Who is your main(s)?



  • kevincharleskevincharles emseakay Joined: Posts: 46
    G&W is my main (:

    mario is my alternate
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  • PKSkylerPKSkyler Viewtiful and Stylish! Joined: Posts: 6,998
    I rock Ness in all three games. his playstyle just flows with me, i know him like a book, and my fandom of EarthBound just helps all the more.
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    as it shows in my sig, i main Sheik, her gimping game is good, shes fast, and didn't wanna be lame and choose the top tier for a main
  • JazzJazz Pagua Sonfa Joined: Posts: 3,087
    this game is ass

    c. falcon
    I think some ppl should join the madden community
  • ZaboomafooZaboomafoo LOG Joined: Posts: 146
    1. ZS Samus
    2. Samus
    3. Luigi
    4. toon Link
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  • SquirtgunsSquirtguns Dumb for Crumbs Joined: Posts: 422
    Main: Olimar

    Characters I use to counter pwn people in tourneys:
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  • Little_GotenLittle_Goten The Forgotten Son. Joined: Posts: 5,614
    Yoshi for life.
    Cammy, Elena, Felicia, #21, Krillin, Kid Buu.
  • sladedragunovsladedragunov Joined: Posts: 12
    I play Donkey Kong, Wario,Snake,Luigi, Pretty much whoever I feel like playing at the moment but mostly Donkey Kong/Wario
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Ike. If someone irritates me than occasionally marth.
  • Sensei RouzuSensei Rouzu Hero for fun Joined: Posts: 3,933
    Meta Knight and Zelda right here.

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  • EPsilon933EPsilon933 Joined: Posts: 176
    Zelda in Melee. I don't play barlw.
  • jarediscooljarediscool Joined: Posts: 8
    G&W fo life!
  • The White Mr.TThe White Mr.T Joined: Posts: 2
    Main: Marth, Samus
    Secondary: Mario, Ike
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  • RadRedRadRed The Dividing Line * Joined: Posts: 605
    I play this game casually for the most part, but I see no harm in posting here, so I will.

    I originally started out primarily using Sonic and having Fox a secondary up until I realized how fun Lucas was to play. I eventually lost a lot of interest in playing Sonic and took a liking to playing Lucario so now he's who I use the most these days. I eventually started to dabble in Wolf, so now I'm switching between four characters, not counting the occasional Fox pick on a whim.

    So yeah. Lucario and Lucas primarily along with Wolf and Sonic as secondaries.
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  • DrambitDrambit High Overlord Balrog Joined: Posts: 616
    Main: Pikachu, lucario.
    Alternate: Mario, marth, captain falcon.
  • BuffaloBillyBobertBuffaloBillyBobert Joined: Posts: 131
    I don't play this game so often anymore, but when I do play...

    Main: Fox.

    Alts: Wolf and the Good Captain.
  • JointhemastersJointhemasters Joined: Posts: 16
    Ike competitively, snake, link, and mario for fun.
  • ZanegiefZanegief Joined: Posts: 25
    Interesting, I play the game casually too and after testing out various characters, primarily the ones I used to use in Melee until I realized how much they've been nerfed [ Samus ] I switched over to Lucas. He's a great and fun character and after a while of trying things out I decided to start using Ness. In fact, we have a local team tournament soon on the island and I'll be using Ness alongside a buddy of mine using Snake. Any thoughts on the combination?
  • MrAbyssMrAbyss /troll Joined: Posts: 5
    I play this game casually for the most part, but I see no harm in posting here, so I will.


    I began using wolf because i wanted something new and that wouldnt screw me up in melee. I began using snake to deal with metaknight. But that was when i tried to play at a high level. Since i dropped it, i just main random now.
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  • ZegaZega Joined: Posts: 218
    1st: Mario
    2nd: Falco
    3rd: RoB
  • -BEES--BEES- Joined: Posts: 14

    I've been using Roy lately because everyone plays the other 3, and out of the low tiers, it seemed like Roy's metagame had the most potential for advancement.
  • <Insert Name Here><Insert Name Here> No wonder with people like me SRK Marvel is dead Joined: Posts: 7,940
    Game & Watch. For Brawl, at least.
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  • KawasakilizardKawasakilizard Joined: Posts: 66
    Mario and Bowser baby.
  • scum gale 88scum gale 88 yo! It's SYBOK! Joined: Posts: 1,739
    got back into this game, using Ness a lot. along with Lucario and Jigglypuff and Falcon.
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  • RenyNoiseRenyNoise SWAG HUNDRED THOUSAND Joined: Posts: 209
    SFIII3: Sean
    USFIV: Adon (Main), Ken, Guy, Yun, and DeeJay
    SFxT: Raven & Paul (Main); Raven & Ken; Guy and Ken
    SFA3: Ken and Guy
    SSB(M,PM): Falco (Main), Luigi, and Roy.
  • Snow_StormSnow_Storm Joined: Posts: 29
    Mains: Ike, Marth
    Alts: Snake
    When They Cry 3: Ougon Musou Kyoku Mains - Battler and Kanon
    Street Fighter General Mains - Ryu, Sagat
    MVC General Mains - Ryu, Spider-Man, Morrigan
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  • stratospherestratosphere Lone Wolf Joined: Posts: 13
    Here are the characters I consider my mains/who i am currently working on:

  • DanderDander BANNED Joined: Posts: 7,227
    donkey kong
  • DanderDander BANNED Joined: Posts: 7,227
  • BreezeBreeze Better known as Camrac Joined: Posts: 140
    G&W, indeed. Turtle dancin' 'til the day I die!
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  • Tri-EdgeTri-Edge Joined: Posts: 2
    my main characters are...

    1) Sonic
    2) Snake
    3) Ike
  • Mr. GruntsworthyMr. Gruntsworthy Lover of Tomboys. Joined: Posts: 28
    Back when I had SSBM for gamecube, I mained Luigi, Link, and Marth. (I play a pretty mean luigi.)

    With the advent of the Wii and SSBB, I had to pass over this generation as 1) The wii held no interest for me as a console, and 2) Brawl was completely watered down in competitiveness, with the creator himself having even been cited to this.

    Random tripping is a crime unto itself, and Smash Balls completely change up the game... in a negative manner.

    Who knows though; with Nintendo's new console due out sometime next year, maybe there'll be a new smash brothers for it?
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  • KeboKebo Pad Breaker Joined: Posts: 3
    Melee: Mewtwo and Doc
    Brawl: PKMN Trainer and Pika

    I hope the next gen Super Smash Bros. better be a fast game like melee again minus brawl's tripping. I hope they consider adding Travis Touchdown coz its creator wanted his character to be added to the roster. *prays Megaman,Ryu, or Warrior of Light (FF1) gets added too*
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    "I'm going to release my full power magic into you, at point blank, so don't move, bitch."
  • JacopeXJacopeX "Veras el color rojo cuando termine contigo." Joined: Posts: 419
    Samus (with suit)

    Mr. Game and Watch

    ST/Alpha 3/CVS2/SSF4AE2012: Claw
    XBL/GGPO: JacopeX (currently learning how to Fightstick...sorry. =( )
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