"The Official" Brawl Codes Thread



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    guys, you really should go to the SRK brawl section, incase you aren't aware that it exists.

    Thanks to Quiche for the whupass avatar
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    is anyone on add me i just want to play 1418 6360 4941
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    SosDaGraySole - SOSA - 1418 - 6873 - 7936 - NY - USA
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Added the following
    East Coast
    DARKHOKAGE || 2750 0756 9483 || Pembroke pines, fl
    GRITZ || 3952 6707 6143 || Miami, FL
    N.KO l l 4854 - 6096 - 7351 l l Long Island, NY
    rob || 4167-4162-7428 || Bronx, NY
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    0602-6082-0389 tag is Kai
    location: Mary Esther, FL
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    norad || 4897-5644-3577 || Raleigh,NC

    need to play ppl who don't suck
  • Rick_SonRick_Son A Living Legend Joined: Posts: 368
    Daigo: 1161-0269-5240

    Philadelphia, PA

    PM Me So I can add you and also send me your Wii Code as well
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  • CarpeNoctumXIIICarpeNoctumXIII The abyss gazes also Joined: Posts: 1,012
    CNX || 3222-6324-1219|| Kearny, NJ

    How come when I set it up to "Play with Anyone", I can't ever find a damn match? Searching for who knows how long and nothing.
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  • Dark EternalDark Eternal Joined: Posts: 134
    Hey I might get this game soon. Is it possible to do team battle with my friend and I vs two other people? Like us 2 blue and another 2 red online? Thanks
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    yes, it is possible
  • Dark EternalDark Eternal Joined: Posts: 134
    4210 4865 9612 Philadelphia
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    0989-2054-8493 (Orange County, CA)
  • KenshumaKenshuma A Momentary Massacre Joined: Posts: 7
    Ken - 1117 9975 0792

    Although I can't stand online >.>
  • SanoSano SRKSANO on PS4 Joined: Posts: 13,068 mod
    Just got a Wii. Need a wired connection before I play again but for now -

    SANO - 1762 - 4331 - 3105 - Queens, NY
  • SpardaSparda DRIRR CRAW! Joined: Posts: 589
    anyone wanna play? FC is in my sig

    milwaukee, WI USA
  • skisonicskisonic Joined: Posts: 1,131 mod
    guys remember if anyone is interested in games at all hours come see us in #srkbrawl on efnet!!
    Internationally known. East coast home.

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  • SUN CiTy KinGSUN CiTy KinG Joined: Posts: 923
    alright heres my code 3609 0965 7911 i'll add everyone on this page and all texas and new mexico peeps since im in el paso texas, can you all do the same, i'm on morning and night and sometimes day, cool lets play.
  • MrArcadePerfectMrArcadePerfect Leo Player! Joined: Posts: 480
    my code 0216-2565-0045
    Soul Calibur IV - Zasalamel
    Tekken 6 - Leo, King, Law, Lee, Kazuya, Murduk & Migual

    STREET FIGHTER 2 will never be the same :(. blame HD SHITMIX
  • BurningVigorBurningVigor *sigh* Joined: Posts: 247
    I am extremly bored.. anyone up for some brawl

    4425 1260 7903
    KOFXIII - ExKyo / K` / Andy
    AH3 - Nazuna(Time) / Akane(anything)
    GGAC - Bridget / Johnny / Sol / Chipp / Order-Sol
    SSF4 - Guy / Sakura
  • Master RiftMaster Rift I Still smack Denjin Joined: Posts: 64
    wii code l4511-0257-4374l Master Rift- Philadelphia,Pa anybody wanna go?
    Commander of the Stun-GUNN! Clan
  • GamegeezerGamegeezer MANLY AS HELL Joined: Posts: 2,668
    Yo guys, anyone ever want to battle me just give me a friendly PM. My info is: 4167-4180-7389 "SLASH". Hope to do battle with yall soon. :wgrin:
    In the Sacramento area?

    Local Matchmakinghttp://www.facebook.com/groups/207385072653458/
    Monthly (Every first Friday of the month)http://www.facebook.com/tapteatourneys
    Bi-weekly (check dates for break times)https://www.facebook.com/CapitolFightDistrict

    Hit me up for more info
  • Pablo_the_MexPablo_the_Mex Blond Kanye Status Joined: Posts: 8,285
    I have mine in my sig.

  • The EpidemicThe Epidemic Archduke Caramel Adonis Joined: Posts: 9,935
    ^pablo dont waste ppls time by acting like you play brawl! :rolleyes:
    mine is in my sig...feel free to add
    God's favorite ©

  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    0044-2584-5000 Albany, New York.
    I play for fun or competitively doesn't really matter.
  • SonichumanSonichuman You're too sloooww!! Joined: Posts: 19,287
    Anyone who posted their code in here and not the smash forum...send me a pm if you wanna brawl at some point I'm in VA
    High Enough

    If you haven't seen this before you may have questions...

  • Dark EternalDark Eternal Joined: Posts: 134
    I play for fun. No one here is ever online to play ;/ if you wanna play AIM me shadow1500
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  • RomuskaRomuska Dark Love Joined: Posts: 184
    Gligarman || 0946-1902-8804 || Los Angeles, CA

    I'm up for a game whenever. I need the practice.
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  • GreyFox86GreyFox86 Long live LSG Joined: Posts: 219
    up for a game cause im super bored just playin Lv 9 and winning

    Grey ~ 5026-6778-8295 ~ SanAnton TX

    send a PM if you wanna go
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Yo wassup im new here hopefully I can have some matches with you guys.

    Powa! || 3394-3248-1587 || Edmond Oklahoma (Southwest)
  • OmNiExiZtOmNiExiZt Fuckin Up Yo IgZiStEnce Joined: Posts: 1,151 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    How does this game play online? Is it everything that everyone hoped for and more? Or is it plauged with lag problems?

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  • TRUTRU Bodied By Tru XBOX Gamertag Truaj79 Joined: Posts: 1,602
    4saken_1.......on right now...4124-4710-8476
  • the_judgethe_judge Can you feel the love tonight? Joined: Posts: 1,771
    Judge: 1160-9650-7355
    Hit me up with an e-mail or PM.
    PC elitist
  • Master RiftMaster Rift I Still smack Denjin Joined: Posts: 64
    I get tired of playing this I want to play other people
    Commander of the Stun-GUNN! Clan
  • iTCHiTCH RULER OF SHADALOO Joined: Posts: 81
    Itch {2148 9417 4629} North Carolina (East Coast)
    ~You wanna Minaj, Now lets get NASTY~
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Lycan.....0559-8393-3128.....chicago, Illinois
    pm if you wish to brawl
  • Kidy3kKidy3k Joined: Posts: 68
    a new challenger has arrived

    hey guys ima smash bros player and i'm ready to join the SRK communtiy and i'm looking for some nice compettion

    5198 2556 1270 thats my code please pm me when u want to get a game going
    livepoints360.webs.com (freebies)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    getsassy:: 3780-8678-6406:: LA, CA
  • Kidy3kKidy3k Joined: Posts: 68
    ok man hit me up on aim or somthing and tell me when u added me
    livepoints360.webs.com (freebies)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Pittsburgh, PA
    East Coast

    Please send a private message if you add me.
  • ScurvyScurvy Joined: Posts: 6
    HAZE|| 0903-2192-4078|| San Jose, CA
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