Who is your main(s)?



  • BrahmaBrahma Get it on Joined: Posts: 519
    I main DK.

    Trying to find a solid secondary, out of the following characters I play pretty regularly:
    -Diddy: Fun, but has some bad matchups and stages.
    -ROB: Haven't used him much as of late, but I probably should.
    -Ness: He's pretty well rounded, and doesn't have many real rape matchups aside from Marth. I do alright with him but really need to pull my game together with him.
    -Fox: I think he might earn a permanent spot. Having a little trouble overcoming range.

    Mario and Kirby used to be mains along with DK in Melee, but I haven't messed with them too much in Brawl. Might give them a try though.
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  • MGSMGS RTJRecon Joined: Posts: 1,058
    2. Wolf
    3. Link
    4. Kirby

    Snake is a beast period i rarely have trouble fighting anyone with him 1 vs 1. don't think he's that great in FFA but i doubt any tournaments will be FFA.

    Wolf is very versatile a little too much lag IMO but no one kills him as far as matchups.

    Link is the shit fuck what u heard the only thing i wish he has is a little more speed and that his down+a didn't plunge the sword into the ground. he's not overpowering and he has to work a little harder but i probably have the most fun using him his short jump attacks are pretty good f+a and b+a

    Kirby owns ppl when they try to recover period u get so many free attacks while they try to get back on the stage.
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  • OromanOroman .... Joined: Posts: 584
    But what happend to Samus, and Zelda? =(

    I'll main Link/Zelda. I'm dropping Samus and Luigi. I need to work on my spacing with Link though -_-'
  • residentwaterfowlresidentwaterfowl a.k.a Duck Joined: Posts: 106
    I've been using Peach a bit more and I'm starting to like her so she might make my list of mains.

    Starting to hate Dedede and Lucas. I might drop them. Still working on the spacies.
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  • ILLiterateILLiterate DA BESS Joined: Posts: 924
    Liking G&W and Wario more and more

    Still playing mostly Dedede and Falco
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  • Carbunkle FluxCarbunkle Flux Joined: Posts: 748
    I don't know about maining her again, but I've been trying to relearn Peach. Her changes have made her so different to work with, but I've yet to determine if 'different' means 'worse' for me yet.
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  • scum gale 88scum gale 88 yo! It's SYBOK! Joined: Posts: 1,739
    wolf used to be my main but the more I use him the more his flaws annoy me. right now Im still using lucario, not as much as I used to though. right now Im using falcon a lot, he is nimble and fast and has some good set ups.
    I guess my mains are--


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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    my main would have to be marioand zelda
  • VoidNLVoidNL 09 Baybee Joined: Posts: 206
    my main is mario, second is fox..

    mario's cape = win
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  • keninblackkeninblack Joined: Posts: 3,480
    First off I dont play brawl, it fucking sucks.

    Though I love melee to death and go to tournaments for that sooo...

    Melee Mains: Sheik/Falco
    Melee Secondarys: Dr.Mario/Ness
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    My main is Lucas, my second is Ness.
    I love Mother/Earthbound!
  • PoretPoret 12 yr old scrub on XBL Joined: Posts: 155
    Ness, Lucas, D3.

    I whooped so many asses with Lucas (amongst my friends) that one of them actually uses Lucas and totally copies my play style. I don't care since I don't play brawl anymore.
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  • alex073088alex073088 fighting game junkie Joined: Posts: 229
    jigglypuff is my main
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I play Snake almost exclusively.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I play with Ike and Link. I love them to freakin death! They are awesome!!!
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
  • rick_derrisrick_derris Registered Bruiser Joined: Posts: 849
    Fox fo sho
    I suck at SF4, for I let the combo video maker in me take over when I fight and I do very impractical combos. I can't play serious... Never will. :)
  • ShogunFlowShogunFlow Stream Warrior Joined: Posts: 801
    Diddy Kong, Ness, Dedede, Pikachu!
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Diddy and Falco. :wgrin:
  • TNBTNB Bye. Joined: Posts: 1,180
    according to the insane amount of "combos" (is there such a thing in smash? lol) i've racked up with him, luigi.
    But I really use kirby and falco.
    Used to use mario.
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  • RpgRpg Joined: Posts: 61
    I play zss, link and ganon
  • *P*L*U*R**P*L*U*R* Joined: Posts: 43
    according to the insane amount of "combos" (is there such a thing in smash? lol)

    You'd be surprised at the combos that smash has. Smash 64 is probably the most combo-based game of the three. the "touch of death" if you will.

    Melee has the flashiest combos, a higher execution barrier, and higher ceiling skill-wise.

    Brawl has..... ehhhh... ummmm Ice climbers.

    I main IC in Melee, Brawl and Brawl+.
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    Street Fighter 4- Sakura
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Marth, for every smash game I play competitively, I main marth.

    A lot of it has to do with him matching my personal style.
    I don't know about maining her again, but I've been trying to relearn Peach. Her changes have made her so different to work with, but I've yet to determine if 'different' means 'worse' for me yet.

    Well she is definitely a lot worse, but honestly, she plays pretty much the same, just use different moves for a lot of the same functions. Also, auto-cancel instead of float-cancel.

    She was added to my secondary list recently for the sole reason that I play her in melee and she plays so similarly that I picked her up almost immediately.
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  • EntourageEntourage Going The Distance Joined: Posts: 118
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    Jigglypuff and Mr. Game and Watch
  • GizaGiza SoCal Power Stoner Joined: Posts: 624
    SSB64: DK, Kirby
    Melee: Ganondorf, Falco
    Brawl: King Dedede, Metaknight
    Brawl+: King Dedede, Wolf
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    yoshi here
  • KiiroeKiiroe Profound badness Joined: Posts: 115
    Ness ftw
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  • SmashchuSmashchu Joined: Posts: 124

    This man is the king.

    As far as mains for me........
    I try to stick with Wario, but I also play Captain Falcon, Pokemon Trainer, Mario, Bowser and sometimes Ike, Fox and Yoshi. I tend to play 4vs more so my characters reflect this.
  • DanderDander BANNED Joined: Posts: 7,227
  • Mambo SauceMambo Sauce Joined: Posts: 140
    1. Luigi

    2. Donkey Kong
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  • Wookie_FriegoWookie_Friego Shadaloo Operative Joined: Posts: 7
    King Dedede
  • Destruc(t)1veDestruc(t)1ve Just Call Me Fuller Joined: Posts: 1,008
    Game and Watch FTW!
    - G4AC_FullerSMASH!

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  • Optimus124Optimus124 Joined: Posts: 3,933
    Main: Ike

    Second: Marth

    That meat cleaver is a bitch. I Like closer combat so I use those two. I "mained" Roy in Melee, and I miss him :sad:
    SF V - Dictator (that's all that interests me at the moment)
    SSB4 - Roy, Ike, and Shulk
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  • DanderDander BANNED Joined: Posts: 7,227
  • DanderDander BANNED Joined: Posts: 7,227
  • DanderDander BANNED Joined: Posts: 7,227
    Falco too!
  • lordvaatilordvaati Friendly Neighborhood Smash Player Joined: Posts: 173
    I mostly play Melee, and in that game my main is Mario.

    when I played Brawl at a tournament, however, I felt real comfortable with Luigi, so I guess him.
    TVC: Yatter/Roll
    Brawl:Wario, DeDeDe
    meleee: Mario(main), Peach(2nd)
    Project.M:Mario, Lucas,Mewtwo
  • 410410 Please don't hate Joined: Posts: 44
    1. Dylan
    2. Dylan
    3. Dylan
    4. Dylan
    5. and Dylan

    Because .
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