Monty Oum's (Haloid guy) thread

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I'm sure most people here don't need an explaination of who this guy is...I'm just making this thread for 2 reasons. No. 1 is to make it easier for people who don't keep track of this guy that well to find his animations on the fly and or talk about anything that has to do with his animations. No. 2 being the Dead Fantasy II is supposed to be out around March (according to him) I'm getting the thread out of the way so when it gets posted up it'll get posted in here.


Darth: Juuuice...juuuice....fuck the force...Higher Ground OWNZ!

ROAD 1.5:

This one is a bit incomplete...still cool to see how far he went with it


This was the movie that caught a lot of people's attention before Haloid


This one sorta had a story...fight scenes are awesome as usual


....You know what this is....


movie he made for a Stranglehold contest...that he SHOULD have entered...but didn't

Dead Fantasy I:

Dead Fantasy II:

Dead Fantasy III:

Dead Fantasy IV:

(Most Recent! 7/28) Dead Fantasy V:



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