Who is your main(s)?



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    The problem here is, you're working on an angle entirely based on assumptions, with an issue totally separate from everyone. You're assuming because whatever time I actually spend playing brawl is not totally devoted to a single character, I'm therefore "mediocre" as you put it. Are you here with me, as I play? No? So how do you know where I'm at ability wise, without actually seeing what I can do(didn't know it was a contest/race, to begin with)?

    I actually tried to run a game with you last night, and I was seemingly ignored.

    I just don't understand how me playing a wide variety of characters in my sometimes daily games, and not playing with a single character like you'd want me to it seems, brings up such a big issue that you'd attempt to tell me I'm wrong, for doing what I'm doing.

    Anyway, I'm not playing Russian Roulette on Random over here. I just don't stay too long with one character, as I'd like to pretty much know how to use the entire roster to their best ability over time. Hopefully that magically time limit you seem to be working with won't catch up to me, or something before that.

    My bad I didn't even know, if someone is trying to join my game I usually ignore them since I like 1v1, I haven't played u in hella long so get on irc tonight if you can and we'll get some games in hopefully.

    I wasn't specifying you as being "mediocre" I was just making a generalization, anyways I myself do have 3-4 mains who I use a lot more then everyone else but at the same time I try out lots of other chars once in a while to see what they're all about. I don't get how everyone is so good with ike I suck with him:sad:

    I'm not saying you're "wrong" for not having any mains all i'm saying is in the long run I think someone would be more likely to win if they stuck to a handful of few characters, though if you can get wins with multiple characters kudos to you we might have to start calling you azen jr lol.

    Yo tbh whatup you love my av don't you lol.
    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
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    Yo tbh whatup you love my av don't you lol.

    Hahaha if by "love" you mean "want to burn that little ball of shit," then yeah I love it!:woot:
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    Tier 1

    Tier 2
    Toon Link
    Metaknight (because he's a cheap bitch, and I'm an asshole. Fuck all you Mk players)
    Game & Watch
    Marth (because he's a cheap bitch, and I'm an asshole. Fuck all you Marth players)

    Tier 3
    Mario (because he's motherfucking Mario)
    Samus (both)
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    My mains are Olimar, Bowser, and the P.Trainer. Also trying to get practice with G&W, Captain Falcon, and Jigglypuff.
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    Main: Kirby

    Secondaries: Toon Link, Sonic, Snake, Wario, Rob, PT, Pit, Wolf, G&W, Captain Falcon, D3 (but I'm terrible with him)

    This reminds me, I need to fix my router so I can Brawl online again. I've been missing it:sad:
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    Main: Ike, Metaknight
    Sec: Toon Link, D3

    Meta's been downgraded to second main for me. In 1v1s, I can hold my own, but in 4s or teams, I can't come through. So Ike's pretty much my #1.
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    Main - Link - Just my fave nintendo char.

    Secondaries (usually for when I want to win) -


    Toon Link


    Too Galactic for you.

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    3) Still experimenting. Thinking about King Dedede & falco... dedede use to be my main but im having 2nd thoughts
    Orange County, southern california - Super smash brawl & MvC2 player
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    Diddy's my new #1 methinks

    STHDR: Blanka/Honda
    CvS2: C-Blanka/Dictator/Honda R2
    SSFIV: Blanka/Chun-Li
    GGXXAC: May
    I suck at fighting games :|
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    Main: Snake
    Alts: Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Link, Toon Link
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    Mario, Falcon, Pit
    GGPO: Angrylobster
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    No main yet, I try to play everyone to get a feel for who works best with my playstyle.

    I've shown proficiency with Mario, Ganondorf, Zelda/Shiek, Falco, Falcon, Pikachu, and Ness. I'm thinking of just choosing a main for a bit, then switching to a different character to keep things interesting.

    Don't much care for Pit or Meta though, just don't like their playstyles.
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    After last night my main is Samus, followed by ROB and the Pokemon Trainer.
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    I've mained Ike for a while (Fire Emblem fan here) but I've also used Luigi, Meta Knight, and Sonic. I play Snake for kicks ( I really suck as him). I also sandbag with Falcon and Ganondorf. There's this friend of mine who can't beat me even when I'm using those two.

    I'm still trying to find a reliable "main", but Ike seems to be getting me the best results so far.
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    Snake is my main ..because he's the shit..link is probably my second best character and i feel he's completely underrated but whatever.. Fox and Marth also get Honorable mentions.
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    Ness has been my dude since 64.

    I don't play very competitively, so his mid-tierness is no big deal.. I hear Lucas is basically a better version of Ness, but I play Ness for the nostalgia.
    See, the problem is that you guys play Street Fighter solely for tournaments and competition with other players, but that is only one small aspect of fighting games.
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    Updated List

    Tier 1

    Tier 2
    Pokemon Trainer

    Tier 3
    Boobologist Ph.D
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    1st main: seriously....you guys know who it is

    2nd: toss up between dedede and wolf

    Characters I've dabbled in: Luigi, Snake, Link, Rob
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    God Tier:
    Link, always have since SSB64 through Melee and now Brawl, white color

    Other Tiers:
    Zero Suit Samus, default
    Zelda, default
    Peach, default
    Ike, Domon colors
    Metaknight, white color
    Toon Link, purple color
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    I only have 2 mains right now, If dont do well with one, I choose the other, although I prefer speed over technical fighting.

    1. Fox
    2. Kirby

    Characters im working on right now.

    Marth, Pikachu, Sonic, and Ike
    GGPO - MvC, Street Fighter 3S

    PS3 gamertag (Kwaza135) - UMvC2 , SSF4, KOF13
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    Diddy (blue)

    Peach (white dress)

    Zelda (white dress)

    If you see a Toon Link GORE player thats my bro, thats all he picks!

    I just set up my U-verse with my Wii, now I'm ready to play again.
    UMvC3: She-Hulk/Iron Fist/Firebrand/Hawkeye/Taskmaster
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    MK9: Kabal, Reptile, Sindel, Kitana, Freddy Krueger
    SSF4AE2012: Dictator, Rufus, Chun Li, C. Viper
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    I prefer speed over technical fighting.


    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
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    1. Olimar
    2. Marth
    3. Wolf
    4. Zamus

    Olimar is usually the character i use in tournaments and the rest just for counter picks if i need to
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    That order.

    I like to hit hard. These characters supply that. Also it's hard to not have fun with Olimar or Sonic.
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    Warning: Hidden Wall of Text May Cause Cervical Cancer.

    I'm still having trouble deciding on a main, as per usual, and this is especially true since I've been quite frustrated with everything lately, including Brawl. (I really need to find a legitimate Gamecube controller to replace my old one since it acts subtly wonky.)

    It doesn't help that I don't really like anyone for one or more reason and I'm still trying to get through most of the cast, even though there are already quite a few people who I don't want to ever play. More on that later.

    Since this is going to be a long, complaint-filled post, so I'm just going to put everything spoilers for the two people that care to read text death wall.
    Snake (my supposed main and best character)
    + Excellent ground game. I need to Utilt more.
    + His crawl actually fucking crawl under things, unlike some people's. (*glares at Ivysaur and Bowser). It's probably the lowest one in game (tied maybe with Squirtle and ZZS).
    + Good projectiles for zoning (through fear). He reminds of more reasonable version of Testament that way.
    + Quite heavy.
    + Has an above average recovery.
    + Quite a few disjointed hitboxes, including that none
    + Quite a bit of power
    + Great dash attacks and generally great options out of dash.
    + Ghetto tech chase through down-throw.
    - Average speed.
    - A lot of his moves can hurt himself.
    - C4 often can't be used to help you recover due it being on the ground already and mines being able to be destroyed.
    - Cypher becomes at best decidedly average against people with (decent) spiking moves.
    - Big and weighty and thus easy to chain-throw. (So god damned easy.)
    - Even though his aerials are powerful, they are slow in recovery and need precise spacing for half of them to fully come out. Bair and Uair, often though to be his best aerials, are as laggy as everything else.

    I do have quite a lot of fun with Snake, but having never played any of this games makes me have no other "emotional connection to him". On top of that, he's easily a great character, which means lot and lots of mirror matches and the continuation of uncertainity that I have about whether I'm actually "good" or not. (I'm leaning towards "not" at this point.)

    Moving on to the person who would likely be my current main if it wasn't for an issue with him that bugs me to no end.

    Luigi (a.k.a. Everyone's Favorite Man in Fire Flower colors)
    + Has perhaps the best most deadly special move in the game thanks to Jigglypuff's Rest being nerfed.
    + Has a great approach with Tornado, multi-dash attack, (hilarious looking) crawling and even Green Missile (against himself, at least, for reasons I will go into in cons).
    + Has great jump height and probably the highest jump high (maybe tied with Falco) from a Footstool Jump, which aids his improved recovery that can now use Tornado, Green Missile, and FireJumpPunch to all get back to the ledge.
    + Decent projectile with rapidity.
    + Great aerials and significantly effective short hops that allow for any two aerials to chained together without there being landing lag.
    + Sex kick (and a damned powerful one too).
    + Great KOing power.
    - Too much traction. Too much traction. Too. Much. Traction. I swear, this is single most annoying thing about any character in the damned game for me and it of course would have to be on the character that I would otherwise main. Fuck you too, universe. What I mean by this complaint is that from every attack, even shielded ones, Luigi slides more than everyone else. Everyone. This sliding applies to even his dashing, which is why he continues on for .5 seconds after you let go over the direction. It's so goddamned annoying not being able to punish people for things that other people can, especially when Luigi has great KOing power. That and falling off of ledges that you're literally 2 or more character spaces from.
    - Sub-par throws.
    - FireJumpPunch has more lag now.
    - Green Missile still is random in its misfiring.
    - Is horrible on walk-off stages due to the traction issue (grrr...) and the just aforementioned Green Missile issue.
    - He seems kind of light, but maybe that's because I play Snake and Ganondorf quite a bit and I'm sure that the traction thing shouldn't be an issue in the air. ("Sure.")

    So, yeah, Luigi is easily my favorite character franchise-wise in this game after Sonic. But the unavoidable traction thing makes me a really sad panda. I mean, other cons you can usually make up for, but how the fuck I am suppose to overcome that outside of maybe using ground dodge more? Speaking of disappointments....

    Pokemon Trainer (You thought I was going to say "Sonic", didn't you?)
    + Three characters-in-one. Thus he theoritically has no bad-matchups as a whole, but....
    + All three differ greatly in play styles and weight.
    + Charizard has three jumps, gliding, and an Up+B with Super Armor.
    + Ivysaur can rack up damage almost as easily as Charizard despite playing rather differently.
    + Many of Squirtle's moves have Super Armor.
    + All Pokemon have at worst average aerials.
    - Down+B takes forever at times and cannot be done in the air. Thus, it means you will either have to known when to "take the hit" (i.e. get KO'd) in a bad-matchup and who to start with or switch when you could be edge-guarding the opponent.
    - All Pokemon only have 3 Special moves, with Squirtle easily having the worst set of all three.
    - Ivysaur is the second most easily gimpable character in the game, second only to Olimar.
    - Squirtle is relatively horrible at KOing people.
    - Charizard is easy to chain throw.
    - You're forced to switch character after you get KO'd. You also cannot switch characters when you're invincible, a time when it would be useful even if you though you would use your invincibility like Zelda/Shiek does.
    - Although a minor issue, stamina makes it so that even in advantageous match-ups, a Pokemon can lose the advantage, especially provided its speed-based. (Tired Squirtle is tired.)

    Yeah, Pokemon Trainer is surprisingly average at the moment, so I have to say they did a good job "balancing" him. However, given that average characters tend to eventually fall out of favor and Down+B is really annoying to use without items on and that I suck with Squirtle (and gliding with Charizard), it's rather discouraging. Add on to the fact that I'm currently liking Lucario quite a bit right now means that they're the second or third likely Pokemon character for me, with Jigglypuff being dead last at the moment.

    Lucario (the Pokemon that I wanted in the game since I wanted a Fighting type, but not at the cost of replacing Mewtwo without fixing him)
    + Can harass people with uncharged Aura Spheres like Mewtwo.
    + Has many disjointed hitboxes like Mewtwo, except that they're quite easy to use.
    + Has quite a few legitimate combos.
    + Has great aerials and great pseud-air control through Dair and Side+B.
    + Despite not having that much power initially, he has quite a few good KOs available at all times provided you don't spam them.
    + Since it's difficult to directly KO people in Brawl and edging guarding is more difficult now, Lucario should at least live to 100%, where he gets a x 1.5 power boost.
    - Doesn't start out at full power, getting stronger only through 50% damage increments that cap at 200%, where his damage and power double. Too bad you'll never see that since Lucario is kind of light.
    - Despite being floaty, none of his moves help his recovery for the most part and his Up+B is far inferior to Mewtwo's, even though both aren't attacks. (Although that's probably an unfair comparison since Mewtwo's recovery is literally the most perfect non-attack Up+B there ever was.)
    - Theoritically does horrible against heavy hitting characters and often you'll get a power-boost just as you get KO'd by someone.
    - Relatively slow for the amount of power (or lack thereof) that he initially possess.
    - Double Team is easily the most useless counter move in the history of Smash What the fuck.

    Outside of that last problem, I've come to quite like Lucario, and even though Double Team is annoying, it's not nearly as annoying as Luigi's retarded traction. He is currently most likely to be my main tied with Ness.

    That said, I'm sort of tired of typing, so I'm going to give relatively one sentence blurbs for the other people I've played around with and then the people I never plan to play as (except maybe for very basic figuring them out and how to better destroy them).

    People I've played as.
    Zelda - Technically the first person I'd ever played as in Brawl since I went to the SF tournament. I like her and the potential that she and Shiek have to counter match-ups without needing to change like Pokemon Trainer should be able to. I'm not much of a fan of Shiek, though, but I am trying to change that, especially since Shiek seems like the weaker one now.
    Ganondorf - Originally inspired by Ezekial45 (who doesn't seem to play Ganondorf anymore), I've been sort of spurred on by Giza to play the one true grappler in the game. (Just not against Giza himself. Stupid Falco.)
    Sonic - Similarly spurred on by Zan-kun and still inspired by Zan-kun, I don't think he's as bad people think he is, though fighting Wario as him seems to be the most lopsided match-up in the entire game at the moment.
    Peach - Currently still trying to get a feel for her, especially since they nerfed the hell out of her 2nd "jump", which doesn't really even more vertically. Somewhat sad despite her having that retarded down-smash last game.
    Captain Falcon - I don't like him. I don't think I ever have, and all the overhyping and bitching about "Where's Captain Falcon?!" before Brawl's release only for most people to drop him like a bad habit when the game finally came out made dislike him significantly more.
    Ness - I've always liked Ness, even though I never got the chance to finish Earthbound. :shake:
    Lucas - I think I'm one of few people who thinks that Ness is equal to or slightly superior to Lucas, but oh well. I'd probably play them side by side as mains if I picked Ness as main.
    Shiek - Currently trying to like Shiek.
    Wario - Wario's kind of fun to mess around with.
    Mario - Depresses me, but I'd like to keep trying.
    Link - Why did they get rid of bomb jumping?! If it wasn't for that, then I would probably have mained him by now.
    King Dedede - Much better than I thought, but I still don't like the lag on a lot of him moves. Inhale is fun to play around with, but I use his Up+B too much.
    Zamus - It's funny that I've pretty much never played around with my supposed initial main. I should go back to her for a while.
    Ike - Surprisingly, I like Ike.

    The People I Will Probably Never Attempt to Play as
    Ice Climbers - They're cute AND deadly, but they get separated too easily (and I'm not talking about desynching) and chain throwing isn't really my thing. Besides, I'm barely competent enough to keep one character live, much less keeping Nana (or Popo) from dying even with their (greatly) smarter AIs. Also, I think they're only characters in the entire game that cry like little bitches when they lose.
    Jigglypuff - Without Rest, even with the strengthened Rollout, it seems like she can only be annoying at best.
    Diddy Kong - Reminds me of a more annoying, less powerful version of Snake. His projectiles are too easily turned against him and he's far too noisy for my tastes (even though I thought that it was a good move by Nintendo to make him sound like an actually monkey).
    Yoshi - Also annoys the hell out of me sound-wise and is the only character in the game that I think looks geniunely retarded.
    Wolf - I hate the Space Animals, but he's pretty much the only other actual "villian" besides Ganondorf and I would probably only play him to get used to his spacing.
    Olimar - Too easily gimped.

    The People I Will Definitely "Never" Attempt to Play
    Pit - Is retarded and really boring. That is all.
    Metaknight - Is also retarded. That is all.
    Falco - Is also retarded and almost as boring as Pit. That is all.
    Fox - Not horribly broken now, but I still don't like him at all.

    Yeah...I'm neurotic.
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    lol someone else noticed the Ice Climbers crying when they lose. They're such bad sports while everyone else is clapping.:rofl:
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    lol someone else noticed the Ice Climbers crying when they lose. They're such bad sports while everyone else is clapping.:rofl:

    Fuck that real men cry!
    East Coast.
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    Super Smash Bros 64

    Super Smash Bros Melee
    Donkey Kong

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    King Dedede

    That's all in order of "most played" per game. Of course that's an estimate, these are all my most common characters that I have worked/am working on in their respective games.
    It's fine
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    1) King Dedede
    2) Pikachu
    3) Snake
    4) Changes all the time
  • Tone!Tone! so what you do is Joined: Posts: 1,401
    Sonic most definitely.. though recently I've been leaning towards Kirby.

    Lucas and Bowser are fun for shenanigans too.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Main: Toon Link
    Secondary: Wolf
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    I replied earlier in the thread with a list, fuck that list. Cause Im bored, in the mood to type something...something about DAT Brawl.

    Bowser is ultimately my main and will always be. But sometimes, he just doesn't cut it. As hyped as I get sitting around, playing, Getting those FI NAL OOTUMIC BOOZAHHHHH!!!'s, and letting loose with dat "ARF ARF!" taunt. He seems to fail me in some reigions. Thus forcing me to go out and see some other characters for some aid.

    -Link: Was my main throughout Melee, so I started looking into picking him back up. Its taken some time, but I think I'm finally understanding the new Link and boy, my view may be completely different. Im a bomb man. I like parlor tricks with bombs. And I enjoy having those projectiles that SCREAM "yo, back the fuck off" And that hookshot? Thats money.

    -Falco: Surprizingly, even tho I consider my Falco game "scrubbish" I still pull some victories right out of the tail end. Lazer Lock, the Chain throw, and the Reflector. My god. I simply love that shit. And that one thing has encouraged me to actually learn this feathered foul and his match ups.

    -Ike: For a while, the Ike hype went over my head. He's slow, I heard many a say. But he's powerful. I scoffed everytime. "Hey, he may be. But that lag gives me some FAB action!" Then I actually started to play Ike. I think I found me another character. AAA is too fucking good, Uair has been renamed "SPIN IN LIKE A HELICOPTA!" and yes, I get all kinds of excited with this move, and those B moves. Oh man. Super Armor? Yes please. Plus he fucking fights for his mother fucking friends! Now, how could you simply ignore THAT!?:amazed:
    -Rekano OuTz
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    Main: R.O.B.
    Secondaries: Lucas, Ness, D3, Bowser, G&W, Zelda, DK
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    I'm still new (and I didn't play Melee either, so I'm pretty much totally new).... but thought I'd contribute to the "who's everyone else playing" thread

    Pikachu, Pit, Pokemon Trainer

    Interested in learning Ice climbers, and Sonic, they're fun to play.. but I'm having a hard time trying to use Ice climbers well.
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    I'm going to try and make this positive, if anything comes out negative, I don't mean it that way.

    The problem with trying to find a main with you is, you're being VERY picky. Almost to the point where it is hindering you. First and foremost, you have to find the character you have most fun to play with. For me, that is the character with the most potential. I wake up almost every morning to find a new snake or dk trick. I play someone online, learning one of their styles and adapt it to my game. I'd like to say that I main snake, but that arguably isn't true. I find dk the most fun to play (he's too 'loud' for you? come on now!) He also really doesn't play like snake as the majority of his game relies on his ridiculous air game and tech chasing, if anything, he reminds me of a younger, more simian version of melee's captain falcon ( pour one out for my homie, sorry you had to fall so far from the tier list falcon ).

    Seeing as I focus on snake, dk, and falco, those characters...I can honestly say, if you're not having fun with them, you're doing it wrong. Why is snake fun? because you put people in ridiculous mind traps. You knock people off the board, setup mines, smash up A forcing them into it, or the mine you set or a conveniently placed C4 you had set earlier. You kill them, then have the balls to walk up to them IN THEIR invicible state and plant a c4 on their face.

    dk? throw a naner, just one, don't let them get the jump on you. Have total control of it. Hold that nana. Don't throw it, just keep it, watch your opponent shield, walk up to him, diddy hump and slap his face. Do this three times, next time he shields, he'll try to dodge, wait, throw the nana and rape his face off. Then go for the diddy hump spike, one of the most humiliating and awesome moves to pull off.

    Falco? It's all about being ballsy with him. I spend most of my game with falco OFF the board. side B is my most used move. I don't laser lock, I don't laser spam (unless I find myself in a tight spot, or I'm playing a metaknight -_-;;). I chaingrab, I get them off the stage, I follow them off the stage, I get further from the stage then them, then side b to spike and recover. It's a fun technique and so rewarding when you spike.

    Once again, this is opinions clashing, imo, if you play those three characters theres no way you can't have fun with this game.

    Good luck, and it might be too early to find a main!
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    Completely new to Smash so here's how I picked my mains...

    Main 1: Zelda because I played a mage in WoW.
    Main 2: Sheik otherwise Zelda's down B special would be a waste to me.
    Main 3: Zero Suit Samus because she's the Jam Kuradoberi of this game.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    1st: Ganondorf
    2nd: Sonic
    3rd: Bowser
    4th: Donkey Kong

    in the very first one on n64, i used mainly donkey kong, as soon as my cousin showed me ganondorf in melee, he was instantly my top and always will be.
  • The DamnedThe Damned Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? Joined: Posts: 10,697 mod
    The problem with trying to find a main with you is, you're being VERY picky. Almost to the point where it is hindering you. First and foremost, you have to find the character you have most fun to play with. For me, that is the character with the most potential.

    I think I said I was being very picky. It would say that most of it is because I'm rather indecisive and rather "open-minded" (hahaha...no), but part of is because the character I probably like playing the most has a problem that I currently find completely insurmountable and quite plainly really fucking stupid.

    There is no reason for Luigi to that have that little traction. (For the record, I meant "too little traction". "Too much traction" would mean that he doesn't move at all when you smack him, like he's Metal or something.) I mean, I pretty much get it's part of the "oily coward" personality that Nintendo has been using him to make him a strawman in the series, but it's just an absurd exaggeration that pisses me off to no end considering I can't punish anything since he slides back so damned far.

    Outside of that one instance, I'm just trying to be realistic about the problems with people that I've actually played so far or have fought against a lot (laser spamming Falco, arrow spamming Pit, Tornado spamming Metaknight, etc.). I already know that I don't like spammers, but that's the only thing I'm relatively decisive about.

    About Diddy--I initially thought you were talking about Donkey Kong since you kept saying "DK"--and other noisy people, I AM really picky about that (except when it comes to the Pokemon, for some reason, though Pikachu does grate on me a bit) since I'm a very audiovisual person. If Diddy didn't make sounds at every possible internval, then I could stomach him, but he does, so I really can't. Same with Yoshi.

    As for the whole having fun, that's pretty much part of the problem. I do have fun--or at least I did until recently--with pretty much all the people I've played so far outside of Captain Falcon (who I've never liked) and Peach (who I'm trying to give more of a chance, but I doubt it will work out). Ergo, I can't decide, especially since I still have other people to screw around with.

    Finally, as for the whole Falco issue, I'm sorry, but whether he's spamming lasers or doing those chainthrows that are almost as braindead as Dedede (and aren't even universal), he's really boring to me. All the Space Animals are.
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    - P. G. Wodehouse
  • J-NavJ-Nav Joined: Posts: 1,121
    I still don't have a main, but a lot of people say I'm pretty good with R.O.B.
    I use: Luigi, Falcon, ZSS, Lucas, Lucario, Pokemon Trainer & of course R.O.B.
  • Hitaro0Hitaro0 Joined: Posts: 583
    In the order on the Character Select screen:
    -Donkey Kong
    -Zero Suit Samus
    -Mr. Game & Watch
    -Diddy Kong
    -Pokemon Trainer
    -Ice Climbers
    -King DeDeDe
    -Toon Link
    -Captain Falcon

    ...what's a "main"?
  • Violent By DesignViolent By Design Joined: Posts: 318
    Pit seems to be my best so far.

    Mario or Zelda could be my future mains.

    Overall, I don't have a main yet.
  • Rekka1210Rekka1210 or VonBlitz1210 Joined: Posts: 125
    I can't decide between Diddy and Pit.
    Fuck that nonsense. If that'd been me, I would've carried her all the way up the Stairway to Heaven, and she'd still be falling down them - Azrael
  • The Mad KingThe Mad King Hyou~ Joined: Posts: 262
    All right, I think I have a handle on who I use. This may somewhat contradict my sig. In order:

    OLIMAR: I played an aggressive grab/smash game in Melee (when I was using PICHU, for god's sakes), so after I got over my "omgolimarsux" phase, I tried him out during a 24-hour Brawl party. I wound up with a 7-match win streak until someone else managed to MK me to death. Since then, I've picked up on a few mindgames and have tried to mix up my Olimar style a bit. The recovery isn't as gimpable as people think (Purple Piks knock edgehoggers off. Side-B, then Up-B), and he's a demigod onstage. And it's always satisfying to 2- or 3-stock someone who says to you pre-match: "Olimar sucks! Why are you using him?"

    DIDDY: Bananas. More bananas. And more bananas. When large amounts of people are complaining that they don't get to attack, that's why. He also has very satisfying spikes, and his aerial game is awesome beyond awesome. My aggro-grab game also is pretty interesting with Diddy, especially since his Side-B is a pseudo-grab of sorts. Usually my character in a 4-for-all.

    SONIC: YOU'RE TOO SLOOOOWW!!! YOU'RE TOO SLOOOOOWW!!! Goading people into charging you is always fun. I also have a habit of adopting low-tier characters (Again, PICHU). His side- and down-B's are fun to harass people with, and I like having people complain at me that they have large amounts of damage. Even if I can't KO them AS safely as, say, Olimar's U-smash, he's not all that hard to KO with.

    WARIO: High priority, heavy weight, motorcycle, and good KO moves. Next person who bitches about his approach is getting run over by his bike. His aerial game is god-tastic, his motorbike can actually break an arrow-camping Pit setup, and his uair is one of the most fun KO moves. Ever. Also, Super-armor during F-smash, anyone?

    Who I use as my #5 varies. Right now, it's Toon, Trainer, and Captain Falcon.
  • omfgomfg Joined: Posts: 2,028
    i'm with Rekano. I typed a list earlier too, but... fuck that list. I might be playing completely new chars soon. The list I'm about to make now may change, too.

    chars I play randomly (not mains either because they suck, I can't find a complete strategy, or I just don't like them enough): Pokemon Master, Luigi, Link, Toon Link

    fascinated with (may plan to main): Pikachu (if I like him), Wolf (if I can make use of him), Dedede

    maining: Ganondorf, Lucario, Wario, Jigglypuff, Sonic

    every other char that isn't on this list can fuck off, included the ones I've listed before
    see ya buddy

    even if you die, I'll kill you... :badboy:
    <3 don't let life fool you. everything is black or white
  • Mr.hitBOXMr.hitBOX Always H8LK Joined: Posts: 441
    Marvel crack addict since 19H8H8!!!
  • Mr.NoodleMr.Noodle Rage...Rising... Joined: Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Kirby,Gannodorf,Yoshi,ZSS. I have a hard time with ZSS so I might drop her =/. Yoshi use to be my 1st guy but lately I've been staying away from him.
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  • NomacNomac Joined: Posts: 8
    1) Game and Watch (playing that character since Melee and he's way better now ^^)
    2) Lucas (since I was playing with Ness before too, but Lucas is way better then Ness now)

    That's about the two characters I am playing.. I do like Game and Watch for his mind game and the fact that one seems to like since he looks too simple and ugly for some peoples, so that's always fun to beat them with that kind of character XD (and do the bell ringing taunt ! too bad the sound seems less painful to hear then before haha)
    Evil or not, die !
  • SMS TeamSMS Team "Kneeasy" does it!! Joined: Posts: 221
    My mains:
    -Donkey Kong (Fast, strong, and I'm surprisingly evasive with him; it's also fun to use his Final Smash on small stages.)
    -Bowser (Buffed [of course, not compared to other characters], can deal nice amounts of damage if you can stick neutral B up-close, fun to suicide with side B, and just gnarly to play as Giga Bowser)
    -Ice Climbers (Buffed significantly, can fly with their side B, their up B doubles as a tether recovery that can rescue the other climber if done right, and fun damage with their Final Smash)
    -Olimar (Surprisingly, I warmed myself up to him very well. Small to evade some moves, can spam Pikmin tossing and fast running grabs, and End of Day is just mean. ^_^)
    -Luigi (I was always good with Luigi in Melee, and now he just seems to have gotten better in Brawl, what with his flying down B, and possible chain of down grab/throw and immediate up B, not to mention Negative Zone)

    My alts: Mario, Wario, Yoshi, Zelda, Captain Falcon, Ness, Lucas, Meta Knight, Sonic, Pikachu, and Mr. Game and Watch
    This is my "I'm going to FUCK... YOU... UP..." face.
    Please make a note of that. ^_^
    SSBB: Bowser, Ice Climbers, DK, Olimar, Luigi
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