Landing Lag glitch

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Basically, if you grab the ledge after a B special that leaves you in a fall state, it cancels the landing lag. However, this landing lag gets "passed on" and the next time you are airborne, you will recieve this landing lag when you hit the grou

This doesn't work with all characters though. The characters affected are Ganon, Wolf, Mario, Luigi, Fox, Falco, Marth, Capt. Falcon, Charizard, Squirtle, Sonic, and Lucario.

As ana example, say you UpB to the ledge with any above character. You then ledgehop and land behind them and shield. Because of this landing lag glitch, you lag more than a normal jump, and your shield won't come out as fast, opening you up for an attack.

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  • ILLiterateILLiterate DA BESS Joined: Posts: 924
    Oh snap, neat to know. I thought something was going on with my Falco Fair lag off the edge
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  • BrahmaBrahma Get it on Joined: Posts: 519
    I never noticed it since I don't play any of the characters affected by it, but it sounds like a raw deal.
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  • OromanOroman .... Joined: Posts: 584
    I was wondering why I couldn't shield with Luigi after using the Side B to recover. This sucks.
  • scum gale 88scum gale 88 yo! It's SYBOK! Joined: Posts: 1,739
    finally, a glitch that can actually hinder your character over helping them.....but it doesnt apply to snake! dammit! can nothing stop him!?
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  • dizzynecrodizzynecro Change is good. Joined: Posts: 1,019
    Sonic does not go into freefall? he is still awake after his up B so how is he affected?
  • BrahmaBrahma Get it on Joined: Posts: 519
    He goes into his special fall animation afterwards, which supposedly has slightly more lag than his normal landing.
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  • GizaGiza SoCal Power Stoner Joined: Posts: 624
    If Sonic goes into that state the next time he enters the air he also cannot use a B move til he lands. It has led to my death many times.
  • eddymastaeddymasta The Man Without Fear Joined: Posts: 702
    Ooooooooooooooooh, it all makes sense now haha. I KNEW I was sometimes landing with what seemed like random ass lag with mario
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