Video up! How to turn brawl into a TRADITIONAL FIGHTER! Alternate mode of play.



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    I like it though I can't get any1 to play it with me.

    To give it more edge, I turn on heavy gravity and change the damage ratio to 1.5 (this eliminates all infinites)
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    sorry for taking up space but i was looking for the threads for Ganon/Marth/Samus and just wanted to post after this guy since our handles are so similar

    that is all
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    I just want you to know that you've ruined me and my friends on traditional Brawl. This version is just so much more fun, lol. Anyone combined this with Brawl+? I wonder how that would work.
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    lol. The street fighter map you made is pretty cool. The first one I created had the walls going up as high as possible and making the map as long as possible. I don't see why I never thought of closing off the top though. >.>; Anywyas, it looks like it'd be really fun.
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    Oh dear. So many things wrong with this... For starters, isn't the reason Smash gets clowned on so much because we ban everything? Also the depth of the game depends on maneuvering and positional tactics. Without those it's a pretty lame game.
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    Great idea! I'll try it out! : D
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    This is actually a great idea! This ought to a fun experience.
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    Smash isn't a fighting game its a party game,just because it has kicks,and punches don't mean its a FG.If thats the case NHL,Grand theft auto, Metal gear solid, and so on... are fighting games as well.

    But oh well, that's americans for you, always want something easy,so that they can say they have skills.

    Pitt fighter > smash

    You can't turn a non-fighting game into a traditional fighting game,being the fact that in traditional fighting games you have to KO your enemy,smash you have to get the most points. LOL.

    kiddy game shit.

    Maybe, you also got t realize they DO have access to SF, BUT they are the same kids who mash on the buttons and get instantly sonned. Or they think the two big combos they mastered are somehow going to compensate for years of studying strategy and in game experience, once they actually face someone good, they give up. It's inevitable, SF IS the screening process for players who have big nuts and can stick around wasting 5 dollars in tokens getting OCV'd by Koreans. It's not for everyone, and it's not easy to see yousrelf getting better when the game is so deep so a lot of people give up before they ever reap any rewards, I mean any streetfighter game gets infinitly more fun at high play(for me, save some exeptions) but to get there is no (mario) party.

    Amen! :rock:

    What the heck you doing here? Go to street fighter, and talk about that
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