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Hi~ my name is o_8.

Some friends ( including some SRK members- Zinac is our main programmer :9 ) and I are putting together our own 2-D fighting game called "Skullgirls." There was actually a thread about it on here about a million years ago. We've made a lot more progress since then, rebuilding the engine into something that represents what we wanted more. We felt like now would be a good time to mention the game again, since we'll be having a work-in-progress demo available at the upcoming Anime Expo convention in LA, as well as future conventions, such as SDCC.

You can check out more info about the game at the website:

Part of why we are showing the demo at conventions is to get people motivated about the project, as well as to show that we are making progress on it. We will also be looking for help in various parts of the project, including sprite art, animation, effects, and sound.

Here is an example of what the sprites look like so far:
This is one of the characters, Filia- she has a living hair monster attatched to her head named "Samson."

and here is an example of artwork of Filia

More info to come, eventually :0/ We hope to make a lot of progress on this project during this summer. Its a very exciting and motivational time for 2-D fighting games in general lately.


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    the characters look really original
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    I can't freaking wait, I want to get my hands on Parasoul already!

    Also dieing to see you draw Emi when you meet up with woof at AX.

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    character designs are interesting, and the style of the character kinda remind me of a deformed "kingdom hearts" style or "the world ends with you".

    what is the game ganna play like? is it more combo based like arcana hearts, or will it be more poke based kinda like 3rd strike?
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    me and woof are part of the team too!!!

    im a tester/gameplay... guy.

    wish i could say more! zinac is a great programmer and o_8 is a great artist!

    if you have marketable skills and time to spend, please contribute!
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    Diggin Miss Fortune and hoping it's more combo based.
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    Parasoul and Cerebella are cool.
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    Parasoul and Cerebella are cool.

    It was original at the time. Sadly, it has already been ripped off by Windy X Windam. By the time Skullgirls comes will be considered completely unoriginal.
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    I really, really wish I could work on this game with you, o_8, but until I get some sprite experience(and, yeah, a new lappy), it ain't happenin'. But.. um.. does anyone offer lessons?
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    Good shit, fellas. Keep up the hard work.
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    Ah wow! I am looking forward to this!

    You know if you're gonna do netplay or not and keep updating it with balance changes and patches or not yet? Because it'd be awesome for this to come out as a solid fighting game! I love the concept.
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    it's 2011 now and if you are trying to read this thread from the beginning then lol
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    Looks interesting...I am def. gona get it for Painwheel, love that design.
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    are you animating in flash or are you doing it on paper and then scanning it in. i'm not too interested in sprite work but i can help with the animation

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  • woofwoof : - ) Joined: Posts: 2,503
    ^definitely not flash animation

    also ya i am part of the sg team, you guys better play this shit or ill start making threads in sf4 forum
  • pootnanniespootnannies mr. negative Joined: Posts: 3,219 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    so you animate directly with pixels first?

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    ^definitely not flash animation

    also ya i am part of the sg team, you guys better play this shit or ill start making threads in sf4 forum
    which will get immediately closed
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    Oh man, 1 artist and 1 programmer. No wonder this thing has taken so long. Must be rough.
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    so you animate directly with pixels first?

    its hand drawn scanned made into pixel line art and then finished.

    which is the same method pretty much every actual company that makes 2d fighters uses.
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    by the way, when i say flash i mean drawing frame by frame with a tablet. it's much easier then doing it on paper. although most people are more comfortable using traditional pencil and paper

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    I've got a few years (6 to be exact) of computer programming under my belt.
    I'd be happy to contribute seeing as how it's the season of summer.
    Just PM me.
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    I remember this shit. Looked kinda promising if maybe a tad rough around the edges.
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    it really looks interesting, and the sprite work looks really good :tup:, hoping to see a demo
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    I dig the art style. Very unusual and different.

    I like Umbrella. She looks like the small-and-powerful-but-bad-on-defense kind of character.
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    I like Filia and Parasoul ;D
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    congrats on not quitting yet, that you guys have been working on it for so long even with no end in sight is a really good sign for an indie project
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    The new sprites look great. Good luck for your project!
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    I checked the old thread looking for what the mechanics are. Has anything changed since then? I'm curious about how it'll play. The Beast Mode idea seems pretty cool if it's done right.

    EDIT: Also it's pretty easy to guess that Painwheel has super armor. Am I right?
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    Groovy, i thought the project's dead.
    And that sprite sheet looks yummy. How long did it take to draw one frame?
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    Looks excellent
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    I like the art direction you're going with.
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    The first time i heard about this project was in 2006, i was almost totally sure that this was dead. Nice news to see you alive guys.
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    Yay, it surfaces.
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    hmm relly nice, cant wait til i see the finsished product!
    i was here in 99'
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    Wow I remember this from way back, anyways still looks great, can't wait to try out Painwheel and Peacock.Good luck.
  • AquasharkAquashark Mekong Delta AirRaid Joined: Posts: 1,551
    i like the character designs.. they're quite clever for a loli-fighter
    i hope you'll get this finished and enjoy positive reactions.. it certainly looks promising :)
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    i like it... looks very original :)
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    I wish it was Skullgirls and Kenshiro :(
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    Sounds like great competition for SFIV.

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    o snap i thought this died

    good to see it back

    perhaps i should get involved again . . .
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