"The Official" Brawl Codes Thread



  • GamegeezerGamegeezer MANLY AS HELL Joined: Posts: 2,668
    Yo guys, anyone ever want to battle me just give me a friendly PM. My info is: 4167-4180-7389 "SLASH". Hope to do battle with yall soon. :wgrin:
    In the Sacramento area?

    Local Matchmakinghttp://www.facebook.com/groups/207385072653458/
    Monthly (Every first Friday of the month)http://www.facebook.com/tapteatourneys
    Bi-weekly (check dates for break times)https://www.facebook.com/CapitolFightDistrict

    Hit me up for more info
  • Pablo_the_MexPablo_the_Mex Blond Kanye Status Joined: Posts: 8,181
    I have mine in my sig.

  • The EpidemicThe Epidemic Archduke Caramel Adonis Joined: Posts: 9,881
    ^pablo dont waste ppls time by acting like you play brawl! :rolleyes:
    mine is in my sig...feel free to add
    God's favorite ©

  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    0044-2584-5000 Albany, New York.
    I play for fun or competitively doesn't really matter.
  • SonichumanSonichuman You're too sloooww!! Joined: Posts: 18,583
    Anyone who posted their code in here and not the smash forum...send me a pm if you wanna brawl at some point I'm in VA
  • Dark EternalDark Eternal Joined: Posts: 134
    I play for fun. No one here is ever online to play ;/ if you wanna play AIM me shadow1500
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  • RomuskaRomuska Dark Love Joined: Posts: 184
    Gligarman || 0946-1902-8804 || Los Angeles, CA

    I'm up for a game whenever. I need the practice.
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  • GreyFox86GreyFox86 Long live LSG Joined: Posts: 219
    up for a game cause im super bored just playin Lv 9 and winning

    Grey ~ 5026-6778-8295 ~ SanAnton TX

    send a PM if you wanna go
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Yo wassup im new here hopefully I can have some matches with you guys.

    Powa! || 3394-3248-1587 || Edmond Oklahoma (Southwest)
  • OmNiExiZtOmNiExiZt Fuckin Up Yo IgZiStEnce Joined: Posts: 1,151 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    How does this game play online? Is it everything that everyone hoped for and more? Or is it plauged with lag problems?

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  • TRUTRU Bodied By Tru XBOX Gamertag Truaj79 Joined: Posts: 1,602
    4saken_1.......on right now...4124-4710-8476
  • the_judgethe_judge Can you feel the love tonight? Joined: Posts: 1,771
    Judge: 1160-9650-7355
    Hit me up with an e-mail or PM.
    PC elitist
  • Master RiftMaster Rift I Still smack Denjin Joined: Posts: 64
    I get tired of playing this I want to play other people
    Commander of the Stun-GUNN! Clan
  • iTCHiTCH RULER OF SHADALOO Joined: Posts: 81
    Itch {2148 9417 4629} North Carolina (East Coast)
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Lycan.....0559-8393-3128.....chicago, Illinois
    pm if you wish to brawl
  • Kidy3kKidy3k Joined: Posts: 68
    a new challenger has arrived

    hey guys ima smash bros player and i'm ready to join the SRK communtiy and i'm looking for some nice compettion

    5198 2556 1270 thats my code please pm me when u want to get a game going
    livepoints360.webs.com (freebies)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    getsassy:: 3780-8678-6406:: LA, CA
  • Kidy3kKidy3k Joined: Posts: 68
    ok man hit me up on aim or somthing and tell me when u added me
    livepoints360.webs.com (freebies)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Pittsburgh, PA
    East Coast

    Please send a private message if you add me.
  • ScurvyScurvy Joined: Posts: 6
    HAZE|| 0903-2192-4078|| San Jose, CA
  • Optimus124Optimus124 Joined: Posts: 3,676
    Columbia, SC

    I don't get in till around 6:00. I'm a little rusty but up for some games. My Wii hasn't been powered up since Feb. 17. PM Me if you send a challenge
    SF V - Dictator (that's all that interests me at the moment)
    SSB4 - Roy, Ike, and Shulk
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
  • Mambo SauceMambo Sauce Joined: Posts: 140
    Fresh l l 2793 4374 4428 l l Silver Spring, Maryland
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  • volvoxvolvox Ramza's scheming... Joined: Posts: 81

    I haven't played ssbb in a LONG time, and never been online. My ps3 is sick so until it gets fixed, I'll be playing ssbb.
    My brother and I want to both play online at the same time and we need to play with friends to do that... but we have no wii friends.:sad:

    PLEASE add me. We're BORED! I got over 150 custom boards and alot of time to kill. Just let me know if you added me so I can add whoever...

    EDIT: Oh, and I live in Hyattsville, Maryland.
    Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill.
  • palmerfanpalmerfan Joined: Posts: 156
    Uhh... IDK what my name is||4296-2652-4754||East coast, all ya need to know ;)
    I'm trying to balance playing brawl and SSFIV.
  • kdog254kdog254 Twilight Vanquisher Joined: Posts: 16
    This thread looks like its pretty much dead however, because its here, if anybody wants to play my FC for Brawl is 3308-4239-9675
    Killeen, TX
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