both characters reprise their roles for the fight! Yang's voice actor was present and even though she recorded the lines she does no know who wins. Rooting for Tifa myself but we'll see!

    There's going to be a PC RWBY video game and if it gets enough votes from fans on Wednesday, the 14th they will release it on Steam too. Information will be up on RWBY's website regarding how to go about voting.

    We saw a six minute clip of season 3 and a big fight that takes place in the upcoming tournament. IT WAS AMAZING! The new season starts in 2 weeks!

    Question and answer time! They were asked to name any anime that inspired them. They said for the tournament, when it came to designing the arena they were influenced by tournies in Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and... even Smash Bros. OH SNAP! This is OBVIOUSLY due to Mega Man and Ryu being included because why else would anyone play Smash? THANKS CAPCOM! J/K

    Finally, if you've been watching RWBY you know that the fate of Jaune's love life was kind of left in the air in season 2. When Jaune's voice actor was asked about it he said, in Jaune's voice - "Uuuuuuuum yeah, girls... heh heh!" - and that's all we got. D'OH! Guess I gotta tune in for season 3 to see what happens!

    That's it for Day 1. To be continued!
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    DAY 2

    Got into the 30th Anniversary Dark Knight panel at the main stage! Sitting in the front since I got here pretty early.

    Klaus Janson! Brian Azzarello! Andy Kubert! Jim Lee! FRANK MILLER! OH SNAP!

    First they spoke about The Dark Knight Returns' influence on comics. The 16 panel silent pages. The pages of talking heads. The use of sound effects as artwork. The crowd when nuts! "Everybody was overwhelmed!" - Dick Grayson from the Young Justice cartoon.

    Then they covered Dark Knight Strikes Again, the sequel. Lol no one likes that book so no one applauded or clapped. "Everybody was whelmed!" - Also Dick Grayson from The Young Justice cartoon.

    So the upcoming third part, Dark Knight III - Andy Kubert is drawing it and simplifying his art so it can match Frank Miller's style more. Azzarello is writing it with Frank Miller consulting. The book will also feature short stories aside from the main story. Frank Miller is drawing the first short story.

    When Brian Azzarello talked about the series he did his best Burt Ward Robin imitation and said "Holy shit a lot of things happen Batman!" Lol!

    Jim Lee did one of the alternate covers for Dark Knight III issue one. He joked that this one drawing took him an entire year ROFL!

    Andy Kubert said that there's something that he drew in issue 2 that he loves so much he feels that his life is complete now. Frank Miller said he spoke to Andy Kubert's doctor and he still has a few more years to go. HA HA!

    Someone asked Frank Miller how he felt about Dark Knight Returns being an Elseworlds story that had more influence than canon stories. Frank Miller said he had it backwards. The Dark Knight series wasn't marked as an Elseworlds title back then and never had been. DC created the Elseworlds brand after Dark Knight because they were actually embarrassed by it at the time. So they called it an Elseworlds story after the fact. But never marked it as such.

    Jim Lee was asked about his experience drawing All Star Batman and Robin for Frank Miller. He said that some people were buying the book for his art style so he didn't try to imitate Frank's style. Jim said the hard part was Frank uses a lot of animals which Jim isn't good at, so he had to do a lot of online research. Jim Lee started talking about he doesn't understand the symbology of animals that Frank uses sometimes. He said in Dark Knight Returns there's a scene where Superman and Batman were talking and there was a butterfly flying by. What does that mean? Frank responded "It was Spring" like Jim is a dumb ass. LMAO!

    They talked about how Batman was like a diamond, you can do whatever you wanted to with the character and he wouldn't break. That's why even the Adam West version works. They said that's why he's been around for 75 years. Frank Miller added "Well Jesus, Moses, those characters have been around for a while." OMG LOL! This panel was too funny for a DARK Knight panel. :)

    At the Asian American Comics panel! Greg Pak of Planet Hulk, Magneto Testament fame, Marjorie Liu of X-23 fame and Larry Hamma who wrote G.I. Joe for Marvel back in the day and continues his run in IDW's G.I. Joe a Real American Hero! YO JOE!

    Best part was when Larry Hama talked about being an editor for DC in the 70s. At the time the coloring department was making every Asian yellow. So he went to the coloring department and asked them why they were doing that. They said that it was just what they had always done. Larry suggested "Well maybe you should stop?" And they did and that was that. Sometimes change just comes easier if you just asked nicely whereas if he yelled and damanded change there may have been more resistance.

    At the Archie Comics panel! Hey Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was here! Loved his Sensational Spider-Man run. He wrote for the show Big Love too. Never seen him in person before. Cool!

    The panel mostly covered Archie. Mega Man and Sonic only came up a little bit. Mostly regarding how well the latest crossover Worlds Unite sold! I mean of course it sold well. It featured a bunch Capcom franchises! Why can't every comic do that? JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS I'M LOOKING AT YOU!

    Someone in the audience suggested a Mega Man, Sonic and Archie crossover OH SNAP! Roll is gonna BEAT YOUR ASS JUGHEAD awwww...

    After the panel I asked about Mega Man's hiatus, when and if it's coming back. The editor said it is going on hiatus, they don't know the time table but they hope it will be back soon. "Awwww..." - Jughead. x_x

    Went to a Vertical Comics panel. Volume 11 of the Gundam Origin manga is coming out soon and volume 12 will follow shortly. They said that the Gundam Origin manga has been a huge hit in the US. I mean of course it has been. Mainly because Capcom ghost made all of the Gundam vs. games for Bandai before they acquired Namco. Pretty sure nobody cared about Gundam the 30 or so years prior. ~_^

    Finally, Viz had a surprise panel. It turned out to be the first two episodes of the One Punch Man anime. Yeeeeah already saw the first episode on and if episode 2 is not already up by now it will be in a few days. So PEACE OUT DAY 2!
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