Mega Archive of Pre-03 Crash SRK threads.



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    Thanks Crayfish! YOU DA MAN! :woot:

    BTW Warrior's Tales became Warrior's Fate after the crash, moved to the Fan Fiction section way back when for reasons I still don't quite get. It's still the longest running thread at SRK, we have over 8,000 posts. :smile:

    All said storyline information is archived in the SF Plot Guide which is in the first link in my sig. It's been updated only a few weeks ago so if you haven't seen it in a long time please check it out. :smile:
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    For those that would prefer filefront, I mirrored this on my page there:

    Thanks go the thread starter.
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    (golf clap)
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    wow...something to read now when I have time to kill...excellent!
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    omg i hope it has Duc teaches MVC2 and Viscant answering MvC2 wowzorz... hehe memories
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    good shit.
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    is that epic cvs1 thread in the zip?
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    damn I missed out because the link doesn't work anymore
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    I'd rep you if I could =P
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    Crayfish rules.
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    Thanks again for all the props. Now updated to a File font mirror, for all those who were having problems with Mega Upload.
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    Nice work! Memorieeessss.......
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    I was a bit too lazy to download this thing before, but I'm glad I finally did. Thanks!
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    This is pretty cool. Now I can see what threads/posts I made back then. Probably not too many...

    Someone search for the 24 recaps! I'm at work right now...

    EDIT: Oh, it's for fighting games only. Ah well...still, this is damn cool.
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    These things are always awesome.
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    Thanks dude. Awesomeness. :tup:
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    Is T.Hawk suck in ST?

    It's quite fun to look through these threads.

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    lol my old srk screen names, man i was such an asshole back then. now im just dont care anymore.
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    Re-uploaded, soz for the downtime. Im trying to get it submitted to FileFront's permanent archive but its had to categorize..

    Woot, its been submitted, so shouldn't go down any more :)
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    Pure gold, thank you!
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    8-ball team torrance days :(
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    Thanks for this. It has been really interesting to read. Finding out what people thought about these games years ago is kinda fun.
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    While reading through those threads I was thinking "Yesh there is going to be some kind of OG top secret shit I dont know about for Super Turbo"..... and then the first thread I see is "Vega(Claw) sucks against Guile".... damn you SRK!!!
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    Though I don't have much use for this, I appreciate it any how. SRK has always been the go-to for valuable info on fighting games and I thank you for helping preserve some of what would otherwise be lost.
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    dumb question, apologize if this has been answered elsewhere or is very obvious, has a fail safe been put in place post-2003 for future crashes that may hopefully never occur?
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    Damn there are a lot of good MvC2 points and tutorials in this archive. Thank you so much!
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    This not been bumped since the forums overhaul, so why not..
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    I guess I'd better check this out. Never know what super-secret info might b in here. :)
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    hey I was looking for this again just for the laughs since I lost my file

    Crayfish you're the man
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    its a shame the demon hyo/blaziniflo cybersex thread isnt in there, or the MvC2 yo mama joke thread :(
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    Yeah! I know I have some epic posts from pre 2003 as well. Hope they got saved.
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    Awesome. I wonder if I could find some of my old posts! Thanks Crayfish.
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    Due to the very sad news about the forums closing, i have updated the link in the first post for people to download again. Pls let me know if it works ok
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