Street Fighter Online - Mouse Generation



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    Heeyyyyy, I forgot all about this game!

    That heavy metal guitarist looks sweet. This game is definitely the new Guilty Gear now. I'm going to buy like four new mice just for this game.
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    Ew.. lol
    "So Ryu is looking like poop more and more?"

    "No you'll just have to actually learn how to use Ryu."
    ~Deviljin 01
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    Since Capcom has surprised me and gave me artwork, profiles and canon status to guys like
    and Especially this sick dude here

    I want to use this thread to see if I can't some more info on this game. In part to get more awareness fore it from Street Fighter fans, in part to translate some special moves and see how a fighting game with a mouse worked.

    But my main reason for doing this is to see if this guy:

    a profile of his own.
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